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  1. Ishya added a post in a topic Sustainable path to PEN gears.   

    65. There was about 65 pen gears after a year in RU. 
    PEN is far from just "time consuming", at this point right now it literally is impossible for majority of the players to get a single piece of PEN gear, and that's of course not counting accessories which are maybe 100x more risky. People will only go so far after so many attempts before giving up. Quite a few already have.
    This also makes me wonder what they will do in the future for kamasilve + dwarfland, will the enemies be the same as valencia? Will they drastically increase grind success chance? Will they add more broken equips to help fight the enemies? As it stands adding HEX+ equips is not an option at all because the amount of people able to get even 1 of those will be in the single, maybe double digits per server.
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  2. Ishya added a post in a topic Gear curve, pvp balance and exploits   

    Just waiting on revelation myself. BDO just has a ton of flaws and they just keep adding more. Game is beautiful, I love my characters and combat is nice, but there is just so many bad design choices and obvious cash grabs on pretty much everything possible. So many bugs and poor translations. Awkward mechanics and text. Layers upon layers of rng walls. I'm just tired of it at this point. 
    P2W, competition, "gitting gud"....none of this matters to me. I honestly don't give a flying ----- if someone spends 10,000$ on a single character and is capable of beating me, or if someone has an advantage cause of some special subscription pack that I don't. I want an accessible, fun, and beautiful game that I can play with friends and play at my own pace, in both pve + pvp, things bdo doesn't have at all.
    This shovel thing is just yet another disappointment, another "way to go" moment on a pile of so many more.
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  3. Ishya added a post in a topic Why are Tamers so rare?   

    -horrible range
    -reliance on pet pre-awakening, pet is horrible in pvp
    -almost all pre-awakening skills actually LOSE accuracy as you level them up
    -not everyone likes/wants to play as a little girl
    -awakening has high skill cap iirc
    Also there's just better classes that give either the same/better results and are just easier to play. A dedicated tamer player who mastered the class will be great for sure, but not everyone wants to put out that much effort to get the same result as a sorc or ranger etc.
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  4. Ishya added a post in a topic Skilled players rise. our time has come.   

    Makes me wonder how many of the well geared people will actually play it though.
    "Remember how we had you guys spend billions of silver and so many hours of effort and rng to get amazing gear and be better than everyone else and actually mean something in pvp? Well ----- you now its all equal in this new pvp we want to create, please play it"
    Also like said above, warriors, rangers and musas will be the top classes period. Their awakenings will just steamroll and ignore any and all skill needed for the most part.
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  5. Ishya added a post in a topic Forever Game Mechanic Questions   

    You won't get even remotely close as an answer from the devs but...
    1)Text may be added eventually but honestly I wouldn't expect it. If you are really curious about the range of your skills just test them out yourself - you're gonna be using them over and over anyways to grind.
    2) I have no idea where you heard this and it made me laugh because as it is right now tamers have absolutely awful range and require on their summon and hops to close gaps. Even moves like whiplash and void lightning that get +70% range on higher levels still are super close range. The only skill I can think of that has somewhat decent range for tamers is heilang's roaring, but even that can be classified as an "okay" aoe. They get a bit better with awakening but are still melee-oriented.
    3) Yes
    4) Working as intended, sadly.
    5) See above. Working 100% as intended.
    6) Invis is in game though only a few classes have it and its pretty limited (only the two ninjas and awakened sorcs can use it, and even then its not for long and you're pretty slow during). Dunno about the other statuses you mentioned, maybe they're be added later but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
    7) Probably not due to the fact that this can completely destroy sieges/gvg so badly. These are basically moba statuses that can be dispelled through items/allies, something that bdo lacks completely.
    8) Fear won't happen because of same reason as #7. Polymorph maybe but it would probably make said character 100% invincible during. Petrification I'm honestly surprised doesn't exist seeing as we have basilisks and petrified miners as mobs, but it's very much a permanent thing in this game's lore than a simple "wears off after a few seconds" kind of spell.
    9) Possible but I don't think it's on their priorities.
    10) Waterwalking? maybe
    Teleports? already in, the two mages and sorcs have them, though only close range. Thats all we're gonna get, no massive range teleportation.
    Chariots? Depends on what the future lands will add. Its possible.
    Full elephant combat? no
    Walls? Already have them in sieges. Maybe wizards will get something with their awakening. But other than that no. Would have tons of ways to get around them anyways.
    Range enhancements? lolno. Even rangers become melee-midrange once they get awakening. This game isn't meant for long range combat, the pop in should be proof enough of that.
    Flying? NO. Period. The most we're getting is gliding pegasi but even then those are t9 horses and you can't ascend with them. Good luck getting one in the first place.
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  6. Ishya added a post in a topic Ancient Kutum boss   

