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  1. Sweeziee added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

    Can't wait to have a sip of this bad boy 
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  2. Sweeziee added a post in a topic <Rocinante> Casual, chill, PvX   

    No. >:c 
    I'm actually still part of rocinante, for now atleast, so no can do 
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  3. Sweeziee added a post in a topic <Rocinante> Casual, chill, PvX   

    Due to lack of interest and time on my behalf I have decided to hand over the guild leadership Markinho
    You can find him on discord at  Markinho#7960, or in-game at markashii
    I wish him the best of luck  
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  4. Sweeziee added a post in a topic <Rocinante> Casual, chill, PvX   

    I'll look into it, please give me a moment!  
    Edit: It looks like we're able to take you in, please feel free to contact anyone of us on either discord or in-game, our contact info is in the main post!  
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  5. Sweeziee added a post in a topic Me and my other 4 friends got disconnected at the same and cannot rejoin the game! WHAT?   

    There is no point in creating more than one thread on this issue, please stick to your >>first thread<<, which I have moved to the support section of the forums - so if you could keep that thread up-to-date with the issues you're getting it would make the job easier for the GM's to troubleshoot your issue. 
    Thank you for your understanding!  
    Thread locked
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  6. Sweeziee added a post in a topic the game does not let me unlock my fps   

    Are you playing with fullscreen mode? If so, then please try to switch it to Fullscreen Borderless instead
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  7. Sweeziee added a post in a topic If you change channels or leave the game YOU CANT COME BACK   

    I have cleaned up the thread a bit, please keep the discussions civil people!
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  8. Sweeziee added a post in a topic Horrible New World!   

    I have honestly not noticed any differences when it comes to gameplay other than that there's now alot more stuff getting registered on the marketplace, but that's about it.
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  9. Sweeziee added a post in a topic Storage Maid bugged???   

    If you want them to look into this then I strongly recommend you to send in a ticket to the Customer Support (<-- link) as it's impossible for them to keep track of everything going on here on the forums. 
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  10. Sweeziee added a post in a topic .   

    As the OP have removed the content from this thread I have decided to lock the thread. 
    If you at any point in time wish to have this thread re-opened then please send me a pm! 
    Thread Locked
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  11. Sweeziee added a post in a topic Merger went well   

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far  
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  12. Sweeziee added a post in a topic Epic Fail on Merger Great Job   

    I'm sorry to hear that you ended up stranded on some island without your boat, here's a few things you can do to leave the island: 
    - Ask a friend/guildie to pick you up with their boat
    - Ask someone to PK you, and then respawn at a town
    - Contact support and see if they're able to help you, although you will probably have to expect a long response time as they're busy with higher prioritized cases right now
    - Swim from island to island until you reach your final destination
    I do have to advise you to pay more attention to the messages they're sending out in the future though, as most of the time they contain important information to avoid having players getting into similar situations to yours 
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  13. Sweeziee added a post in a topic character slot is closed   

    As far as my knowledge goes it should unlock your locked character, cant guarantee it 100% though as I have no way of testing it by myself
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  14. Sweeziee added a post in a topic KR Patch today: Ships autopark themselves!   

    We'll probably get it soon enough aswell then  
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  15. Sweeziee added a post in a topic <Rocinante> Casual, chill, PvX   

    We have switched our mainchannel from Calpheon 2 to Serendia 5 due to the merge.
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