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  1. QUIONE added a post in a topic Where's the OST/Music for this trailer?   

    Thanks so much! Found it
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  2. QUIONE added a topic in General   

    Where's the OST/Music for this trailer?
    This game has the OST everywhere but is solely missing this specific one which happens to be my favorite...
    Anyone know where I can find the full one?
    What's even more weird is that the videos of gameplay that had the music are now gone too...
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  3. QUIONE added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    If this is how people keep defining MMO's it's no wonder they keep sucking.
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  4. QUIONE added a post in a topic Content seriously need to come out sooner, and here's why   

    lol so much disagreement
    almost no reasons
    Makes me wonder if they actually think about what they write.
    I got a pretty good idea of what the "community" is like now. It's kind of funny because most of the people outside of forums DISAGREE.
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  5. QUIONE added a post in a topic Content seriously need to come out sooner, and here's why   

    If you can't list any examples then I highly doubt your words.
    Valencia introduces viable open world PvP due to karma.
    Overwatch is the main contender.
    Not responding to any more forum-goers, I'm trying to get the attention of someone important.
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  6. QUIONE added a topic in General   

    Content seriously need to come out sooner, and here's why
    Edit: Let me clear things up a bit, because its obviously clear people keep thinking this was a "Oh I'm qutting" or "I rushed everything now complaining about content". Someone has my original post down there somewhere so whatever.
    There is a good amount of content in this game. There isn't much to do.
    These two things are VERY different because one tells me how many different things there are in the game but one tells me what I am actually doing. I believe what someone at ArenaNet once said: it's the minute to minute gameplay, what you are actually doing as a person playing the game.
    Here's the list of things of what I think counts as content in the game CURRENTLY FOR NA/EU that in its own system is a feature of BDO and not every MMO. Feel free to disagree:
    GatheringFarmingTrading(NPC)Trading(Market)Horse Breeding/TrainingProcessingCrafting through Houses/Worker GatheringFishingExploringQuests/ContributionKnowledge (Heavily gated by energy, by the way)PvE: Grinding (for money, guild mission, leveling, boss scrolls). Building gear can also fall into this category but since it can be achieved by multiple means I don't want to include it.PvP: Open World PKPvP: BattlegroundsPvP: Guild DisputesWe good? 
    Now here's the list of things you can do mostly AFK or doing something else in game or not (To qualify, 80% of the time you should be pressing buttons or actively paying attention)
    Farming(Waiting for plants to grow, which can take hours)Trading(NPC)Trading(Market)Horse Breeding/TrainingProcessingCrafting/WorkerFishing(even with the minigame, most of the time spent is AFK or doing non-fishing related thing)Now here's the list of things you can't do very often, don't happen very often, or require a lot of special circumstances generally making them uncommon to do over long periods of time:
    Exploring: Once you explore almost everything (which can be done in a few days, I know because I have done it and I didn't even rush it) there is no more to explore.Quests/Contribution: Most quests are basically the same thing anyway and can almost be in the same category as grinding.Knowledge: Same thing. These are almost like achievements.PvP: Open World PK: Karma prevents people from engaging in world PvP as a regular thing.PvP: Guild Disputes: Requires two groups to wage war on each other.So what's left?
    Gathering, which is gated by energy to some degree. Even with this 50% of the time you are not doing anything but waiting, albeit in short periods. It builds up very quickly.PvE: Grinding/LevelingPvP: BattlegroundsFishing: If you are actively fishing with the minigame. With this you can't really AFK it but 90% of the time spent fishing is waiting and doing basically nothing fishing related. I include this here because technically it is something you do need to pay attention to. 
    Yea, there's content. Most of it is spent waiting though. Next time you log on to BDO try to catch yourself when you are simply sitting there at your computer waiting for a task to finish.
    I don't want to compare BDO to other MMOs because BDO is not like other MMOs, but I think its important to point out that:
    Some MMOs have active open world PvPMany MMOs have dungeons/raidsMany MMOs have organized arenaFew MMOs have minigames that are there for the sake of the minigame and not a mechanic of something else (like BDO's fishing/harpooning)Guess what Valencia brings? By the time Valenica rolls out we will have basically all those. Horse Racing. Open world PvP that is viable. Dungeons. 3v3 Arena.
    In fact, people who really know what Valencia brings shouldn't even be complaining because the amount of content additions (such as new things to craft and achieve) are actually VERY MINIMAL. We get a higher level cap, some few new items to make, but that's pretty much it. It's not an expansion's worth of things to take in but rather small additions to the game.
    People who complain about an equalized arena: you do not matter to the game. End of story. It's an instanced based thing that has no impact on the outside world of arena where people test ONLY skill against skill in an organized, uninterrupted setting. In every single MMO in existence where there is an equalized arena is often times one of the most popular aspect of the game, period. It does not ruin MMOs, it vastly improves it. It is a mode where people can invest ALL of their time into and play only for arena. That is how good it is.
    3v3 Arena will come, because it already has to KR some time ago. Why do you think the arena in Altinova is closed off, yet if you manage to get inside it you can PvP? That arena is the 3v3 arena for KR.
    Do I not care about the content of the game? Of course I do. I do everything the game has to offer, and it has a lot. The issue is that I can AFK 70% of the game, do dailies and then do whatever. I don't play casually, and I don't play hardcore. There is not enough to do, and I feel that Valencia and other content updates will turn that 70% AFK into 30%, even though its the same amount of stuff to do, if not more, because while I could have been AFKing I could have been doing Arenas, open world PvP, etc etc. Even now, I am  AFKing most of my activities. I accomplish cooking, alchemy, horse training/breeding, farming, fishing, gathering(through workers), and crafting as I sit here re-writing this thread, checking for a few seconds every 10-30 minutes or so.
    See all those people who said "goodbye"? They didn't read. It was a hypothetical situation.
    Whether or not these things should come sooner or not is my opinion, and I believe that until those things do come out the game is basically incomplete.
    And you know what, for all that disagreeing you guys sure are ironic. So much about sandbox and finding your own path to do things, but are against more options? lmao.
    I think we can all agree on one thing though: the new class delay for ninja/kunoichi.
    There is literally almost no reason to delay it that long. I can wait 2-3 weeks more for ninja to come (largely thanks to blader) but not a month, and here is where everything comes together.
    This is a class I want to main. I barely played it in JP, thus get that notion out of your heads assuming I have been playing KR before all this because now you are making an ass out of you and me. I have my reasons to main this class, and I'm sure you have reasons to main yours.
    I can't see any good reason to delay this class other than to space content updates which, honestly, is a terrible idea since its ONLY a class. Content stays the same, class lets you go about it differently.
    Is it because of Balance? Balances have basically been done already, if there were any. It's not like they have to review it, balance it from scratch, and then implement it. I don't think Ninja/Kunoichi was even touched to begin with.
    Localization/Translation? Also a joke. This is something that can literally be done in a day easily. Someone from the community could probably do it.
    There are obviously a lot more things that need to be done when implementing a new class. The new weapons (off-hand for ninja), the workshops, etc. Gotta translate though too (most of which is basically copy and paste though...). Classes don't get localized voices, so throw that out.
    I'm just not seeing it. Feels like they are just delaying it for the sake of delaying it. Sigh.
    If Ninja doesn't come out for another month, that's another month of me basically not doing much with the game. Leveling and grinding kind of pointless and not fun. PvP with a class you barely enjoy ain't exactly exciting either. That leaves almost nothing to do, really, because the rest is essentially AFK.
    I'm a bit curious because EVERYONE fails to mention: even in my old post, I mentioned the things you basically do AFK. So what exactly is there to do other than that I haven't listed yet, because there is clearly so much to do?
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  7. QUIONE added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Game used pearls to buy Elion's Tear for no reason
    I died, but when I hit spawn at nearest node it instead used 50 pearls and revived me. What the hell. I saved exactly 2900 pearls to use for later and now I'm screwed out of a next costume release.
    Ticket #79765
    I'm probably not going to see a message until 2+ months later...
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  8. QUIONE added a post in a topic Ninja/Blader Release   

