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  1. Kraved added a topic in General   

    980ti oc, i7 4770k oc. LAGGS, CRASHES
    So the time has come when I'm finally fed up with the lagg and kicks I get from this game. 

    Any suggestions of what I can do? 

    -ULTRA settings 0 lagg
    -0 kicks

    -Freezes while running on horse (like 30sec freeze)
    -Random kicks
    -Random loading screen
    -Random lagg spikes

    I also have 100mbits of internet so I don't understand how I even can get those pesky loading screens. When will this shitty game get optimized?
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  2. Kraved added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    If you want good costumer support, open communication and active GMs, then I'm afraid Black Desert isn't for you.
    Support and communication will NEVER get better sadly, they just don't care enough.
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  3. Kraved added a post in a topic Hi   

    That was a doomed mission to begin with, all you can do is....

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  4. Kraved added a post in a topic Hi   

    Welcome to the Musa forum, this is where the lesser bladers are. The very same which stained bladers reputation from start
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  5. Kraved added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

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  6. Kraved added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Remove the broken super armor block. That's all.
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  7. Kraved added a post in a topic Which class has most outplay potential?   

    Pretty much but with that tactic they cannot beat a warrior. To know if it's a good tamer or not is whether he/she can beat a warrior. 

    But in the base, tamer is the best 1vs1 class. (apart from broken warrior)

    @GGPope I'd say ninja is the hardest class to really master completely along with sorc due to high combo demand / awakening switch
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  8. Kraved added a post in a topic BDO Gear Calculator   

    No <.< at duo it becomes 100. 

    Check your shit
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  9. Kraved added a post in a topic BDO Gear Calculator   

    Earrings. No, stamina also gets higher per enchantment, but in your calc only accuracy goes up.
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  10. Kraved added a post in a topic BDO Gear Calculator   

    Red corals stats are wrong when enchanted.
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  11. Kraved added a post in a topic I made an Equipment Calculator for BDO   

    Kutum offhand seems to be removed
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  12. Kraved added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    fixed it for you
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  13. Kraved added a post in a topic This video explains everything I been ranting about   

    The filthy carebear kids who grew up with games constantly holding their hand will never understand the glory of Tibia.
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  14. Kraved added a post in a topic How does Olvia server work?   

    Quite lame tbh, people will easily take 60 fast with this, meanwhile i'm at 59 as a returning player who won't be able to join this server <.<
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  15. Kraved added a post in a topic Server Stability EU New World   

    bumping for more input
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