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  1. Faine added a post in a topic Movement State Redux: Walking   

    *chucks +1 at the OP*
    Good points all around.
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  2. Faine added a topic in Roleplay   

    [EU OOC] Jordine RP channel revote!
    Jordine RP channel revote ahoy!
    Hi everyone. Just to let you know, the EU RP community on blackdesertroleplayers.com has called for a revote on which channel we use. While channel hopping is a simple thing, it's good to have a default go-to channel for our community. So far this channel has been Serendia J1, but due to roleplayers of other languages sharing the same space, it's been suggested that we move to Serendia J2 so that we don't get in each others' way.

    Come and share your vote in the EU General forum of blackdesertroleplayers.com, over here: http://www.blackdesertroleplayers.com/forum/m/33755660/viewthread/26730389-eu-roleplay-channel-revote
    This poll will close on Friday the 8th of April.
    Who is this vote for?
    Any roleplayer on the EU Jordine server!

    Why are you holding this vote on a fan-run site rather than here on the official forums?
    When we previously held a vote for which server we were going to go to on the official forums, we found out that the results were being manipulated by non-rolepalyers and had to start over. While I think it's unlikely it'd happen again, I'd rather avoid a potential repeat of that mess. On blackdesertroleplayers.com, it's easier for us to make sure that everyone who is voting should be voting.

    So I have to join your site to vote?
    Yes, you do. It's not ideal, I know, but for the reasons stated above, it's what we have to go with. Joining is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons and having your application approved though. You won't need to do anything beyond that.

    Why are you only considering Serendia J1 and J2?
    I haven't seen enough support for other channels. However, if you strongly feel we should be considering another channel, please feel free to make your case on the poll thread. Should enough people agree with you, then perhaps we'll hold another vote on this.
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  3. Faine added a post in a topic [Roleplay] Add RP channel   

    And for EU:

    Server Jordine.
    Channel: Serendia J1.

    @Dzunei, this thread might interest you: 

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  4. Faine added a post in a topic Dyeable Life Clothes   

    *throws many +1s at OP*
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  5. Faine added a post in a topic [OOC] EU roleplayers, say hello!   

    Nice to hear from you all! I've high hopes for BDO's RP community.
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  6. Faine added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    Made an addition to the OP:
    11. Language filter extended to more chats than just channel chat.
    As discussed on blackdesertoleplayers.com, many roleplayers would appreciate a language filter for the General-Chat and especially the Roleplay-Chat. When roleplaying, the language clutter can get quite difficult to manage and channel-hopping isn't always convenient when you're trying to find people in your own language for walk-up roleplay. Additionally, the Non-English communities are struggling to use the Roleplay-Chat because it's dominated so much by English speakers. It would be to everyone's benefit to give us the option to filter what we send and receive.
    I will also be doing my best to go through this thread and look at the suggestions other people have made and - if they're popular enough - will edit those into the OP as well. So if there's something you really want up there, make some noise.
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  7. Faine added a topic in Suggestions   

    Language filter for more chat channels.
    This is mostly an issue for the EU side of the game where a wider variety of languages are spoken. I know there are also French-Canadians and others on the NA side too though, so perhaps this would benefit NA as well.
    In short: this is a petition to pretty please give us the option to use the language filter in chats other than the Channel-Chat it's currently limited to.

    I would like to request this be made available to the General-Chat. Roleplayers would also greatly appreciate it being made available in the Roleplay-Chat as well. We've had a lot of language clutter and it'd be really helpful to have this option clearing things up for those who want it.
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  8. Faine added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    Belated thank you to Daum for the RP channel!
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  9. Faine added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    Many thanks to Daum for the improved chatbox length!
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  10. Faine added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    So everyone and their mother is going Jordine (if you'll permit the exaggeration)?

    How's that going to work overpopulation wise?
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  11. Faine added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   


    The EN-EU community will be trying to make Jordine our roleplaying home and we invite anyone who wishes to roleplay with us to join us.

    Sorry again for all of the confusion.

    Channels have not been decided yet, but I will update this post when we know more.
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  12. Faine added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    It's true. Now I'm cynically waiting for Daum to decide that the opposite server to the one everyone chooses is the official RP one after all. Or for them to only give us an RP channel in the wrong server. Although if we're divided, one server will always be the wrong server for someone.

    Daum, please don't do this.

    @CM_Jouska, please be aware of the situation on the off chance it makes any difference.
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  13. Faine added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    I understand MacMardigan (and your English is very good by the way). I share in your disappointment, which is the only reason I'm at all upset. It's a frustrating situation which I wish there was an easy solution for. 
    Thank you to everyone for being so understanding, by the way. I know this all looks very bad so I appreciate that people are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt here. Whatever happens, I hope everyone is able to find a roleplay community they're happy in.
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  14. Faine added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    I know you can only take my word for it, but this is genuinely not the intention and I am genuinely sorry for the trouble caused. Had this poll originally been meant for the entirety of the EU community and not just those speaking English, and could I be certain that votes were not being influenced by non-roleplayers, things would be different, but as it is right now I do not think the results on this thread are a fair indication of anything either. So I had to make an ugly decision on behalf of those concerned, myself included, and it's one I am not 100% happy with myself.
    We would still like one multi-lingual roleplayer server for the sake of those who are multi-lingual. That was all this was ever about really, since those who only roleplay in one language will not interact with others anyway. However, I fully recognise the trouble that the German community - and other languages for that matter - have in trying to figure out where to go on account of not wanting to find themselves stranded on a server where their language is not widely spoken. 
    There is no easy solution I can offer to this. I wish that I could. Had Daum just given us a clear RP tag for one place, all of this would have been far simpler but unfortunately it seems that's not to be. RP channels may still be a thing for all I know, but it would seem we won't get a whole server marked for it.
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  15. Faine added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    I know. I'm very sorry for the extra confusion I have created in the German side of the roleplay community. I don't know exactly what's going on over there, my understanding of German is very limited, but it sounds as though you were divided already though, and I'm not sure this poll would've swayed anyone's mind if they were already set on where they were going.
    The reason I have decided to not just run with the result here is because I feel the English-speaking voice is important but we have had no separate poll like the French and German communities have. The vote has become a mess where it's no longer clear who is voting or why, which is all the worse if there are non-roleplayers influencing it as well. The reason I don't want non-roleplayers votings is because this should be representative of roleplayers, not of those who want to sway it for whatever their own reasons are. 
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