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  1. Raini added a post in a topic Share your Horse!   

    Playing with dyes to match with my horse!

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  2. Raini added a post in a topic Are we going to be able to player trade?   

    During my play in the JP server, I can definitely say that I don't miss it. It took some getting used to at first and felt so limiting but when it comes to selling and buying stuff the auction house system turns out to be one of the most wonderful systems in this game. Of course there's the drawback of not being able to gift free stuff to your friends, but other than that I really don't know what possible drawback this can have on the gameplay. 
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  3. Raini added a post in a topic Awakening will turn this game into the exact thing I've been avoiding in Asian MMOs   

    Not sure about the others but I'm really excited about the Tamer weapon. Tamer is great, but when I heard that the new weapon would be adding ranged abilities to her, it just makes her even better. I know there's other means of changing weapon for characters but if I'm not mistaken that's a pearl item and I don't really know anyone that's used it yet and commented on how the class's gameplay is affected. I would be happy with a few extra ranged skills!
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  4. Raini added a post in a topic Will cut scenes in CBT-2 be voiced?   

    LOL seriously? Ok I kind of prefer japanese since I can't understand a word.. 
    Poor guy sounds like he's trying so hard
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  5. Raini added a post in a topic Upgrading Weapons at low lvls   

    I would upgrade all my weapons and armor to +7 and then stop. lol that's what I did. 
    Then I went into crazy money-making mode and bought all my +15 with silver. You will get really good at making money, have master stats on all your crafting and gathering, but nobody would want to play with you until you get +15 because you will die in an instant. I don't really mind since I'm more of a PVE person and it's nowhere as frustrating as enchanting all the way on blackstones, you loose a lot of silver. 
    If you want to enchant your way up, it's better to buy a green and upgrade it. It will save you silver when you need to patch it back to 100% durability.  
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  6. Raini added a post in a topic Guide to Contribution   

    There's another part of contribution points and node investment that you might want to touch on since I didn't see that in the guide and that is related to Trade. When you are starting out, I would plan on building a bridge of nodes all the way from Hidel to Calpheon and all the other major cities if you manage to get a lot of contribution real fast.  Just doing that will make the difference between a 14000 silver sell vs a 22000 sell. But investing contribution like this will leave you bottle-necked real fast so only buy the houses you need and leave about 3-5 loose contributions to plug in whatever nodes you need when trade is at 130%. You can just unplug it when you are done selling your stuff. 
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  7. Raini added a post in a topic [Ended] Win 1 of 20 Beta Keys!   

    I played Tree of Savior and a bit of BDO in the Jap server T_T

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  8. Raini added a post in a topic Conversation's, Amity and NPC Guide!   

    I wish I watched this video sooner. It took me a lot of trial and error to figure out how to do the minigame. There's just not that much tuts focused on the small things like this vs. enchanting gear or taming horses and stuff. I just basically ignored this part of the game until I was hungry for energy cap and there were a few npc that just refused to talk to me and wanted me to talk to so and so other npc first but that npc also didn't want to talk to me too so I had to get him to like me before I can get the knowledge set. The Calpheon royalty npc is one of those. Made me talk to 2 npc first, I'm still stuck on the 2nd one because that npc only wants to hear about theology arg!!!
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  9. Raini added a post in a topic Will cut scenes in CBT-2 be voiced?   

    I hope it'd be voiced. I was playing over in the JP version and I felt left out lol
    It helps the immersion for sure
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  10. Raini added a post in a topic CBT2 Key giveaways X2   

    I can't post any comments on your profile =(
    I can see everyone's comments though. I guess I am out of luck
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  11. Raini added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Here's my tamer!!

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