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  1. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic MMORPG players's choice awards 2016   

    Best in my book on that list, and in a long time.  
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  2. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic Upcoming mmos?   

    No no, since they fell but were rising up and you beat them down again, they kind of hover near the ground without totally falling again.  
    It's science, or something.  >_>
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  3. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic New Pearl Store coupon to transfer weapons to any other class. What class would you play?   

    I wouldn't reroll, I'd buy the first dandy weapon off the NV I saw and use the coupon to transfer it to my ninja. 
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  4. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic Awakening durability bug ?   

    Though it's with a green and ult estqiue, this is my experience too.  Not sure why my off hand durability is going down, and my mh doesn't at all which I'm not surprised about.  Could it be related to weapon loadout? 
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  5. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic Dark Knight   

    That does sound nice, thanks  
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  6. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic Dark Knight   

    What was the event?
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  7. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic New Year resolution for Black Desert?   

    Get a Dandelion Surado and lay seige to Valencian dungeon ruins  
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  8. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic Valkyrie-Sword><Lancia investment   

    200 is fairly easy, get all your armor parts to ultimate and Pri and you're there. 
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  9. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic For those all who couldnt see surprise from Kakao last night!   

    thanks for posting I saw the announcement, but the effects never showed up for me.
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  10. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic A reminder that we can make it work (PvP Video)   

    It still shows how skills can be used and another fighting style that might work for some people, regardless of who the opponents were.  Good job
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  11. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic Buy Tri Kzarka or Tri Dandelion?   

    I would say try getting the Dandelion now, and maybe by the time you can use it you'll have it waiting for you, depending on how fast you level.  Even if you don't use awakening 100% of the time, your damage will be coming from it.  I think you'd do fine with a liverto for your main hand if you have one already.  
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  12. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic [Ninja with Awakening] Losing the Double Jump & Shadow Slash does not make sense. Less agility...   

    Could be, this thing is great for most of what I do, work and play.  I like ergonomic keyboards, so I think I'll just have to continue doing without lol. 
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  13. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic [Ninja with Awakening] Losing the Double Jump & Shadow Slash does not make sense. Less agility...   

    It's quick enough to stow away though.  And with shadow stomp, well it's strange.  I have no problems with my Valk, Musa or the other classes I play, but working shadow stomp into my routine just doesn't work for my fingers.  I've tried it multiple ways, and unless I'm very much focused on it, I can't pull it off with any smoothness.  So I just learned to do without.  It's kinda lame, but for some reason , it's the one skill I can't develop muscle memory for in this game.  
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  14. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic [Ninja with Awakening] Losing the Double Jump & Shadow Slash does not make sense. Less agility...   

    Anyone thinking Ninja is worse with the awakening makes me wonder if they've played it for long.  No doubt it's not everyone 's cup of tea, the playstyle might be wrong for the player, but that's a subjective thing.  
    Besides which, we don't lose much mobility.  Sideways slash?  Our awakening side to side movement while attacking is poorer true, but we have ghost step.  Double jump?  Why is this needed in a fight? We still have ninja step and block jump.  We loose Shadow Stomp in awakening but we can swap to it. Personally, I never felt comfortable using it by hotkey or command, so I don't feel the loss.  We also don't have to be as mobile, because we can block now.  Which short of grabs has never failed me, but we have to get our timing down.  
    The more I use it, the more I find swapping comfortable, but it's also not a big deal to stay in awakening 24/7, it's a strong skillset with good damage.  Should you stay in it all the time?  Probably not, but it's doable.
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  15. Kinsaeda added a post in a topic Need some advice on gear   

    If it's just a base ring, Blue Coral would do better, the +25wp isn't vital but it is handy and gives the same AP.  The MoS will net more ap as it's enhanced, but Blue Corals are cheap and still viable.  Could be a nice stop gap until you can get MoS's for enhancing.
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