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  1. Safka added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Yep. I get percentages. I do. And I get that this is - currently - speculative. As I've indicated, I've been willing to invest time and effort for my own 17% chance of T7 attainment. Some numbers are acceptable and some aren't. Subjective, yes... but anything approaching 1% is not for me. At all.
    The mix of time, effort, training-level achievement (let alone in-game and actual cash (say)) should count for something in the attainment of a 'rare' goal in what is, ultimately, an entertainment product that we're all here (presumably) to enjoy. To replace all of that time, effort and achievement with a mere low base % chance is... not my idea of fun and rewarding game design that displays any understanding of players.
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  2. Safka added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    1% chance of awakening success?
    /waves goodbye
    I've spent @8 months devoting myself to training and breeding and have stables heaving with an assortment of T7's of varying quality... a couple of non-courser T8's... and three T8's spit-polished to the fiery glow of being awakening-ready. High-five.
    But I'm completely disinterested in battering my sanity into a pulp over and over for a laughably-unattainable 1% chance. It's. Not. Going. To. Happen.
    Why? Well...
    a) Although the max (current) chance of attaining a T7 (of either gender) from 2xT6's (or T5+T6) is a theoretical 36 %... I've calculated my actual achieved rate as a smidge over 17%. That's less than half the theoretical. Lucky me, right? Uhuh. RNG is RNG, sure... I gets that... but my poor, addled brainpan is verging on the suicidal over the mere possibility of a .5% chance of awakening success.
    b) I could be playing the game for the next 50 years and never get over the 1% hurdle... doomed to repeat the same mundane tasks perpetually... and that concept of what constitutes fun and entertainment is, quite simply, insane.
    c) Slaps forehead.
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  3. Safka added a post in a topic Breeding Rate   

    Why the hell should someone win a million from the lottery for a single unit investment? Why? Gambling. It's how it works. It's why it works. The chance of a T7 foal from T3+T5 stock (say) is what pulls in the time and effort spent training. It's a perceptual sweetener and, should a T7 actually result, it would validate all the stubborn persistence, cost and disappointment that has gone before. Carrots. In more ways than one.
    You will get a T7. But only if you keep on gambling.
    Backward steps make my teeth itch.
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  4. Safka added a post in a topic Breeding Rate   

    Yep. Makes perfect subjective sense.
    For me, time is my resource and investment and I'll spend it to increase my chances rather than skip the investment and suffer something... non-optimal. Each failure negates the investment. Each success repays it.
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  5. Safka added a post in a topic So I started my week long trial...   

    Should? Should?
    Your goal is your own as mine is mine and hers is hers and his is his. 'Should' is therefore subjective and what you are 'supposed to do' is determined by what you want to achieve (if anything), what you enjoy and what you want from the potential pool of time and effort you're willing to invest in the game. Know those and you are gifted something to aim for... by magical logic and personal preference.
    That said, this game is (slightly) complex in that it has a variety of mechanisms to suit a variety of playstyles and preferences. As a result, full information as to all of the nuts and bolts isn't provided spooishly in-game. There are, however, tons of guides, walthroughs, words and videos. Google.
    So... pick your own poison. The game is tailored to fit different shapes and sizes.
    As for your contention that 'if it's too long or complicated to explain in game, IT SHOULD NOT BE IN YOUR GAME'... bang goes chess. Pesky knights and darned collision mechanics. Bah. Draughts is better. Biffbaffboff. Sorted.
    Horses for courses.
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  6. Safka added a post in a topic Breeding Rate   

    To the 'waste of time and effort' point...
    Know your enemy. Horse breeding is a gambling game with an added (time-consuming and repetitive) pachinko-like element. You bet your investment of considerable time and effort against a relatively low percentage of success (which you can influence only to certain degrees) with absolutely no guarantee of a positive result. Ever. The odds are against you, every single time. Most gambles therefore fail. Disappointment, frustration and disillusionment are the norm. The quantity of abuse I've yelled at my monitor is enough for it to seek therapy.
    I tend to disagree with those that don't aim for a 3% increase (say) due to the added time and effort it may take to achieve the increase. Any increase in the percentage is desirable before you place the bet. Ask any gambler.
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  7. Safka added a post in a topic Breeding Rate   

    RNG is what it is.
    Catch Tier 3's, 4's and 5's. Train them up til they're juiced and play the percentages.
    T3 + T5 = same max chance (28%) of a T7 as a T4 + T5.
    Use any T6's that pop to up your percentage while remembering...
    T5 + T6 = same max chance (36%) of a T7 as 2 x T6's.
    But. Nothing. Is. Ever. 100%.
    Expect failure and a long haul but the T8 coursers will come. With time. I fail way more (it seems) than succeed but after months of persistance have three T8 coursers poised for the patch.
    Best of luck.
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  8. Safka added a post in a topic Rank one house's are P2W   

    Hunt around for a property in town with a rank score you can beat with in-game items (the painting set alone is worth @8500pts) if all you're interested in are the investment banks.  I'm sure you'll find one. Monopoly trade crate locations are more of a battle with the pearlers, I grant you.
    Also - as a possible hint - try and find a point score to beat that lacks event decorations; this might indicate the top-ranked player is no longer active.
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  9. Safka added a post in a topic Coherent UI   

    And unacceptable.
    Dirty, lazy and inept coding. If a process is no longer needed, code it closed to allow future use. If a process is required at all times, code it within the main program shell and not as a 3rd-party applet.
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  10. Safka added a post in a topic Coherent UI   

    Sometimes, Coherent, he go cwazy.
    The only Coherent instance I can control is the map. By which I mean, open/close the dice game, the instance remains... open/close the map, the instance closes.

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  11. Safka added a post in a topic Coherent UI   

    Yep. It runs the UI and the popout dice game stuff (etc) in particular. Resource-hungry and I'm not sure if it governs the market UI so am loathe to limit the cores.
    On the plus side, you can mute it if dice-rolling SFX make your teeth itch.
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  12. Safka added a post in a topic Holloween: can we please not do that again?   

    I guess it depends what our overlords determine the point and purpose of a seasonal event is. Halloween was more a cash-shop event than anything fun or even rewarding. Roll on Christmas.
    As with most rewards, enchantment results or compensation offered in this game, wholly reliant on RNG. It is what it is.
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  13. Safka added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

    Red Nose Armour... on each character across three servers.
    Oh how I laughed.
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  14. Safka added a post in a topic Life skills resetted to 0, warehouse slots given from value pack reduced from 16 to 8   

    Here too. Super.
    EDIT: Display issue? I just did a little processing and went to Beginner 3. Ranks show others doing the same.
    Also... workers can't be recovered with beer that's clearly in the inventory.
    Market and font problems maybe a display issue... but... well hey, what do I know?
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  15. Safka added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Coherent UI
    What's this new process used for in BDO, why do we now have it and why only 32-bit?
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