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  1. Collusion added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    KR node war changes to prevent territory guilds from fighting in nodes when?
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  2. Collusion added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    The real issue here is that pirates were significantly nerfed in the NA version as a catch-up mechanic.  This leads to the island being significantly more rewarding than other areas, and thus more players are drawn to it from varying levels and gear progression.  I feel this buff is no longer needed, and should return to same level of challenge provided in KR.
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  3. Collusion added a post in a topic Above and beyond   

    I really wish they'd un-nerf pirates on NA.  It's not needed anymore.  One of the places in the game to get experience and it's riddled with people that could be at one of several other places.
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  4. Collusion added a post in a topic Sunday node wars calph 1 shut down   

    Looks like we're already built for Sunday!  Hey MoonCake, your arch nemesis is also built on this node.  You might want to throw down!  Anyone at war with Nqpz:  Want to make friends?
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  5. Collusion added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    Glad I'm already done. 
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  6. Collusion added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    Since most people are concerned about the Dark Knight awakening, I will represent the people seeking Kamasilvia.  And on that note...
    Kamasilvia when? 
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  7. Collusion added a post in a topic Channel Closed mid Node war =(   

    Why is every channel crowded suddenly?  Is DK really that good that it crowds all channels?  Did Kakao downsize?
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  8. Collusion added a post in a topic Help on Gear Please   

    Your upgrades should be based on your needs for whatever content you're currently on.  Do you feel like you're clearing mobs fast enough for your current content?  If so, great, try getting your grunil pieces upgraded to duo to get more survivability.  If not, your belt and earring still aren't pri, so that would be the next logical upgrade.  I wouldn't invest too much more in your staff/godr.  I'd much rather see you get upgraded to a blue awakening weapon first.
    I'm a big believer in upgrading in steps.  Some people will  get the green awakening weapon and insist on waiting for a Dandelion.  At some point they might get one, and then they can't afford to upgrade it.  You're much better off getting what you can afford, upgrading it, farming, upgrading again, repeat.
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  9. Collusion added a post in a topic Summon Keeper combo?   

    Yes, the same shortcut you use to summon it.  This must be a shortcut on your toolbar rather than the key combo.
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  10. Collusion added a post in a topic What should I Tet?   

    The scaling for DP on all boss pieces is the same, +5 DP, once you get to TET.
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  11. Collusion added a post in a topic <Support> Open Recruitment. Looking for Competent Players for Node Wars | Teamspeak | Discord | 161+ AP without offhand | Lvl 58+   

    Rage and Support are just two different guilds and like to do things two different ways.  It's nothing to have a pity-party about.  When I first heard about the merger I was under the impression that we had a lot in common when we really didn't.  Our mind-sets, philosophies, organization and age brackets are completely different. 
    He's a very good player, but losing someone like that isn't a reason to give up on a guild.  If you're building a guild to just have the best of the best players you're going to have a bad day unless you're already at the top of the food chain.  Like I tell everyone else, I'd rather see someone leave a guild and go somewhere else than quit the game entirely.  The content in the game is too stale to just play for the game -- your ability to keep playing the game has more to do with the people you're playing with.
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  12. Collusion added a post in a topic [Olvia] Selling my body to a guild.   

    You won't be viable in PVP until you are awakened regardless.  Getting up to 58 or 59 should be a bare minimum goal for skill points alone.  All this being said, I suggest finding a class you really enjoy playing and focus  your time in working on that.  Good luck.
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  13. Collusion added a post in a topic Relevant Recruiting! T1-3 node war guild now!   

    I agree with you on this one.  That Flex group is kind of a wildcard.
    Things will likely change though if we get the same one-territory-per-guild mechanics that Korea has.  I believe there are also incentives for holding your territory, so it's not like Guild A is going off to attack Guild B when there is greater financial incentive for them to stay where they are.
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  14. Collusion added a post in a topic Relevant Recruiting! T1-3 node war guild now!   

    Weren't the rules changed in Korea to prevent guilds from owning more than one territory?  If so, I don't understand what they get out of it (long-term at least).  Then again I've always been more biased towards smaller, more stable groups rather than larger zergy ones with higher turnover.  Not saying smaller is better; it's just my preference.
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  15. Collusion added a post in a topic Relevant Recruiting! T1-3 node war guild now!   

    This is true too, I suppose.  It all depends on what you're looking to get out of the game.  For many it appears as if they get their jollies out of vicious cycles.
    I don't think this game is good enough, nor provides enough end-game content to jump into something like that though.  I think a lot of people are just sticking around until something better comes out.  Perhaps these vicious cycles is how they get more flavor out of the game until that time comes. 
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