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  1. Keldorn added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Can someone give me a update? Is Heilang buffed?
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  2. Keldorn added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    It lowers the max amount of items offered by Trade managers by 25% every 5m traded.
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  3. Keldorn added a post in a topic Power level trade (help)   

    This again. Oh boy.
    Things you have to know:
    - magnate debuff is (almost) gone. It only counts for Valencia and Port Ratt items
    - every item traded under 500m distance gets a xp penalty (1/3 less xp is reported by players)
    - there are two different xp mechanics, one for "NPC" items and one for "crafted" items
    - for "NPC" items distance doesn't matter only quantity (this is the mechanic explained in the Ticket)
    - for "crafted" items distance is absolutely imported. Base xp is modified by distance xp (base xp * (distance/100))
    pre 500m/Magnate nerf, Calpheon rout was the best xp for active traders. Maybe its worth it again since the last patch. Its easy to calculate: 175 Items traded every 15 min -33% =  112 items/15min. Atm i don't know any other rout wither higher trades/min that is over 500m.
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  4. Keldorn added a post in a topic KR patch note for April 27   

    Google translate replaced by LuckyFennec's translation.
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  5. Keldorn added a post in a topic Pvp Damage after 2/27 patch   

    2/27? 4/27 maybe.
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  6. Keldorn added a topic in General   

