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  1. arturos_OG added a post in a topic July 6th - Extended Downtime Compensation   

    LOL more with the ddos.  daum lacks the interwebs pvp skill set i see. 
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  2. arturos_OG added a post in a topic July 6th - Extended Downtime Compensation   

    welp looks like the ddos is still going just fine...  ugh.  
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  3. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    I hope that daum keeps spamming that skill "hold the line"  so that they do not waiver from their current stance on some of those items that gave bdo a p2w tag in the other versions of the game.
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  4. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Steel or Bronze Dagger once you hit TRI Liverto bow?   

    and that is why i have both...  
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  5. arturos_OG added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    its a typical thing with companies that get overwhelmed by a situation.  Better to go dark and not say anything that people will hold them to.  By not setting a target they cant be held to by the population.  They can then just try to fix it and hope for the best.  Its typical in many companies that bit off more than they can chew, which from watching the various mistakes and missteps (i.e. the thorns issue how in the hell could they not see that coming i mean really? my youngest daughter who plays this game with me suggested it when she saw the recipe in the first few days she started playing so ya...)  You really cant expect them to be able to quickly manage an aggresive situation like this.  Think of DAUM as a pve player and they just got PKed by a pvper.  Its gonna take them a while to figure out they need to better prepare to prevent that from happening again. 
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  6. arturos_OG added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    I am betting that is why the script kiddy did this. cause no ninja.
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  7. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Keep getting failed to connect.   

    So how did they fix the mail issue?  Just prevent everyone from actually connecting to the game to get the mail.  If you cant see that its still broken, then its fixed?  
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  8. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Keep getting failed to connect.   

    @CM_Tytyes    Gratz on pushing a new server.. now can you fix the hung on now processing which then proceeds to account authentication failed or just access denied?  Is there something we need to do on our end? Or should we all just take a fluffitall pill for the day till your techs figure out what they broke when they pushed this new server...   ( I am assuming that they just brought a new account security session server up?)
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  9. arturos_OG added a post in a topic PK=penalty but NO ADVANTAGE or PURPOSE   

    now the rangers that are not in guilds will rule the grind spots. 
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  10. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Extraction Gems   

    for me i call it the cost of doing business high carry LT and it basically eats 100k of a normal grind session.  Just chalk it up as overhead.
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  11. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Extraction Gems   

    Its not an end solution to the power problems that rangers suffer from but for example a normal grind session you run though 200 mana pots over x amount of time.  with the gem you can get the same grinding done for 100 pots maybe less if your are frugal and not over using the big hitters.
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  12. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Valencia release delayed - I understand the reasons.   

    If DAUM doesn't nail the node wars spot on.  This game will die like warhammer online did because their servers could not handle the load either.  To many people that currently play are just hanging on until those wars come.   Would rather daum fix it and nail it than push it and bury the game under the negative reputation of poorly managed.
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  13. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Do you keep trying to hit ultimate if it fails?   

    Its completely RNG.  I have 1 yellow after a complete accident and that was with a 6 luck goblin doing the crafting.  I have over 60 fails with dear azlath at like 24.40 luck.  So frankly what i have been doing is tossing whatever worker i can find but since +16 is coming out soon i will be just downgrading my gear anyway so i can repair it.
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  14. arturos_OG added a post in a topic Is Farming/Gardening Exp broken?   

    From what i have figured out the only xp that is noticeable is when you get a harvest crit i.e. monk branch etc.  other than that its just not worth doing.  But because farming is not that popular it doesn't get the attention.  But my xp gain has been the same before and during the event.  slightly less as i progress through the app lvls.
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  15. arturos_OG added a post in a topic To all the "I quit and I want to drag everyone down with me" why Daum doesnt care, here is why   

    I just want to put this out to those of you that are leaving the game.  Please feel free to PM me with your complaints i will listen to them and be sympathetic to your pain on one condition.   Can i have your stuff plz? 
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