    Very few people do fight him. Yesterday he actually DESPAWNED on edan because no one was fighting him, its sad. The only people who have actually upgraded his sub are almost all warriors/valks from what I've seen, cause axion shield is awful. 
    I mean I can understand their reasoning to adding him now before nouver, but its not working honestly. Why fight a boss thats out of the way from everything else, where you'll die alot, have to memorize all its attack patterns, have to have a group of people with you to defeat it, won't drop much unless you get really lucky and even if you DO get lucky, you probably shouldn't even waste any money on his drop as you're going to have to spend even more on nouver's drop when he does get released in the future.
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  7. Ishya added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Online Dead?   

    Its not dead but it has a lot of problems that will probably go unaddressed until KR decides to fix them and kakao is making a LOT of decisions that are not sitting well with quite a few players. Not trying to be a doomsayer here or anything but honestly the situation feels kinda tense, and I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to add a certain unwanted item to the cashshop or make a bad gameplay design change or something soon.
    That being said the game is still pretty active (on edan at least) people are constantly killing worldbosses, guilds going to war, people going down roads and trading, and the popular farm spots basically always have at least a few people at them at any given time, etc.
    Also this x10000. The forums is a bad place to judge if the game is doing well or not because its filled with angry/dissapointed players who expected some sort of amazing, balanced PvP heaven and now are fed up that the game is nothing of the like, and keeps getting farther from that idea they had.
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  8. Ishya added a post in a topic Any Confirmation?   

    Very bottom of the OP - "Berserker, be prepared, your awakenings will come next !"
    Also they said berz was next on twitter. 
    All we can assume is that they're going by KR releases, they haven't said a full plan of releases at all since the change to one at a time.
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  9. Ishya added a post in a topic Do people really believe this?   

    I come from games where you could spend 600$+ to instantly get a maxed out endgame piece of armor/weapon with literally 1 push of a button. 
    Compare that to the 5 item limit a week with items you haven't used with set prices and a non-decreasable market tax that we have and this game is nothing. I've even seen costume sets go for 15m on edan this past week. 
    Heres an idea for the p2w criers: someone needs to start a new account (100% new, so they can't have any previous money or equipment, also this test must start NOW as the claim is the game is already p2w) and level a character to 50. From then on they cannot grind in any sort of way (as that will bypass the p2w argument) and have to buy all their equipment (every single piece, accessories and all) already enhanced to at least tets + ultimates. Then level to 56 afterwards to get awakening. Then level to 60 after that so they can have most of their awakening skills unlocked. When you finish all that, see how long it took you and how much money you spent, only then will it truly be p2w.
    Claiming that we will get an instant jump from 20m -> 200m in costumes (and assuming people will actually buy them like crazy to fund players for their gear) isn't a known fact and honestly, considering this company's track record of NOTHING being set in stone, we have no idea if/when that will happen. Until then that argument is moot in my opinion - slippery slope fallacy is a basis for a poor argument here due to nothing being 100% truth, only possibility.
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  10. Ishya added a post in a topic Black Spirit Adventure splash screen?   

    Click on the dice. You can do it 5 times a day with 1 hour cooldown between rolls.
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  11. Ishya added a post in a topic Grinding 57+   

    If I remember correctly, most (if not all) of valencia's grind spots are great for xp, but the problem is they lack the monetary gain that sausans/pirates give unless you get really lucky and get a basilisk belt/crescent ring or something and valencia is a ----- to navigate effectively + desert is annoying unless you've really prepared.
    At the very least I know crescent shrine, gahaz bandits, desert fogans, bashims and sulfur mines are great xp spots.
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  12. Ishya added a post in a topic Cooldown time of HP potions has been decreased from 5 to 3 seconds.   

    I would wait until after getting smacked by a greatsword multiple times before complaining about this change honestly.
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  13. Ishya added a post in a topic What if our Warrior Awakening is nerfed??   

    It got "nerfed" a few weeks ago; it's infamous 1-shot level 59 skill got a charge time.
    Still has 1900% damage with 3 hits and 100% crit and +25% accuracy and knockdown.
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  14. Ishya added a post in a topic Give us BAMS or give us death!   

    Make that giant treant fightable and the mutant ogre/troll killable. Done.
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  15. Ishya added a post in a topic One month later, still no fix for Mana Absorption durability bug?   

    They actually only fixed it recently (like maybe 2 patches ago) in KR. No idea how they let it live this long.
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