    KR patch note for April 27
    Google translate replaced by LuckyFennec's translation
    Lulufi's 14-day World Tour event begins.
    - Period: April 27 (Thursday) after maintenance - 24:00 (midnight) May 10 (Wednesday)
    - Travel daily to acquire items, knowledge and energy!
    Event guide
    May's Golden Holiday Celebration Hot Time begins.
    - Period: April 27 (Thursday) 4pm - June 1 (Thursday) before maintenance.
    - Increased combat & skill EXP gain throughout the month! Blackstone and shard drop rates increased on the weekend!
    Event guide
    Warm Spring, Lauren's Family Gift Box event begins.
    - Period: April 28 (Friday) 00:00 midnight - May 11 (Thursday) before maintenance.
    - Collect Lauren Family Coins and exchange them for rare items obtained from Lauren's Family Gift Boxes. PC cafe users receive double coins!
    Event guide
    Welcome the New Moon! Pearl Shop Special Sales Part 2 has begun.
    - Period: Event details are constantly changing, please refer to the event page.
    - Bag and weight, as well as various other discounts! Lasts until the end of the long holiday period! Do not miss out~
    Event guide
    PvP Test Server entry requirement changes.
    - From 8pm April 29 (Saturday) to 8am May 4 (Thursday), guild members who participated in Node Wars from April 23 (Sunday) to April 28 (Friday), and guild members that participated in Conquest Siege on April 29 (Saturday) are allowed to connect to the PvP Test Server.
    - From 8pm May 6 (Saturday) to maintenance on May 11 (Thursday), guild members who participated in Node Wars from April 30 (Sunday) to May 5 (Friday), and guild members that participated in Conquest Siege on May 6 (Saturday) are allowed to connect to the PvP Test Server.
    - However, only guild members that are in eligible guilds are allowed to enter the test server.
    Fixed unnatural phenomenon that occurs when the following characters are sitting while planting crops in farms:
    - Ninja, Kunoichi, Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, Berzerker, Valkyrie, Wizard, Witch.
    Improved the graphics of the Atanis costume on Berzerker, Warrior, and Musa to look more natural.
    Improved helmet dye portion to look more natural when applying dye to the Serendian Soldier Suit.
    Fixed issue of overlapping equipment when wearing Serendian Formal Suit.
    Fixed issue with a different skill icon for Dragon Bite being displayed in the skill guide window.[Witch & Wizard]
    Fixed issue where Super Armor and Forward Guard effects were not being applied.
    Summoned minions no longer follow you around when using Emergency Evasion.
    Keeper Gorr/Marg's movement has been improved to be more natural.
    Fixed issue with summoned minion disappearing when using Bolide of Destruction.
    Robert Boxer Briefs underwear graphics have been improved to look more natural when selecting the 7th (young face) face type.[Striker]
    Fixed issue with Fighting Spirit WP drain effect applying after unequipping your mainhand weapon.
    Fixed issue with mainhand and offhand weapon durability being rapidly consumed.
    Fixed issue with Stamina not being consumed after performing certain actions after the Crouching Wolf skill.
    Fixed issue with backwards avoidance not being performed when there are no targets after 1 or 2 strikes of Arang Feast skill.
    Fixed spelling in the phrase describing the Bound portion of the Flow: Landslide skill
    - (just a correction of the Korean spelling for the word 'chopping').
    Changed pushback effect to not apply when using Strong Fist skill on horseback.
    Fixed issue with damage not being reduced when using Geumgang (Shoulder Barge) skill on cooldown while on horseback.
    Improved the speed of linking into the next skill after using the Black Spirit's Rage version of Arang Feast.
    Pushback distance is adjusted depending on the target's location when using Wolf Fang (Hadouken).
    Taebaek Kicks damage has been increased:
    (Skill Level: Before change (left, right, low kicks / energy gather kick) --> After change (left, right, low kicks / energy gather kick)
    - Level I: 146% / 197% --> 175% / 236%
    - Level II: 219% / 295% --> 262% / 353%
    - Level III: 292% / 394% --> 350% / 472%
    An unnecessary phrase has been removed from the lead ingot's description.
    Weapon Reform Stones can now be used on Striker mainhand and offhand weapons.
    Time-limited items can no longer be placed inside Morco's Gear Bag or Patrigio's Costume Bag.
    New accessory 'Valtarra's Hidden Light Belt' has been added.
    - Basic stats: AP +5
    - Increase by AP 3, max HP 25 on successful enhancement.
    No longer allowed to enter Red Battlefield, Free Duel Arena, or Arena of Arsha when carrying trade packs.
    Minimum starting number of participants for Red Battlefield has been changed to 10.
    Sorceress's Fragments of Darkness and Striker's Fighting Spirit Shards will now reset when entering Arena of Arsha.
    Remove From Team function has been added to Arena of Arsha.
    - During Team Matches, teams A & B can remove team members from the group menu.
    - During Survival Matches, it is possible to remove a person by right-clicking on them.
    Character health percentages will now display on the results screen for Survival and Team Matches.
    You can no longer use horse whistles in the Free Duel Arena.
    You can no longer open your mount's bag in the Free Duel Arena.
    Added +100% fall damage reduction (6 seconds) buff when landing or colliding with terrain features when using the Aduahnott's Wings of the Wind or Wings of Liberty skills.
    - At the time of landing or terrain collision, the previously applied fall damage reduction +100% (30 seconds) buff will disappear.
    Fixed abnormal damage being applied to sea monsters and ships from the Ram skill used on Galleys and Epheria Sailboats.
    When encountering Margoria Phantom Ships, you are now able to enter cannons when your ship is halted after a short period of time.
    Some of Kzarka, Lord of Corruption's attacks have changed, and a new wide area attack has been added.
    The number of Blackstone (Armor) that drops from Kzarka, Lord of Corruption has been increased.
    Quint's skin no longer turns to stone when returning back to its original location after moving too far from it and getting stuck.
    Ogre King Muraka and Primal Troll Quint have been changed to immediately spawn after the world message announcing their arrival appears.
    Watcher Offin Tett's attacks have been changed to hit up to 50 people.
    Added 'World Boss Monster' nametag above Karanda's head.
    Boss monster icon has been added to the minimap when Karanda spawns.
    Blue Whale's movement has been improved to look more natural.
    Blue Whale's health has been upgraded; improvements made so that hitting the whale has been made easier.
    Blackstone (Armor) drop chance has been increased when gathering from a Blue Whale's carcass.
    New hunting monsters, Giant Fox and Giant Wolf, have been added to the Balenos Mountains to the east of Epheria Port.
    - When the Giant Wolf's health falls below a certain threshold, it will summon a pack of wolves.
    Giant Boar hunting monsters will no longer attack players first.
    Giant Brown Bear hunting monster will now attack if it is shot at or if the player approaches too close to it.
    [Quests, Knowledge]
    Weekly special quest has been added 'Valtarra: Higher Book of Training'
    - You can proceed with this quest after having completed '[Training Quest] Valtarra - Relic of Ruins' and are level 58 or higher.
    - Speak to NPC Milford after completing the quest '[Training Quest] Valtarra - Towards a Higher Place' to acquire the 'Valtarra: Higher Book of Training' item.
    - When you reach the designated location, use the 'Valtarra: Higher Book of Training' item to begin.
    - The 'Valtarra: Higher Book of Training' item can only be used in a party with a minimum of 2 people.
    - Monsters that spawn at the Higher Altar of Training are very powerful. We recommend gathering a party to meet this challenge.
    Altar of Training game guide
    Altar of Training quests have been added to the repeatable quest recommendation list (O).
    New daily quest has been added to Kafauk Guard Post in Kamasylvia.
    - [Repeat] Longing for Old Friends
    - Quest can be accepted by level 58 or higher characters by speaking to horse stable manager Moriel at Kafauk Guard Post.
    New Hunting daily quests have been added.
    - [Daily] Easy Prey
    - [Daily] Reckless Guy
    - Quests can be accepted by level 30 or higher characters by speaking to Chef David Finto in Velia.
    - [Daily] Hunter's Honor
    - Quest can be accepted by level 50 or higher characters by speaking to Chef David Finto in Velia.
    New quests have been added to Altinova's bar/pub.
    - You can accept these new quests by purchasing them from a new NPC, Datu Barudatu.
    - By increasing your amity with Datu Barudatu, you can purchase higher ranked quests from him.
    - Higher ranked quests have increased requirements, but will net higher rewards too.
    Great Desert Adventure Journal III knowledge group can be completed by acquiring 9 subjects in this category; maximum Energy gained by this group has been changed to 1.
    Fixed issue with knowledge acquisition buttons not displaying required energy cost.
    When energy is insufficient, knowledge acquisition buttons have been changed to be inactive.
    Added a phrase to UI Edit mode specifying that the skill guide window will only display in a battle area.
    Fixed issue with chat windows moving to unintended positions when saving UI Edit mode settings after completing the tutorial.
    UI elements are initialized correctly after completing the tutorial.
    Camera-related UI elements are now removed when taking screenshots after removing all UI elements using the Ctrl + U function.
    Fixed an issue where you were unable to proceed with gameplay after being attacked while talking to an NPC while in Hide UI mode.
    Added the ability to view the horse market from the world map.
    - Clicking on the horse market button will allow you to view the list of registered horses.
    - However, you are unable to purchase or receive payments from sold horses when viewing the market via the world map.
    Added the ability to switch between chat windows tabs using an assigned shortcut key.
    - If multiple chat window tabs are overlaid on top of each other, you can switch tabs using this shortcut key.
    - The default tab switching key is set to Page Up/Page Down; this can be changed in the game settings under UI Shortcuts.
    Added a setting to display timestamps in chat window settings.
    - Checking this setting will display timestamps in all chat windows.
    Adjustable Effects Transparency setting has been added to the game settings under My Screen Items.
    Adjustable Combat Screen Intensive Effects setting has been added to the game settings under My Screen Items.
    - This controls the instant flashes and colour effects during battle. This can reduce eye fatigue when set to Low.
    Striker's striking sounds can longer be heard from far away.
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  7. Keldorn added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    BJ was buffed from -4% to 4%
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  8. Keldorn added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer changes 26 April
    Not in Patch Notes
    - Spinner is back to 90% crit chance
    - new icon for Spinner and LBD
    - Ultimate Echo is in
    - LBD acc change from 15% to 5%
    Patch Notes
    Attack Range of the skill Flurry of Kicks will now be properly applied.
    Targets attacked by Heilang will not be inflicted with Stiffness during the cooldown time of the skill Heilang: Void Lightning.  
    Descriptions for the following skills have been edited. (Only the descriptions have changed and skill effects remain the same).
    Ultimate: Shadow Eruption: Information about Air Smash has been deleted.
    Heilang: Scratch: If used during cooldown → If used during cooldown or while riding Heilang.
    Celestial Bo Staff Training: Forward Attack total X4 times → Forward Attack total X5 times.
    Deleted  the text of 'Heilang will use its skills aggressively' in the descriptions of Whiplash, Heilang: Upward Claw, and Heilang: Lightning of Earth.
    PVE damages for the skills Allround Spinner I ~ III have been increased.

