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  1. Wonshot added a post in a topic Morghulis - [Siege Guild] [Level 59+] [Arena Test Req] [HIGH PAY FOR CANNONEERS!]   

    You -----s still running around like headless chickens, or will ze furer D-legend-jules come raidlead tomorrow?
    Gobble to the gobble!
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  2. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Any other Jordinians from back in the day enjoying watching Harmony members throw mud on eachother, way more than you expected you would enjoy it.
    I kinda wish we would hear more of these strories and information comming out in the light of day, also from the other other EU servers. what were their names again?
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  3. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    "YES!" Tekeii out of ten!
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  4. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

     Fair enough, unlucky timing then it seemed like the other thing had alot more to do with your reason, mb.
    As for this quote though I dont really know where you are going with it, I dont really see anyone bragging about us being in this situation where we have the numbers but not the average gear/levels yet, nor the siege experience to stand alone. or maybe it boils down to being semi hardcore and not willing to go the extra mile, I cant really tell before the other factors have been ruled out.
    I would like to think I call them as I see them, and be sorta honest about how it is in Morgh. Even on the forums. It might not be smart, but then again I never claimed to be
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  5. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    "we"? You are alone and will remain alone buddy, accept your faith.
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  6. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    butthurt you ragequit a guild, expecting to get the guildleader to come begging for you to come back, but then realized you were easily replaced and not really needed nor wanted?
    To me it seems like you quit because you wanted to prove to a female that you were a real pvp beast and too good for this scrub guild, so you quit together thinking you will seak out glory elsewhere. Only problem being she getting through the arena test and you getting rejected, and she chose the guild over you leaving you alone having to go back to a Harmony.
    So gratz on being the only case of a package deal where the "girlfriend" got in and dumped the sandbag at the door, with a sound of a slammed door and a brokenheart.
    (I have nothing against you Moving but these comments about how you were disapointed in the guild and the pvp-participation at worldbosses are getting old. You didnt like the guild and quit, fair enough I hope you find happiness in your new "old" guild)
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  7. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    So my comment about that I think Morghulis belong in the same tier as Sov and Oldskool for the single reason that we are not afraid to partner up and attack castles, granted we are really bad at the actually gate besiegeing, seem to be a torn in your eye. Also that is my personaly openion, it might not reflect what my guild as a whole think, I seem to be wierd in my way of thinking I have found out Feel free to disagree with if we are not in the same tier, I hear your arguments but I still stand by mine. And I adressed them in several posts ever since you had to comment on this with your oneliners. You didnt respond to them though, instead you go and seak out easy wordtwisting arguements with others If this really was the main problem in the statement, why not argue with the guy behind?
    If you want to argue this further I explained what I meant by the coordination part, what I personally think could had been done better of the four guilds attacking the gates, and even how I think my own guild did when it was our turn at the gate/choke point tunnel.
    So now, who is not reading?
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  8. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    The plan was to keep Oldskool in the keep while Sov was being taken out for the first part of the siege btw. That is why we didnt do any serious gate attempts before Sov was down.
    (since someone mentioned earlier than the gate was not taking any damage before VoS and Wasted showed up.)
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  9. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I think everyone who is not too proud of themself and without a super ego, can admit that Oldskool played their upmost and defended well. While the attacking force could indeed had been better coordinated. (there is always room for improvement, always!)
    That being said, the lag was also a factor. Not an excuse at all it worked both ways. But being a wizard in that 300man sausage party trying to make my way up to my vanguard group and cover them with protected area was like trying to skip a line to a Justin Bieber concert. So many -----es standing crowded in a line you need to push pass each and every one of them.
    Compairing this besiegeing of a castle to an S-tier guild like Enemy and how they would had done is is just like night an day. This was a castlesiege by quantity not really quality. Can we move on? or would you rather go back to the week were you were dodged and noone came knocking on your castle gates a few weeks ago?
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  10. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I actually agree, it feels messy being in the courtyard and the guilds standing on top of each other. From our side, we constantly reminded our members to pull to the side make room for the other attacking guilds to pass by us, make room to the left of us on the bridge in case a guild infront of us at the first gate would wipe and need to fall back.
    what I personally would had done, looking back, since we had 4 guilds attacking, and half of the time you are just wasting good manpower by standing in line, is to send guild A in on the gate, guild B stand ready to take over when guild A is done/wiped. While guild C is attacking left roof and guild D on the right roof. Yesterday we didnt see much of this, and instead we had 4 guilds waiting in line to get through one choke point where oldskool could focus all of their attention.
