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  1. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Broken sea monsters?   

    ^This and I did not receive loot when I had a 49 in a group three times, the only three times I didn't get loot. Out of group worked fine. 
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  2. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Imperial trade   

    As for Imperial Cooking and Alchemy you really would not require a channel limit. If there was some other limit, that limited a player on how many per day they could turn in. If only there were such a thing already implemented... I mean.. If there were why would you want both?  
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  3. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    I salute your efforts to combat this ridiculousness, it is appreciated. 
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  4. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Archaeologist Map Research Thread   

    Niiice! Thanks for the info.
    I ended up getting 1 aura from that Karanda I went too btw lol. 
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  5. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    John goes to the casino with 2000$ and wants to play roulette. When John approaches the roulette table, he notices that the roulette is hidden below a black cloth that only the dealer can manipulate to check the numbers. The dealer tells John that he can only play by 100$ increments, and on different numbers. With that being said, the dealer ensures the system is fair and that there's no scam involved. John decides to play and puts 100$ on 14. The dealer spins the roulette, and unfortunately, tells John he didn't win. As he can only play by 100$ increments and on different numbers, this time, John puts 100$ on 17 and 100$ on 14. This goes on until John doesn't have any money left and leaves the casino.
    Now the question is, how likely is it for John to keep going to this casino expecting to win when other casinos don't hide the roulette ?
    Well this casino has strong drinks and the hottest waiting staff currently in the business. Sounds like John is going to have a hard time making reasonable decisions regarding his roulette game and slot machines, yesssss?
    If there are perfectly maxed-out builds and only cookie cutter options.. then maybe we should find wisdom near the Velia warehouse. If we wait long enough the true answer to this will be exclaimed by a small shai who will tell you... "DO IT BETTER!!" 
    Truly a "Next Gen MMO" concept don't ya think?
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  6. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Command to Gather - Why?   

    I have to agree with this point. 
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  7. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Command to Gather - Why?   

    Sometimes when your the boss you sit in a chair and say............

    when you want someone lower to teleport you. 
    So now our GLs need the head ache of multiple PCs and game installations to not get screwed? Well unless your Ama then you have enough PCs to make them all River Dance. To bad they don't wear shirts though, sorta more dramatic at the end. 
    I got 7,157 on it... 
    Mostly it's a safety, peace of mind thing imo, better lag issue and stupid mount trick prevention than other methods with my current opinion and 20 minutes is pretty sweet ya? Then we need to wait till after we get the exp buff for the leader to miss out? Ok, well they are out there. 
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  8. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    Looks like this one will be around for years to come so far. 
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  9. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Command to Gather - Why?   

    I got these same sort of replies from other people as well.
    Though, it is an end of tree skill. It takes the entire defense line to even unlock it for 20 points. Seemed like a cool benefit for a skill that takes a LOAD of points to get to anyone else? 
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  10. GreenBeanDemon added a topic in General   

    Command to Gather - Why?
    Command to Gather......
    This skill is guild leader only. Why?   Our guild leaders are some, if not the hardest working people in this game. They spend their time organizing, planning, dealing with guild politics, this goes on and on... .. . and on. It never ends for them.  So your telling me a skill that allows them to teleport their trade crates is off limits to our guild leads? The people who arguably deserve to benefit from this the most?   Our guild leaders deserve this thing. We know it, you know it. Can we get a solution?  Maybe........? 
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  11. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    That sounds pretty interesting, might you be able to direct us to some source information? I'll go look around soon, though I do love a nice pointer/hint. Thanks for the info. 
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  12. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Valk's Cry   

    I agree! The power of Value Pack > than Cry ( cry Wolf more like it ) as well.
    The math was done, displayed and then removed? ( not sure on the removed, they removed a few of the break downs early on )

    Why would a Wookiee, an 8-foot-tall Wookiee, want to live on Endor, with a bunch of 2-foot-tall Ewoks? That does not make sense! But more important, you have to ask yourself..... 
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  13. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic ty Kakao   

    Great to see others getting to see this sort of response, super cool attitude and just plain style out of this support team. Circumstances are horrible here, but still looks like another case of solid and strong support. 
    Support Team ++ you guys rock! \o/ 
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  14. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    I call it, Ode to Short Stick. 

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  15. GreenBeanDemon added a post in a topic Can we remove the loot baits in Margoria?   

    I mainly skim the edge of Ross for what I do out there, I tend to run into the silver keyed smaller type stuff. 90% sounds horrible D: 
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