    Description of the skill Whiplash III has been edited.
    Whiplash X3 times →Whiplash X4 times
    Deleted the text of ‘Attack range increase depending on skill level’ in the description of the skill Void Lightning.
    Actual range of the skill remains the same as before.
    Echo Pierce has been improved.
    Calculations of the damage has been changed which modifies the damage stats in the skill description.
    The calculation of the damage being applied has been changed, causing the damage stats in the skill description to be changed as well.
    The skill’s stats have been reduced but due to changes in the calculations, actual PVE damage has been increased and PVP damage remains the same.
    Added the text ‘Spins the target upon hit (not in PVP)’ in the skill’s description.
    Ultimate: Shadow Eruption has been added. (Upon learning Ultimate: Shadow Eruption, damage of Shadow Eruption will be focused in the front.)
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  9. Keldorn added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    Skill description is different to KR.  Ult echo = 6x 540%

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  10. Keldorn added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    from Dulfy:
    strong hind for irrelevant theory.
    Posted image is wrong, Tamer is lower on the chart

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  11. Keldorn added a post in a topic LvL 56 Tamer PvE grinding rotation   

    My Basic combo:
    B/J -> Echo -> Turtle -> Intimidation (lvl57)
    Always aim for the biggest mob in the pack with B/J and Echo. Small stuff die from Turtle -> Intimidation  alone.
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  12. Keldorn added a topic in General   

    new Party XP Chart
    Last night PA released a new LFG Tool and this documentation.

    I dont think we have this xp number here. I relay like this because solo farming for xp is not the best method anymore.
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  13. Keldorn added a post in a topic KR patch notes (google translate) dd 06.04.2017   

    a better version of the patch notes : https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/1509/black-desert-online-kr-patch-note-apr-6th-2017
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  14. Keldorn added a post in a topic Unbalanced PVE.   

    Double pull is still Tamer exclusive. Wizz/witch can aggro more with ground ae but its not the same.
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  15. Keldorn added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Yaha absolutely! Everybody know that Tamer is so fk OP, we can switch skills!
    We should start with class passives first.
    Next passive skill line:
    Awakening buff:
    And next time we switch Wiz and Knuno skills
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