    Did you know your level is extremely important?
    Just simply having 2 more levels past 55 makes you extremely powerful to those that don't.
    And did you forget that other people play the game? You now have to compete with people of much higher levels because they had a potential 2 months headstart and you are still level 0 when it comes out.
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  9. QUIONE added a topic in General   

    Horse skills breaking jumping
    If your horse has high jump and caution your horse will stop mid air making it so you can't jump gaps (and presumable fall to death / land in the river) when not jumping up to immediate higher ground.
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  10. QUIONE added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  11. QUIONE added a post in a topic Ninja/Blader Release   

    50 isn't the issue. It's 55 and above. That isn't done as easily.
    It also wouldn't be an issue if it was late a few days or a week. We are talking about almost a month or maybe two. Two whole months. No matter how fast you can level to 50 or 55 or whatever you will be 2 months worth of work behind.
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  12. QUIONE added a topic in Suggestions   

    Ninja/Blader Release
    If Mediah/lvl 55 Cap (Right now its 50 cap, 55 soft cap I believe) comes out, please release the rest of the classes or even before those updates happen.
    (Blader/Plum, Ninja/Kunoichi)
    Anyone that wishes to main these classes will automatically be behind. It's not as severe if it comes out at the same time or before Mediah.
    Almost any game that has gone through regional localization has always released classes earlier than they usually do for balance reasons especially in a game where you can level over the main cap.
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  13. QUIONE added a post in a topic Ferry look like a Rowboat.   

    It's not.
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  14. QUIONE added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Missing Quest
    [Gathering Advancement 30] from the black spirit takes you to Alchemist Hannibal who... does nothing. No quest.
    I made sure my UI was reloaded, tried relogging, tried ticking my quest types around... nothing. I even finished up most of the quests around Keplan. Still, nothing.
    I really need to know if this quest is either bugged, not in the game yet, or its not bugged.
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