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  1. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Firends trade system (friendship level)   

    Selling 500m Silver Only 80$ - invite our Dealer in a pt and leave the pc on. You get a free companion for the duration you play. after it's  done your Money is rdy to deliver within 1,5 days.    exploited for silversellers.  Freetrading is bad if there is trading it would be needed to be valuetrading as in you may Trade but the value of the item (Max Price) has to be 1:1 correct. Either use Silver, potions or Other items to Cover your part.
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  2. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    the use of VPN and tunnelsoftware counts as 3rdparty and is forbidden aswell.. Loyal players that get punished aswell are to blame for that and the time it takes them to undo the ban (as They can prove They are Not the hacker) is a rightful punishment -- ipban is the best solution + the hacker has to buy the game again and might get baned right away afterwards (not to forget his paypal and creditcards are flagged aswell. Therefore he has less ways)
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  3. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Mediah Black Spirit quest ending here? (spoiler)   

    as i said.. those 2-3 coops after are just Bonus for gear.. they are not realy part of the mainstory
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  4. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Is this horse macro against the rules?   

    as joujou said against the rules. EVERY Macro is against rules even if you just bind 2 buttons together  
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  5. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Mediah Black Spirit quest ending here? (spoiler)   

    ends after the spirit changes.. He even says you both will go to valencia.  The few other coops are just Bonus 
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  6. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic RL women should have a special nametag   

    we have a lot of women in our guild that got harassed and dirtytalked just because exguildmembers told their mates They were real girls... (Yes in bdo - don't wanna name those sexist guilds on jordine)Asian mmos are exactly this Kind of rpg this happens..  Also if you ever played SEA dn, you might wanna change your opinion.. The sexism and trashtalk is real... While on US mmos (WoW, SWTOR and co - basically subscriptionbased starters) those cases are incredible rare 
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  7. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic costumes -10% death penalty?   

    im 99,9% certainly i only lose 0,9% when i die [however i noticed it is 1% at worldbosses but 0.9% on evrything else -> does not affect wbs] and sometimes i don't loose at all. I gues it's both
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  8. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Request for clarification: Blessing of Kamasilve   

    mhm was pretty sure they meant dropchance but If it's rate it should Stack.. Nodes do Stack with luck afterall and They Provide the same. Luck is a mobile nodeinvestment anyway. 
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  9. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Can i return a costume i bought in the shop?   

    Only If you kept the box and did not open it.. Opening is the same as using the item therefore a high possibility you cant Exchange it
    you dont.. My Tickets got answered And i never received a verification.. Only got a "submited" Mail but no verifyone with a link... Thats Only of you did not loggin on their webpage --- in fact.. They answered my Ticket 1-2 Days AFTER They gave me the missing items from the event i screwed up (typo in charrname). Kinda odd delay that way
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  10. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Request for clarification: Blessing of Kamasilve   

    the 20% have nothing to do with luck.. Its 1.2x dropchance of the item... Luck does NOT increase the dropchance but the amount of drops a mob can drop.. Its No use with raredrops as those can't appear multiple times --- blackstones for example have a 0.1% chance On most mobs with blessing its 0.12% regardless of luck.. Luck can affect mobs dropping 2 instead of 1 Blackstone at once (on elitemobs) but not the dropchance 
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  11. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic The game lacks imposing and memorable places.   

    One of the most buityful places in the game.. Highly rememberable And has a lot more of those lakes and a cascade

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  12. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Lying About the Horse Appearance Change Coupon   

    It was a mistake and a NONGAMEBRAKING item.. it doesnt matter therefore..
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  13. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Iron Wall, Agility, Intimidation?   

    Tamer HAS magic aswell.., (raw, whipslash and so on). All skills the class does not use the weapon counts as magic. Counts for all classes, yet its neglectible. You either want magic or rangedprotection for 99% of all situations as They hit you before you even got the chance to engage
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  14. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic Is IP Block Nessasary ?   

    yes it is
    they have a contract so thats why
    there will be a worldserver for all other areas
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  15. FlyingSquirrel added a post in a topic What do you think health potions taste like?   

    Like Coca Cola Zero, Maximum taste - Zero regrett spamming
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