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  1. Acheros added a post in a topic hidden ninja tricks!   

    actually you only need to hold q and press space or hold both to spam it
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  2. Acheros added a post in a topic i learned something new about GHOST STEP   

    yeah it's just an awakened thing. i dont know why i said most prevalent when it's SOLEY in awakened stance, lol
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  3. Acheros added a post in a topic Superspeed/Cloak   

     honestly who else does aside from warrior and zerk... and maehwa.... and sorc... and wizard.... and witch...........
    WELL in any case... im sure any uuuh... ninja with 220 ap can lock down anyone else before they try to run. but.... i dont think i know any ninja with that ap score, total or awakened
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  4. Acheros added a post in a topic What is the one shot combo that made you go "wow" ?   

    i dunno. i personally like it because it gives me more than just 1 option of weapon swap side from blade spin blade and actually pressing C. to me it makes me feel less predictable
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  5. Acheros added a post in a topic Superspeed/Cloak   

    in what regards? map travel? yes... combat? nope :U if you feel slow in combat then you arent using your skills properly
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  6. Acheros added a post in a topic Corrupt or Decap   

    i still don't understand. i've been testing with targets and i consistently never do it as fast as this

    i havent tested it on dummys though. i did at sausans. 100% of the time i never reproduced the results and i spent like 15 minutes doing it
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  7. Acheros added a post in a topic i learned something new about GHOST STEP   

    :U oooh i see i seee
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  8. Acheros added a post in a topic What is the one shot combo that made you go "wow" ?   

    imo, ninja is more versatile without dopple dummy
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  9. Acheros added a post in a topic i learned something new about GHOST STEP   

     well, there you go!
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  10. Acheros added a topic in Ninja   

    i learned something new about GHOST STEP
    this may be old news to many of you, but i learned the distance in which you travel depends on whether or not you hold down the button combination.


    for example if you mearly tap Shift+s, you travel much further back than if you were to hold it down.

    anyway, i thought this could help my fellow ninja dash to the desired distance in any which direction
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  11. Acheros added a post in a topic Corrupt or Decap   

    i posted a thread of giants getting up faster than other classes :U

    but i have noticed that about half the time, my combos can be REALLY slow or fast and smooth. as a ninja it hurts us the most because our skills are so technical compared to the other classes. we REALLY have to time our CC's properly and one misstep can mess up an entire combo. where as musa and sorcs especially just have spinning type attacks where the CC is present until the ENTIRE animation of their spin type attacks.

    meanwhile our 4th hit doesn't give us super armor in vacuum slash.... so we pretty much have to cancel out of it.
    im a little on the fence about double serpent damage honestly. theres apparently another issue where the second serpent slash does less damage in point blank range. i dont know if thats a bug too but... it's an issue. so much so that i have a HUNCH that the single serpent slash in this combo would do more damage.

    plus i go straight to BsB>rmb>stomp for a little bonus damage. SOMETIMES when i do this, it knocks them down all over again and i can continue with another short combo :U it only happens if i seem to time it juuuust right though
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  12. Acheros added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    not your personal army
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  13. Acheros added a post in a topic Corrupt or Decap   

    you have a better chance of success if you have 5 atkspd
    i have 4 atkspd right now but it does work most of the time. i'll get video of it in actual pvp sooner or later. hopefully sooner
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  14. Acheros added a post in a topic Corrupt or Decap   

    well the combo has serpent in it so... im not 100% sure what you're asking to be honest, lol sorry.
    basically this. although that's the only thing i can agree on. i've noticed the combo i listed seems to work better when you have to constantly chase... like when you fight witches or wizards. it really puts on the pressure and i've been finding it A LOT easier to chase them with this because it builds time to let my other skills cool down.
    still, doesn't work against giants though... so.... thats a bummer
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  15. Acheros added a post in a topic Awakening Attack speed Vs non awakening   

    i don't like using flight because it's CC conflicts with the other ones, plus it pushes me further back
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