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  1. Shakhu added a post in a topic Ranger in need of dire adjustment.   

    Lets be clear hear, thats the exact problem.
    80% of the Playerbase that actually rolled Ranger did it because its Fotm, now they got nerfed A BIT and the tears fall.
    I'm glad that Rangers dont kill a Warrior Shield in a split second anymore.
    I'm glad I dont get deleted by a single ranger in between Super Armour.
    I'm glad they feel the pain too now.
    Now you have to do more to kill your target then just roll your face on the keyboard. Atleast I certainly hope so.
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  2. Shakhu added a post in a topic Mediah Expansion [ Discussion ] [Feedback ]   

    DO you have a lvl 50+ right now? If yes I either believe you are playing on an unpopulated Server or are a full time fisher. Guilds fighting over Kzarka Cave right now comes down to Gear/Levels. A +15 lvl 55 Char can kick you out of basicly any grinding spot if you and yo mates at lvl 50 want also some mobs there for a quest.
    On Jordine there are Guilds with 10+ Members lvl 55 already and they will dominate even more as they do now, going to a point in which you are basicly handicapped to do ANY content in the game besides City-sitting.
    Those people go already on a boredom killing-spree, sucking the fun out of people who are competitive, but have to work during the day.
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  3. Shakhu added a post in a topic Mediah Expansion [ Discussion ] [Feedback ]   

    So basicly those roflstomping already with 12 hours/day playtime lvl 55 with +15 gear will get more powerfull, while the rest will try to play catch up. Resulting in a massive imbalance.
    Well done, well done.
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  4. Shakhu added a post in a topic The Sorc And Why a High Skill Cap Is NOT Unfair   

    thanks for the roductive input on that; but if a Sorc runs Crow Feast and you dont know it in a o-pvp situation counting doesnt work. The problem I have with the highlighted part is that with the current Desynch you cant trust what you see. Most classes are limited in terms of mobility or better said "ports". The Sorc can chain 4-5 of them together. With the current Desynch (and yes, this got tested by me and a friend numerous times in an Arena setting) I see you jump 3 times, whilst you may initate already, without the animation shown. Same is with your evasions; you could be in the first, the second or the third jump; what you see is not the same as I can react to; because I CANT be sure with the current Engine/Desynch issues if I actually see the real thing right now or just a desynch issue. So it turns in a guessing game and so in an unfair advantage. Thats what I meant. Reading movements doesnt work with Sorcs at this point.
    It may well be on my end alone; but seeing a Sorc fight between 4 other Guildmates and never getting hit ONCE for multiple seconds until she dies in a grabchain tells me otherwise.
    But thanks again for your insight.
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  5. Shakhu added a post in a topic The Sorc And Why a High Skill Cap Is NOT Unfair   

    I'm a level 53 Zerker and even lower geared/leveled Sorcs have no problems in defeating me. The only thing I can do is shakeoff into the next safezone. AoE-Stomps wont connect; not even if timed correctly after the i-frame SHOULD be over. You cant fight something that gives you a second to react but actually doesnt work because you CANT SEE this second of vulnerability because of Desynch.
    Grabs dont work on other classes too, but the Sorc is actually worse because if I actually manage to grab her between an iframe more often then not the next animation goes off and she jumps out of my hand because the Server didnt react properly to the Engines mechanics. More often then not a try to grab her out of a Dark Flame ends up in me on the ground because the sorc initiated with her pounce, that didnt get to me until the first Dark Flame hit hits.
    As a Zerk a Sorc is basicly unkillable right now; the rest of your statement might be true.
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  6. Shakhu added a post in a topic Attck Speed vs Critical Hit Rate   

    2 Atk-Speed -1 Crit in Wep, 2 Atk-Speed in Taritas Gloves, Upgrade Mainwep for +1 Atk-Speed and you're sorted in the Atk-Speed department. If you dont want to get the Weapon-Gem because you want the crit for PvE (or dont want to waste Attributes because you have a Liverto) go for Agerian instead.
    Making Gloves-Slot a variable Equipment-Piece is actually a good thing; because you want to get Boss-Gloves as soon as possible when the Update and Implementation comes, and so you dont loose the 3-Piece Taritas.
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  7. Shakhu added a post in a topic Attck Speed vs Critical Hit Rate   

