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  1. Szergely added a post in a topic Major Stealth Nerf on Lightning Ultimate !!!   

    You can press 'Z' if you don't want to cast the ultimate and you get a buff instead.
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  2. Szergely added a post in a topic Mediah - Grunil   

    Not sure if it's bugged or hidden. According to bddatabase.net (cannot check ingame atm) it gives "all AP" which is not listed as such. Others mentioned as well that it's a hidden stat:
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  3. Szergely added a post in a topic Accuracy   

  4. Szergely added a post in a topic More mana usage? Did we get a nerf?   

    I have noticed that as well yesterday. It's more like 20% or even less per tick  It was ok before the patch.
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  5. Szergely added a post in a topic I'm quitting already.   

    What did you expect? Don't, stay please? Or yeah, you're right and I'm quitting too? Ppl enjoy playing this game won't give a shit.
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  6. Szergely added a post in a topic Special Deal Market - Party Loot   

    Either ordered or random looting.
    Dice roll did work for us except that you cannot see who rolled on which item. This system definitely needs some fix.
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  7. Szergely added a post in a topic Special Deal Market - Party Loot   

    We also had this issue, all the blackstones were sold before we could actually roll on them. Not using the loot bag since then.
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  8. Szergely added a post in a topic My shopping list....   

    My shopping list:
    - Frozen pizza for the night
    - Beer
    - Some chocolate to get fat
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  9. Szergely added a post in a topic Would you prefer a level cap? [Poll]   

    No. This is one of the things that makes the game unique.
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  10. Szergely added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    What will happen to those characters that are in the extra character slots after resetting the CP items?
    Also, am I affected by the reset? Server: Alustin, Family name: Szergely, Character name: Szergely
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  11. Szergely added a post in a topic Q: Would moving the installation to other drive work?   

    It works here as well.
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  12. Szergely added a post in a topic A better launch then most   

    Agreed. I expected server crashes, lag, overfarmed mobs everywhere, queues, etc. And got none of them fortunately, even questing is pretty smooth keeping in mind that it's a headstart of an mmo. Surely, the delay in the CP items delivery was a bit annoying, but thats all. As for the ppl on NA servers however, I can feel their pain. Still, I think Daum does a great job with this game, regardless the problems on headstart and I feel bad for them as they don't deserve the flame they are getting here.
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  13. Szergely added a post in a topic Gapa's Need To Know The Basic   

    Thanks for the great guide, very useful. The target shooting at 17:23 is hilarious!  
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  14. Szergely added a post in a topic Is it true we lose xp when we die?   

    And you realize this right before headstart begins? Not sure if trolling or just stupid...
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  15. Szergely added a post in a topic Why BDO will unfournately go to F2P within a year   

    Well, if the game goes f2p bebause of the cash shop and ppl who bought the game stop playing it then nothing will change at all. Being f2p won't take back the old costumers and the new ones will be those who wanted to play the game for free anyways. Meaning they aren't the real costumers.
    There is one point at the game might turn into f2p however. It's when the dye subscription is introduced to our version as well. Tho I really hope it won't happen.
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