    I would say our own guild still have much to learn and improve on when it comes to attacking gates, we are not efficient enough when it is our turn to get damage down on the gate. But we are improving from each time, yesterday we learned to push up with blockclasses in front, and have ranged dps follow after to add range presure on the battlements, in order for the melee dps to move in on the gate to get uptime, then have the witches and wizards routate lighthouse healing cover on the gate. Just as an example where we didnt do this late time and ran into your full melee deathball on the inside of the first gate last week, whith two elephants spammen  abilities through.
    Also my orginal comment was about Tekeii being able to coordinate with other guilds, was not about him taking over macroing for them and comming up with a masterplan, but simply just being able to accept the fact that we are not there (yet?) to stand alone and we might need partner guilds to attack gates, instead of being too stuborn to contact other guildleaders and we end up with a 90man attendance in Bal/serendia.
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  11. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    So a few things:
    Kapi made a siege tier list after todays showing, and I actually have to agree with his list for the most part. As a siege-tierlist I actually think Morghulis is on same tier as the other guilds he put in the same bracket. Not because of openfield power, not because of we are as innovative as Oldskool who hands down have showed the best castle prep I have seen so far. or the gearlevel as some of the other guilds. But because of the ability to actually coordinate with other guilds and keep the scene alive, sure you might not love the fact that King Turkey can gather his bannermen, but if needs be,
    you could see him march on whatever region, and wether or not some people, like me, hate to rely on other guilds and getting into friendly fire. That is kinda what is needed for taking on a castle. I hate to say it. I currently can accept these 2 guild arrangements, it is bareable and make for some decent situations. but this 4guild thing where you just stand on top of eachother and cant really defend in case of one "enemy" jump into the mix, ----- that shit!
    So Oldskool asked on the podcast how come they were getting all the attention in mediah and Enemy and Addicted would get pvp starved and have to invite people to come fight them. From my perspective those two guilds are just going the extra mile, going from top of the semi hardcore guild into the hardcore tier. Those guilds are using whatever trick in the book and going that extra mile. I dont blame them, but it would take so much to get a 80-90man Morghulis roster to step up their game and all get whale tendons for just an example. I currenly like to fight guilds in the bracket we get rated together with, that is fun and pretty even. I dont do sieges for the money, and still to this day find it retarded how much money it rewards because of how much focus people put on the silver-rewards compaired to the giggles you get from having a crown over your name and this weeks "bragging" right (ps mad respect Mill for the handout, but well fought till the end. This one was in the name of Jordine!)
    Last but not least, Morghulis. Much have been said and can be said about the guild, the name and the leader. I joined for Turkey as sole reason, is he perfect? oh hell no! Granma speed on the reaction calls when we get engaged on, at times cost us a nodewar. But I love the dude to pieces, he has kept the guild alive for this long for a reason, he has a passion and the ability to listen to feedback and a constant drive to improve. Heck since I joined I have sort of kept track of the weekly improvements and what would be our next task to look into and improve on, and the checklist is quite impressive I must say. None of us in the guild know what the future has in store for us, we might hit the wall soon since we are progressing rapidly and we will see how we tacle that. I doubt we will be able to defend a castle for several weeks, but ----- it then we get nodewars and pvp against evenly matched guilds and have a blast, and that is really what matters.
    So Gobble Gobble to all in Mediah today, you all played well. Oh and Sov, you could maybe had enjoyed the siegewar aswel if you were not so annoying to attack gates with (stop killing respawners from other guilds when we are still in attack-the-gate-phase) looking at you pessle or whatever you were called.
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  12. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Stop zerging our castle, qq we dont have a fight, stop zerging our castle, qq dead server noone built, stop with the alliances already.
    sigh. there is just no winning
    Gobble Gobble
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  13. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    This topic is in dire need of some salt, it has been nothing but nodereports last few posts
    ----- you all, you either suck/outgear/need to learn to play/ or nolife, may you die at worldbosses and lose your crystals!
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  14. Wonshot added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Since it wasnt mentioned on the podcast and I really think it deserves a shout out, massive props to oldskool in their castle defense. I will not go into too much detail, but you could really tell they had preped to defend mediah and figured out some fun ways to use game mechanics, and forcing the attacks to dig deep in their tool box to break through.
    Well done Oldskool!
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  15. Wonshot added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you can get up to level 58.99 on the Olvia channels, and almost every patch as of late have been them throwing free stuff at us, either blackstone events or attendance rewards where you basicly get free silvers for playing. Catching up has never been easier, stop complaining and actually work for it, like the rest of us have done.
    And yes, I would like to see new players come to the game to keep it populated but making it too easy to catch up will just be to take a shit on veterans. Most of us hit a barricade around TRI anyways. Play 1-2 month and you are absolutly fine.
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