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  1. GM_Cairag added a topic in News & Announcements   

    Customer Support and You
    Thank you for contacting Customer Support and for your interest in Black Desert Online."...
    Many of you have seen this message, or one just like it, in reply to your support ticket. This message may sound automated, or impersonal, but it carries the greetings, and the sincere thanks of a living, breathing person, who wants to help you with your problems, whether they be Gameplay related, or any one of a thousand other reasons you need to contact Customer Support for. Some of you have had to wait hours, to see this message, while others have waited days. It is for this reason that we, the Black Desert Customer Support Team, have chosen to share some information with you, to help explain the silence, or what may seem to you like uncaring, customer support.
    My name is GM Cairag, and I am only one of the people who makes up the Community Support Team. Like most of you, I am an avid gamer, and I am very passionate about Black Desert Online, both from a personal and professional standpoint. It is my hope that I can turn that passion into a way to better assist you, the players, when you have questions, or concerns that bring you to Customer Support.
    When we first began the process of introducing Black Desert Online to the NA/EU market, we had high hopes for the game’s popularity, and its ability to draw players into a myriad of complex, creative and, sometimes, confusing content. Your interest in this game outpaced our wildest projections. Thank you, for sharing the passion and excitement that we all feel for Black Desert. We are glad you decided to join this game, this community, however, there are significantly more of you than there are of us. This means that, as thousands of tickets are pouring in every day, we are unable to keep up. We are trying our best to get to your ticket, to address and fix your problem because you are important to this community, and we want to help you.
    Even though it goes against everything we believe in as a Customer Support Team, we have had to utilize automated messages, and mass replies to get information to you. The issues during Early Access and Launch contributed heavily to this. Additionally, the issues players have been having with game access, payment failures, and refund requests have been getting a large portion of our attention.

    So, in the interest of full disclosure, here are some of the issues and concerns we feel the need to be addressed by our team, to make your gaming and support experience in Black Desert Online better:
    Frequent use of Automated Messages and Mass Replies
    Long Wait Times for Ticket Responses
    Unanswered Questions
    Lack of GM Exposure to the Community
    Many of you may be asking yourselves how are we going to address these issues, and whether our methods are going to make a difference in your personal experience. First, we are significantly increasing the size of our Customer Support Team. There will always be significantly more of you, than there will be of us, but more GMs mean more people to answer your questions, and help to solve your problems, so we can get you back in game, doing what you love. We also plan to expand our Helpdesk Articles. As many of you may have noticed, some are a little outdated. It is our intention to remove outdated, or inaccurate information, and replace it with more helpful, informative content, so that you can get the answers you need without waiting on a response directly from us.
    Those of you who are waiting for us to process requests, or investigate an issue further, or even review our internal policies, we have not forgotten you. You have not gotten lost in the system. We are here. All of the problems we face can be solved, and we will have answers for your unanswerable questions. Please just be patient with us a little bit longer, these changes will take time. Give us the chance to make your experience with Customer Support a better one.

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