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  1. Ryker added a topic in PVP   

    Flagging for PVP... What happens if I'm killed?
    As said in the title, i took a break from bdo for a bit and I feel like jumping back in but what i want to know is what are the consequences if i flag up for pvp and get killed.
    My main concern is do we still have a chance at dropping equipment if we die?
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  2. Ryker added a topic in General   

    PVP flag needs to be fixed
    This stupid shit where people flag up to pk you and flag down when you turn around and beat there ass in needs to be fixed. To be able to flag down while in combat is wrong and needs to be removed and status need to be locked in combat. If you flag up grow some balls and don't flag down.
    • 3 replies
  3. Ryker added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Missing text for quests and npc
    Elionian Priest Leona is missing text in her speach and in all the quests she offers.

    • 1 reply
  4. Ryker added a post in a topic It has begun   

    This! One of the main points of this game is that war is everlasting. GVG is greatly encouraged and is a part of the endgame.
    If you dont like games that have a PK system or an ability to lock things down to give "power" to a group this is not for you.
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  5. Ryker added a post in a topic Ghillie PSA: Flare can not be crafted in our version of the game.   

    lol this is great! I mean... THIS IS AN OUTRAGE I WANT A REFUND TO! How dare you get flares and not have to pay for it.~~~~
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  6. Ryker added a post in a topic PETITION for tax reduction at auction JOIN   

    This. This is prolly the most true reason to keep the AH tax. If we start removing reasons to keep on PVP and GVG'ing this game isn't going to last. If your not in a guild join one and see what the benefits are like. 
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  7. Ryker added a post in a topic Missing quests?   

    Hammer here.
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  8. Ryker added a topic in General   

    Missing quests?
    So me and my friend have been playing together and started at the same time. We did all the same quests up until a point  where we started getting different quests. Is there some sort of influence that decides what quests we do even if we where doing the exact same thing up until our questing took us two different ways?
    • 3 replies
  9. Ryker added a post in a topic valkyrie builds   

    Thanks =)
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  10. Ryker added a post in a topic valkyrie builds   

    I quite like this build personaly, What would you recommend maxing in importance first its so hard to decide >.<
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  11. Ryker added a post in a topic Character Creation to in-game look   

    Here is a comparison. This needs to be fixed =/

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  12. Ryker added a post in a topic Character Creation to in-game look   

    Same, all my characters look extremely wrong. Not just a little but extremely wrong.
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  13. Ryker added a post in a topic Name Reservation   

    You sir have single-handedly made my day sir!
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  14. Ryker added a topic in General   

    Name Reservation
    So my friend and I are wondering, if we get to use our reserved names during CBT2 does that mean we get to keep our characters or will they be deleted afterwards?
    If we use our names during CBT2 and our characters are deleted doe that mean anyone can use the name during launch since the names where used and then deleted?
    Are reserved names permanently unique to just the single account for the life of the game?
    • 14 replies