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  1. Ayrel added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We do not have home channels.
    But when one of our permwar targets swaps theirs, we have to farm them on their new one of course :> (Hi Mongolis)
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  2. Ayrel added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    "We value your feedback" - Daum, 2016.
    One of the best jokes I have heard in my entire life.
    That's it, I'm out. I have supported this rotten publisher for way too long now. I even defended them against irrational allegations numerous times.
    But this.. this is the worst case of a MMO publisher deceiving their community in gaming history I can think of.
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  3. Ayrel added a post in a topic 2 Days till the Day of Doom   

    I'm taking a break right now, haven't played since the announcement.
    I will most likely end up quitting. The game itself is awesome - probably the best MMO I've played since Ragnarok Online - but this betrayal of players' trust has just gone too far.
    This was the biggest backstab towards a trusting community a publisher has ever performed in my personal gaming history.
    How they handled it by banning users and deleting threads just shocked and deeply disappointed me as well.
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  4. Ayrel added a post in a topic [WIP] Compilation of community responses against p2w for Daum/Kakao to send to PA   

    Oh no! A differing opinion! How could this happen?!?
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  5. Ayrel added a post in a topic Cost to p2w for full TET boss armor + kzarka/nouver/dandilion   

    So, you can just skip 150-280 hours of pure grinding by swiping a credit card a few times (assuming your numbers are correct and an average income of 10m/hr off grinding)
    A system like that has no place in a game which adapted a b2p system in order to avoid situations like this.
    Keep in mind, EU/NA went b2p specifically to avoid these kind of cash shop implementations.
    I just don't understand the reasoning behind this huge middle finger towards the wishes of the community and promises made in the past.
    We could have gone f2p from the start, that way people would've saved 30-100€...
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  6. Ayrel added a post in a topic Value of Trust - Feedback Thread   

    Indeed, I feel betrayed as a customer by this recent development as well.
    The western regions went for a buy2play system in order to avoid cash grabs like p2w cash shops.
    We were promised on numerous occasions that something like this wouldn't happen in our version of the game.
    But now, our b2p cash shop (which should've been cosmetic only to match the business model from the start) is slowly turning into its f2p counterparts.
    So, not only are we taking the route of a f2p cash shop - we even paid for the game itself beforehand, expecting - at least almost - pure b2p.
    This recent development - if it goes through - would be the worst backstab of a publisher towards their community I have ever experienced in MMO history.
    If the intention behind this is making cash shop items available for the whole community, there's always the option to add in an NPC who sells them.
    Thus you cut out the p2w middleman and everybody should be happy. This kind of cash grab is unnecessary, since we have already paid for the game in the first place.
    While I still have faith in Daum listening to their community, it would take a heavy hit if these changes were to be implemented.
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  7. Ayrel added a post in a topic Daum   

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  8. Ayrel added a post in a topic Liverto +0 to +15 upgrade guide   

    Sure, ignore evidence and enjoy bliss in ignorance :>
    Meanwhile I'll spend half the money on every upgrade compared to you.
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  9. Ayrel added a post in a topic Liverto +0 to +15 upgrade guide   

    Getting to 20 FS from 13FS has a high chance of failing (fodder goes to +15).
    This can easily cost millions, even tens of millions while not even guaranteeing an upgrade to succeed (still only 15% chance to succeed, compared to 9% with 13FS).
    The difference is 4 attempts, which cost 7.5m to repair. It does pay off.
    Anyway, I guess we can all agree on one thing - buying one off the market is most likely going to be cheaper.
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  10. Ayrel added a post in a topic Sorceress Add-ons Discussion   

    The bonus gets applied in form of a buff that lasts for the specified duration, which you receive by hitting the skill (can't just throw it out into thin air).
    This buff affects everything, not just the skill it originates from.
    DoT builds have proven quite successful, stacking all 3 of them is some very nice bonus damage that can even finish off people who V away.
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  11. Ayrel added a post in a topic There is no reason to call people "no lifers" at all please   

    Old news, some people just can't face reality.
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  12. Ayrel added a post in a topic Liverto +0 to +15 upgrade guide   

    It fulfils its purpose. It gives someone who wants to upgrade his Liverto to +15 a guideline with minimum expenses.
    If you look at the date it was posted, you will also notice that back then, you needed to snipe even for a non-upgraded Liverto.
    Seeing one at +15 in the auction house was a really rare occurrence in itself. Naturally, you had dozens of players sniping for it as a result.
    So, for the purpose of upgrading one yourself, this is an ideal guideline with solid calculations to prove it.
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  13. Ayrel added a post in a topic Liverto +0 to +15 upgrade guide   

    Did you also consider that stacking up FS costs a huge load of money?
    Just because armor blackstones are essentially "free" from hunter seals doesn't mean they don't hold a financial value.
    With 1 durability only costing ~300k to repair, it statistically pays off to start with lower FS.
    Building 5 FS on top of the 13 you have can either cost you ~1m if everything succeeds. If you fail and your fodder item gets to +15 once or twice, you can easily waste 10m+ in an instant.
    Buying items off the market is cheaper for items which require Memory Fragments to repair by default, compared to upgrading them yourself.
    If you happen to upgrade one for just 50 million, you've had a huge streak of luck.
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  14. Ayrel added a post in a topic New player - question about accounts   

    Not if you use VMs.
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  15. Ayrel added a post in a topic New player - question about accounts   

    There should be no problem with that.
    It's also not against the rules to have 2 accounts, which you play on the same PC, even if there is only 1 person using them.
    The only thing which would violate the ToS is multiboxing, allowing someone to play 2 or more accounts at the same time.
    So, I will say it's no problem. If you have any more doubts, you could also just send a support ticket.
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