    Same opinion as the one stated above. All your crucial PvP-Skills have 100% Crit rate.
    Crit is only used for RT = PvE Attribute
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  8. Shakhu added a post in a topic PvP Video - Eggs   

    full guild-groups refilling eggs on low level mobs around Olvia are a pretty common sight these days. Some even step down from a Guildwar just to refill.
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  9. Shakhu added a post in a topic The Sorc And Why a High Skill Cap Is NOT Unfair   

    If desync wouldnt be a thing, Sorcs would be fine. As long as Desyncs are in this game (the Server doesnt even know where the sorc is for the most part) every technical Issue works in the favor of Sorcs. A good, and even a mediocre Sorc cant die against another Melee-Class. CC is irrelevant, because your i-frames are basicly untrackable, because even if the animation doesnt happen and you press it in a given timeframe, you're unattackable for 2-3 seconds.
    Given that your Mainattack has a forward shield also makes you basicly CC immune if you dont play with both hands behind your back. Sorcs have the time to shine at the moment. The content they suck in is not in the game yet and the Server- and Engine-Problems work in their favor. Just enjoy the feeling of being an unbeatable PvP-God whilst playing on your trackpad on the sofa until the problems get fixed.
    What I want to say with this is, that most opinions will change given they work on their engine performance.
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  10. Shakhu added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    You know why its unbalanced? Because the demand dictates the prices, like in every economy. Lets make the Boat example again. Lets say Logs started at a value of 100-150 Silver per piece; if everyone just buys Logs when they are at 100 Silver the price doesnt increase; it rather goes down a bit.
    If you have a high demand of logs and people are willing to pay 150 Silver for it, then the price rises instead. Thats happening since the start of the game. Armorstones are 190000 min the one day, 250000 the other. Looks like a fine algorithm to me. Sometimes people buy more to higher prices, then, when the prices are too high they drop again. Thats also why the Oil prices are so low in our Real World; the market is flooded, to sell your Oil you have to undercut, making the price lower in small steps. Now coming back to Bdo its completely clear that Logs get more solled then Boats do; because Logs are used much more.
    The Price of boats doesnt increase because of the log price, the game doesnt care for that. It sees no demand for boats on the market so the prices stay low. If people would be willing to buy stuff then rather make it themselves, prices would rise.
    Installing an Option like that for player trading might work to some extend, but this system is also exploitable by having more characters. Instead of installig such a complex mechanism (the game has to check which level you are and how much you traded during the day, demanding more traffic) is too much of a hassle. Rather let it stay deactivated.
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  11. Shakhu added a post in a topic Gear looks and progression will drive off many players   

    People cry they dont want P2W, they rather they want Optical, Style Stuff to buy.
    Developers give them what they want, they cry again because the company doesnt think that will give enough revenue if they dont put a hefty price tag on it.
    If it doesnt turn out as they expecting income wise, it will change. If they actually make money off of this it will not. All the bad publicity because of it and discussion aside, its still a brilliant game.
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  12. Shakhu added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    Are you two serious here? Prices are fixed on the Market to have a healthy economy and give people with low ingame-income also a chance to get stuff for themselves. It prevents People flooding the market with either undercut or extremely overpriced items, like we see in other games. It prevents inflation, because not all the money gets right back to the Seller, so even people with high amounts of silver dont have a huge impact in the overall Server Economy.
    Player trading is disabled for the exact same reason; the whole game pillars of of the fact that you have to #1 get all the shit you either need yourself or pay for it (also to prevent inflation, because the Market gets a 30% cut) and #2 already wealthy people cant give the wealth they have/split it to their friends so they can roflstomp too.
    We already have 24/7 grinding nolifers who twoshot people in 50+ areas, lets imagine we dont have 5, we have like 50 of them (a core of a guild) because they split it between each other (taking drop rng into account). Are you even seeing the scope of the thing you demand?
    Just because you cant give your friends some logs for some -----ing boats?
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  13. Shakhu added a post in a topic Escape Exploit by PhD   

    If you have them on Video sure, why not? Thats not a Witch Hunt directed against you, but everyone who uses it.
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  14. Shakhu added a post in a topic The Future of Black Desert Online.   

    We have a system, the system is called "No-Trading". The people want here are not "Value Appropriate to ones level" they want to open the floodgates in a game its not intended to be that way. There will be abuses in your system, in every system. Sometimes a Developer has just to say NO.
    Oh and pinpointing that one little thing doesnt make my statement false. If you dont like the game because of one of its CORE FEATURES, then go. 
    Thats like demanding blood and violance in Hello Kitty Online. Would be cool for some, but its certainly not intended.
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  15. Shakhu added a post in a topic Ultimative end goal?   

    Having fun
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