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Yozora No Ryuu

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  1. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    These are recipes from https://beta-forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/new-costume-mill-clothes.323/
    At least one of the materials comes from Kamasylvia so soon?
    Shroud Knight Armor (male & female) [Attack / Casting Speed +1]
    Design: Shroud Knight Armor (x1)Steel (x50)Pure Silver Crystal (x5)Cheetah Dragon Hide (x30)Black Stone Powder (x30)Serendia Formal Attire (male) [Movement Speed +2]
    Design: Serendia Formal Attire (x1)Fine Tough Hide (x20)Fine Thin Hide (x3)Black Stone Powder (x25)Valencia Travel Suit (male) [Movement Speed +2]
    Design: Valencia Travel Suit (x1)Supreme Hard Hide (x10)Supreme Soft Hide (x2)Flax Fabric (x20)Black Stone Powder (x50)Black Leopard Armor (female) [Attack / Casting Speed +1]
    Design: Black Leopard Armor (x1)Black Leopard Hide (x50) [Kamasylvia monster]Gold Ingot (x10)Pure Titanium Crystal (x5)Silk (x15)Ahon Kirus Armor (female) [Critical Hit Chance +1]
    Design: Ahon Kirus Armor (x1)Steel (x80)Black Crystal (x20)Silk (x30)Black Stone Powder (x100)Requires the Costume Mill rank 2 in Altinova (only rank 1 in EU/NA), except for Serendia Formal Attire which has to be made in Heidel.
    Stats in [] require the Equipment Tailoring Coupon.
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  2. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 20th   

    Why do witches and wizards only get 1 costume each while all other classes get 2 new costumes?
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  3. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic Dyeable Life Clothes   

    I want to dye my noble dress!
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  4. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    On a horse:

    On a boat:

    On a wagon:

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  5. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic last minutes of CB2 in Heidel   

    Yay I'm in the shot too, on the statue's cape
    Yay I'm in the shot too, on the statue's cape
    Yay I'm in the shot too, on the statue's cape
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  6. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic Armor in the Costume Slot   

    Another way that could implement this is like Guild Wars 2's old transmutation system where you gain an item that allows for you to change the look of an armour by combining the two armours together, choosing the look of one piece and the stats of the another. This could be done by making a certain item by crafting thus mixing it in with the game's resource based gameplay.
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  7. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic Want a raven as pet   

    I'd love a raven for my witch
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  8. Yozora No Ryuu added a post in a topic Dye as a permanent unlock   

    Would love to see the dyes as a perm unlock
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