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  1. F0X added a post in a topic is this normal? 59failstacks at +13 yuria   

    you haven't failed enough fail harder for longer.
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  2. F0X added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    How many times has this thread been made?
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  3. F0X added a post in a topic Which MMORPG publisher you would never recommend to someone based on your personal experience?   

    just remember with mmos....
    The only and main pro tip:
    Master Card means master power, work on leveling up your availability credit line level and your game play will be priceless.
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  4. F0X added a post in a topic where is everyone?   

    They're all chilling in my in game house party.... Sorry you didn't make the list to get the invite. =(  
    Maybe next time?
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  5. F0X added a post in a topic Which MMORPG publisher you would never recommend to someone based on your personal experience?   

    I approve and concurre with this message to its fulliest.
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  6. F0X added a post in a topic Trump or Hillary heres how to decide!!   

    worst logic ever.....
    I might on board for a portion of it tho.
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  7. F0X added a post in a topic Thoughts on a server merge? (Croxus-EU)   

    Merge NA and EU servers that would be really interesting!
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  8. F0X added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    I did research this about a week ago forgot some of the details to be honest I just cared about the what was the outcome opposed to what was happening.... but no were in my post did I talk about making fraud magically not fraud.... so yah don't really know where you pulled that from especially on an example you quoted from my post of false advertising not fraud.  Serious starting to think that word is just being thrown around this forum really loosly at this point.  Have fun with what ever your thinking feeling doing I frankly don't care. =) 
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  9. F0X added a post in a topic Does KaKao Gaming LISTEN to the players?   

    opposites attract.... this dosent work it we were legit all the same it would be a better argument 
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  10. F0X added a post in a topic Does KaKao Gaming LISTEN to the players?   

    They listen, then do what they are going to do anyways lol.  There really only a few options here.
    What the player wants 
    What the game maker wants
    The way it's gonna happen anyway.

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  11. F0X added a post in a topic Pre-Order Limit   

    I would say no, but I voted other because I feel that ever pre order should have a higher payout cost than every single standard purchase of items on the AH.  The more items you have under preorder the higher the percentage you should have to pay the player that put the item there, for each item you are preordering. This percentage shouldn't lower till all your preorder are settled or canceled.  So basicly if you pre order item A B C there'd a x% now pre order D is higher X% with a addition % added to pre orders A to C items.  Now let's say  B and C is purchased, the % on A and D aren't lowered unless they are cancelled or purchazed but if you want to add more pre orders you'll get one at standard cost then another one that would raise the percentages to simular to your left A and D and if you added another They All go up and so on so on.
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  12. F0X added a post in a topic i have never eveeeeeer seen that much toxicity   

    you called?
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  13. F0X added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    This even though I will not be issuing a charge back this is the extent of the whole "consumer being always right" notion.  
    The real fact of the matter is if enough consumers did charge back the company will end up labeled as fraud itself, and be forced to pay all the consumers that purchased the product a fair settlement issued by a judge.  Proof of this is just look a nvidia s resevent settlement with faulsly advertising the gtx 970 as a 4gb ddr5.  All consumers that purchased a gtx 970 are now entitled I think it was 30 dollars or so back for it. Reguardless of the fact that it did actually have 4 gbs of ddr5 but only 3.5 was accessible because the other .5 was on a separate board and not as fast and other 4.0 cards are.  This company might be in the same position at the moment becaude they did bring it to NA/EU as a b2p model to avoid the things stated the consumers didn't want with the RU/JP/KR model reguardless of what the company's definition of p2w is, they did go against what they sold the game as.  I know games are expected to change over time, but if that was the case they shouldn't of made a b2p model which isn't something they did with any other model of the game in any other region.  That is where most of the consumer problems and liability is mostly coming from reguardless of how low or irrelevant someone thinks the price is.
    I personally don't care ethier way p2w or not, I'm not charging back but I can't sit here and deny the truth and the wrongs that where made.... Wether you argee with me or not, it should of been launched as f2p considering its most likely going to be soon anyway when all this blows over.
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  14. F0X added a post in a topic Daum, people seem to be voting with their feet.   

    I actually did as well 
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