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  1. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Is it possible to only buy gear?   

    Yeah but its melee but you have the mobility of a rabbit soo they cant complain about that
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  2. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Help to choose my class   

    Sorc doesnt have that much CC, and yes but you barelly switch to normal if you want
    and you got almost everything you wanted
    Great dmg, so you can easily contest and kill peoples
    AOE skill for grinding ( only that )
    Good mobility
    With good DP and Hp, you can tank a good a amount of dmg
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  3. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Shudad Costume Poll   

    No, its not being toxic
    its was only for those who preordered the 100e packtage, and its must remain like that. you didnt bought it before the release, too bad for you
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  4. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Help to choose my class   

    Sorc seem like what you search 
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  5. Nelyvia added a post in a topic impossible de me connecter   

    Ca voulais dire que ton jeu etait deja lancer
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  6. Nelyvia added a post in a topic The new gunner class   

    i love so much doing that too
    but the worst are the one who try to Pk you after, they dont have have sense of humor
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  7. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Well these winner arent very worth it
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  8. Nelyvia added a post in a topic [Débutant] 2 petites questions   

    Ouai mais en faite non, leurs arene PVE c'est juste du grind :/, sous une autre forme mais toujours du mass grind. et les nouvelles zones, bah c'est juste des quetes sans aucun sens, et du grind encore
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  9. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Free 7 Guess Passes   

    You cant use 7 day pass and after the gift pass
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  10. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Hitting 30 - gift pass request   

    he want someone who gift him the full game
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  11. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Bugged? Why can't I put my cadry ring together   

    i love your necklace
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  12. Nelyvia added a post in a topic WHY? I can't LOCK Night Vendor? (Rip Muskan Shoes)   

    Yes, im a graphic whore totally, and im not ashamed of it. its my opinion yes, and it will always be no matter what
    but Hey i still enjoy old game too  the good old Daggerfall, which is just a masterpiece of videogame
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  13. Nelyvia added a post in a topic WHY? I can't LOCK Night Vendor? (Rip Muskan Shoes)   

    What the hell is wrong with your games ? i dont understand people who still play games they cant run. this game is like The Witcher, if you cant run it at least on +medium, its useless to play because the graphic are the biggest point of the game
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  14. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Impossible d'acheter l'objet / L'objet a été vendu   

    Impossible d'acheter l'object = ton enchere a pas eté prise
    L'objet a été vendu = ton enchere est passé, mais tu l'a pas gagner
    Tu doit savoir que sur les objet cash shop, ta genre 2000-3000 personne qui enchere dessus aussi, donc les chance de win sont basse
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  15. Nelyvia added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

    Yep sooo true, the base hood look very nice, i dont know why in all crafted costule they hide the helmet part
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