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  1. Oslac added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    It took so long for this? And the changes to shovels and bottles aren't even mentioned? Goodness me.
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  2. Oslac added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance July 06th - extended   

    No patch notes, even after maintenance has ended for half your player base, displays a disregard for your player base. In my opinion, at least.
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  3. Oslac added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    Epheria Port can no longer connect to Altinova for Transport

    Incredibly disappointing. Not only is now a chore to transport a large amount of goods/produce (where as between other capitals, it is not), it's also far less immersive. Please consider re-instating this route.
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  4. Oslac added a topic in Suggestions   

    Return of Altinova-Epheria Transportation route
    Since the patch today, the option to transport goods between altinova and epheria has been removed. This is making transporting items between the two cities incredibly frustrating and long winded.

    I request that this feature be re-implemented, for ease of use.
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  5. Oslac added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Why anyone would justifying replying to someone who starts off with name calling and ends with a logical fallacy is beyond me. 
    Potentially. I'll clarify for, you? I have very basic gear. I levelled through trading and processing, mainly, to craft furnitures and to enjoy aspects of game that I do enjoy, those being, mainly, life skills, housing, and crafting.
    So, the money will actually make quite a large difference. It'll mean levelling a sword/new armour to a point where I would be effective in grinding, perhaps, or a new horse to enjoy, or more things to craft.
    So, yes, I am already spending time doing the things I enjoy. I levelled to 50 mainly through life skills, with the odd burst of questing/grinding (pretty much interchangeable).
    Even if we disagree, thank you, at least, for making interesting and truthful points, instead of name calling.
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  6. Oslac added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    So. I feel hard done by. Your advice (and, in fairness, one of the only ways to mitigate) is to grind. For, given your estimate there, six and a half hours.
    Six and a half hours for something new players are now getting for free.
    Please think about that for a second; especially if you're in the second category. I want to do what I enjoy, but money helps. Now, if I want that money, I have to grind for hours, instead of getting it for free like new players.

    This is the problem. 
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  7. Oslac added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Rewards for achievement system has been improved, this is not retroactive.
    Lv 30 - 500,000 -> 1,000,000 Silver
    Lv 40 - 500,000 -> 3,000,000 Silver
    Lv 45 - 1,000,000 -> 5,000,000 Silver
    Lv 50 - 1,000,000 -> 7,000,000 Silver

    Thank you so very much for Putting newly levelled players/Life skill levellers at a major disadvantage.
    It may be "chump change" to some, but to others that is more money than they may have had at any point in the game. I am one of those. I could grind: But my gear is pretty pathetic, having levelled up mainly through trading and life skills. If 13m is nothing to you in terms of finances, I don't see why it would even affect you should it be made retroactive.
    Why did I level that way? Because I enjoy it. I realise that grinding is a part of the game, and choose to focus on another aspect I enjoyed.
    Yet, here I am, missing out on 13m. 13m that would enable me to upgrade some of my gear and perhaps do some mob grinding, to make more money in the future. To prepare for Valenica and so on.
    As far as I can see it, this is a bit of a slap in the face to "older" (This game has been out what, 2 months? And this is already happening?) players, or people who prefer to focus on other aspects of the game. I urge you to reconsider, if only to make it more fair. 
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  8. Oslac added a post in a topic How much money have you spent on BDO?   

    £40 on the game. That's it. Until cash shop prices reduce, or the minimum payment for pearls allows a €5 option, Daumn won't be getting any more money off me.

    With a limit budget, that's just how it goes. I would like the option of putting up €5 a month or so, but they're cutting off any income from myself by not lowering the threshold.
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  9. Oslac added a post in a topic 10 min wait on traders REMOVE IT   

    Seconded. Please, make it more sensitive to whether you return to the same channel/server. Having a random crash by the trade manager only to have to wait for ten minutes is frustrating at best.. Especially when playing on budgeted time.
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  10. Oslac added a post in a topic Tradepack stealing   

    You seem to have misunderstood me.
    Allowing players to rob the NPC carriages would allow for stealing. As for the bandit NPC's, they're an inconvenience at best. Having players actively ganking trade routes and making it impossible to trade, would just ruin the value of the life skill. 
    Successful trades are already pretty lucrative if you actually put some thought into it. There is enough PvP in this game without punishing traders, thank you.
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  11. Oslac added a post in a topic Tradepack stealing   

    No thank you. This would not add anything for me, and would in fact detract from what is already a pretty enjoyable part of the game, in my opinion. Furthermore, the bile spewed towards those who also seem to disagree with this suggestion, may in fact highlight why I feel this would neither work, nor be enjoyable.

    On the other hand, allowing the NPC carts/ferries that go around the world to be robbed and plundered, may add something for those who seem to like this idea, whilst not spoiling a life skill for the rest of us.
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  12. Oslac added a post in a topic Please give an option to hear sound when game in sys tray   

    Bumping this up too. This is now incredibly inconvenient when you minimize to travel, or what to hear that crafting is finished or the like. Why was this removed without any optional input?

    Please add the option, instead of blanketing us all with the muting that only a minority asked for.
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  13. Oslac added a post in a topic How to Obtain Wild Beehives for Furniture Crafting   

    Chandeliers, all of the handmade ones. They take 10 beehives per. Good luck crafting!
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  14. Oslac added a post in a topic Split EU and NA in 2 diferent section   

    Please, this would really make it easier to find things relevant for our regions/servers.
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  15. Oslac added a post in a topic Server Structure at Release   

    96hrs is 4 days, not 3.
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