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  1. Reuter added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    NA at work people.
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  2. Reuter added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    Oh I'm sorry. I couldn't have possibly know that you are legitimately retarded and on top of that also from NA. My sincerest condolences.
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  3. Reuter added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    Not sure if you're actually mentally challenged or just pretending to be. Your initial claim was that Mind Training doesn't affect awakening skills. It is however proven that it actually does, no matter how small the difference might be (and the difference is equally small when looking at non-awakening skills). It's a noticeable difference at the very least.
    Is that concept too hard to grasp for an illiterate like you? Do I have to draw a picture?
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  4. Reuter added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    Maybe try empirical evidence instead of spouting even more bullshit.
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  5. Reuter added a post in a topic Black Desert - Ryzen 5 1500x + MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8Gb   

    That PSU is complete overkill for that system (500W is more than enough), so is the RAM since the B350 chipset is rated for 2666 Mhz anyway. Could have easily gotten the R5 1600 instead.
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  6. Reuter added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    Good job on just ignoring the entire thread and spouting bullshit.
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  7. Reuter added a post in a topic How 1shotting monster is fun??   

    Level 40... You are basically still playing the Tutorial.
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  8. Reuter added a post in a topic Bieten am Marktplatz   

    Ja, sehr eigenartig. Dabei wird BDO doch nur von 20 anderen Leuten gespielt.
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  9. Reuter added a post in a topic Basic Gearing Help - Witch   

    Ditch that Yuria before it's too late and upgrade a Rosar instead. Slightly more damage and rumoured to have more accuracy. But the important part are the 2 gem slots.
    If you're aiming for boss gear anyway (even though it's several months down the line for you), then going for Grunil is rather pointless because Grunil is only really good when having the full set. Heve would be a more sensible choice.
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  10. Reuter added a post in a topic Daily Sailing Exp Research Thread   

    RIP. Was a neat little "secret".
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  11. Reuter added a post in a topic Confused about Awakening skills   

    All offensive awakening skills are your main damage skills. Your most powerful ones are obviously those with their corresponding flows which you're going to unlock with each new level towards 60.
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  12. Reuter added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    People telling you that Mind Training doesn't work with awakening skills are wrong
    If you have leftover skill points then I'd say it's definitely worth investing into Mind Training. You can certainly feel it when it's missing. Whether or not it makes a huge difference considering the general networking issues is another story.
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  13. Reuter added a post in a topic EU <Leviathan> 460AP/DP Combined, Level 58   

    Are you still a Youtube guild after losing LazyPeon to Addicted?
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  14. Reuter added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    You know, countering a questionable statement by simply going ad hominem puts you in a silly spot as well.
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  15. Reuter added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    Is this wall of text written by someone who never seriously played anything else than With/Wizard? Because otherwise I wouldn't know how you derive to the conclusion that Wiz/Witch even remotely resemble any form of balance in their current form.
    Forget about the fact that they hit like truck with very low AP requirements (making cheesy tank DPS builds absolutely viable) for one moment and consider this: Aside from being one of the hardest hitting classes ingame, they also sport the absolute best utility - hands down, no competition whatsoever. AoE healing, low CD self-heal, a strong shield that's online for 50% of the time and Protective Area, which on its own decides entire group fights.
    As far as group fights go (and let's not kid ourselves, GvG in nodewars/sieges kinda is the endgame content the game offers for the most part) Witch/Wiz offers top tier offensive, defensive and supportive abilities. All in one class, which is just absurd. And not only that: The class requires next to no skill whatsoever. It's all about posititioning and chaining all those silly super armour and frontal block skills with the press of 2 buttons at a time. There's barely and kind of skill ceiling so aside from being gear carried it's really hard to distinguish yourself as a really good Witch/Wiz player.

    The game requires some serious work in terms of balancing to bring all classes more in line. Oh and by the way, this is coming from someone who's main is Witch and who has been playing the class from day 1.
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  16. Reuter added a post in a topic Tamer original concept and stuff   

    Definitely feels like a lot of the initial class concept has been lost and all that's left is a somewhat subpar short range melee class with questionable use in GvG alongside with a useless pet.
    That whole idea of mounting Heilang also appears to be an afterthought more than anything. It strikes me as the class was initially supposed to be played like that (mounted) or at least it was intended to be viable method of combat.
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  17. Reuter added a post in a topic 2 cpu's better FP$ ?   

    Unlikely but more importantly it depends on what CPUs we're talking about.
    BDO is heavily reliant on good single thread performance, i.e high core frequency and high IPC performance.
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  18. Reuter added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    It certainly offers a "no skill" class to play though, namely Witch/Wiz. Oh and Warrior.
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  19. Reuter added a post in a topic Tamer Gear Discussion   

    Are you guys alright? Are you seriously recommending someone who merely played for 2 months to concentrate on nothing but boss gear? Even trying to enchant a single piece is likely going to break his bank and slow him down on his overall progress.
    As someone else mentioned: Go with the armour piece from the quest line and top it up with 3 Heve pieces for a substantial HP boost. Get all your weapons to TRI (the Liverto is perfectly fine by the way), turn your blue staff into an ultimate and then start to upgrade your armor pieces to TRI (which you'll likely do on some anyway why failstacking for your weapons).
    After that you can work on your accessories. Red Coral Earrings are practically best in slot (due to accuracy) but you may also use the poor man's version of those, the Mesto Earrings. The Valencia quest lines provide you with decent 7 AP rings. Necklace and Belt are somewhat depending on what kind of build you're looking for.
    After that point you may look into boss armour and boss weaponry. Bheg's Gloves and Muskan Boots are the most important items. Kzarka is a decent boost in accuracy but to be perfectly honest it shouldn't be prioritized.
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  20. Reuter added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    Still want to get my Tamer to Lvl 58. But finding out that a Witch/Wiz can basically clear mobs twice as fast with 30 AP less discouraged me rather quickly from attending that goal.
    PvP is fun, fast paced and challenging but simply way less effective compared to my 2-Button class aka Witch. The discrepancy between them makes it feel like you're basically playing 2 different games.
    So for now Tamer will be my Kutum slave, which is really unfortunate.
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  21. Reuter added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    > Talks about a supposedly broken class
    > Plays Zerker

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  22. Reuter added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    Good thinking Sherlock, that's the perfect idea to make marketplace bots viable again.
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  23. Reuter added a post in a topic Looking for WItch pvp gear GUIDE   

    Totally agree. I don't know where the notion that Wiz/Witch don't need accuracy comes from to begin with. First, those acc modifiers are percental values. So with garbage base accuracy it doesn't add a whole lot. Secondly those flow skills don't have those accuracy modifiers (unless Daum would leave them out in the description for no reason, since there are flow skills on other classes with acc modifiers specifically stated) and those are the skills that deal the majority of damage.
    One is going to notice accuracy deficiences at the latest when encountering higher level enemies with a decent amount of evasion.
    True, but still plenty of other CCs that are helpful when hitting. I'm running 2 of those and generally I don't have to much trouble hitting CCs in order to initiate.
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