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  1. Artorias added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Was the Skill Ceiling in Tera so high, that caused all this peoples traumatic nightmares to the point you created your own illusion that the game doesn't exist ?
    Seriously, Out of so many strong contenders to Black Desert, the best you have brought to the table was a 10+ y/o tab targeting game, and another with terrible combat ..
    Let's ignore the first True Action game that game way back in 2012, 
    Remained in Top 5 Most profitable MMORPG in the World from 2012, up to 2015.
    The most Skill Based Combat controlling both PvE/PvP.
    The most Fair business Model i have ever seen in 12+ years of playing MMO - Speaking of Na version.
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  2. Artorias added a post in a topic What feature in other games would you like to see in this one?   

    High Risk/High Reward Gameplay, outside The RNG Realm.Blade & Soul Enhancement System, Effort = Reward.Improved Ranged Combat Mechanics.Engaging Active Gameplay with Higher Rewards compared to Afk Activities.A Game is meant to be Played.
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  3. Artorias added a topic in Art & Media   

    Help Finding a Dark Knight Preset.
    I've been trying in the last couple of days to find, a specific Dark Knight template, and since this thread exist, you can conclude my efforts weren't very successful in achieving their objective.
    Below are the pictures of the Preset that i am looking for : 

    If you have this Preset, and feel comfortable enough to share it, then please do so on either this Thread or through a Personal Message.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Have a good day!

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  4. Artorias added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    I don't understand ..
    How you peoples can still have the dignity, to show up on this forums still and advertise your videos ?
    Remember this ?
    It was made on 04 August 2016, The Patch in discussion only went live on 10 August, yet your Bandwagons of "Peons" decided : it's completely acceptable to produce as much Bad Publicity about the game as possible, and kill it before the changes even hit, and then proceeded to continue talking trash about this game even after the patch date, on every Top Ranking Games list of 2016.
    It's beyond my intellectual powers to locate the reasons, to why the "Youtube Bandwagon" weren't Banned on sight, the moment they decided to crawl back shamelessly .. Are this rules just for decorations ?
    The fact those videos, are still uploaded to this day, speak volumes of what kind of "Content" is produced on this Channels.
    In case you didn't figure it out yet : Disliked.
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  5. Artorias added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    Also, your invited to check out few titles from Aeria Games basket, would help curing this "p2w" disease instantly .. Any title will do the job just fine.
    My pick will be Shaiya ... It's like SAO, but instead of vanishing when you die, you will simply re-spawn safely if you open that wallet, keeping it open will easily rise your character rank in PvP from a "Weasel", up to "Kzarka".
    While i can't guarantee the success of the suggested therapy, i am sure it will greatly help getting that broken P2W meter fixed!
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  6. Artorias added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    The Op is requesting a dedicated Channel for Life Skill, the idea is different from the usual "PvE Channels" Topics, except it similar effect where it limit the targets number for "PvP" players.
    Judging from Node Wars, it's completely possible to "turn off" monsters around the world = Removal of toxic competition around grind spots, leaving only the games resources for Life Skillers.
    I don't mind this idea, and i think it's completely possible to make it happen.
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  7. Artorias added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    In that Order :
    Red Coral Earing.2 Crone Stones.  2 Crone Stones.  5 Crone Stones.  Ancient Weapon Core.Red Coral Earing.
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  8. Artorias added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    Going to disagree with both statements for the following reasons : 
    Computer RNG isn't "Random" : Steve Ward (computer scientist) - "One thing that traditional computer systems aren’t good at is coin flipping. They’re deterministic, On a completely deterministic machine you can’t generate anything you could really call a random sequence of numbers because the machine is following the same algorithm to generate them."
    Which translate to, the "Random" generated numbers follow a Pattern, regardless how complex the pattern can be made, there is no denying that it exist, which logically present a chance for it to be manipulated and used to destroy what ever "Balance" was supposed to be created.
    Equality over time :The previous point would destroy this concept, but let's focus on a different key word :
    Time - inside a perfectly randomized environment, it still quite hard to create "Equality", the distribution lucky/unlucky rolls for 2 independents Targets, will be different based on time spent = just like it's possible to have several successive lucky hits in a short period of time, it's also possible to gain minimal lucky hits for a long period of time,  and in this case it's highly Dependant whether both Targets will continue going through this environment or not = a Full Time cycle to balance the gains, will rarely happen.
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  9. Artorias added a post in a topic Completing Black Desert online- EP1   

    This is a Large task to achieve, 
    - Feedback : I think the video title isn't an accurate description of the content, and it could miss those searching for similar guides. Also, since this is going to be a very long series, maybe you could add to the title what part of knowledge each video is covering.
    Examples :
    Progressive Black Desert Knowledge Guide - Episode 1 : People of Eastern Balenos.Black Desert - Knowledge Mastery Series - Episode 1 : People of Eastern Balenos . (#BladeBoques)Best of Luck!
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  10. Artorias added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    This was also my impression, 
    I honestly don't believe that Black Desert in it Current state is a finished product, it "High" moments are mostly RNG related, many of it activities are simple time sinks, the game give a high vibe that it was made around Afk activities and time management.
    The game active mode isn't really as engaging as it should be, but there is definitely rooms for improvements, as long as it doesn't exceed players patience. 
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  11. Artorias added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    That Question should be addressed to Steam, admittedly it was my mistake to not pay attention and take notice.
    This irrelevant point has no impact on the main Tera's health discussion, that you have yet to prove it "Declining" nature.
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  12. Artorias added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    No wonder you can't get it, logic simply doesn't work that way : you are comparing Launch numbers vs The last 30 days, on top of a side bonus population that is on the very Restricted Steam, and then making conclusion about the game population ..
    The Steam data i provided about the game is from the Start up to last month, yet you keep ignoring the long horizontal line that is screaming stability, and choosed to focus on the Steam launch numbers instead.
    The ~39k is the number i was given by Steam when Comparing it Graph Data with Tera, feel free to check it out to secure your thoughts about it : 

    I have no interest in Elder Scroll, and Lying is simply isn't my way of argument.
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  13. Artorias added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    Feel free to repeats your blatant lies about the game as much as you can, the Steam numbers i showed are still on my side.
    You keep bringing this FF XIV and ESO argument, and conveniently ignoring a Major factor :
    The Steam numbers from both Final Fantasy & Elder Scrolls are based on their Mega servers, that include both Europe and North America region together ( doubtfully* in case of FF XIV JP servers as well), while in the case of Tera the pity numbers you insist on looking at are from 1 Single region with Very strong restricted access.
    Logically speaking, both FF Realm Reborn & Elder Scrolls on Steam have more access in comparison to Tera, and both also launched at earlier dates, there is nothing magical if their numbers are higher.

    I can see numbers aren't exactly your strongest point, so let me help you : 
    Looking at the Blue Graph of Elder Scrolls Online, the game started with an average of ~39k, now sitting at ~27k, your statement of "exceed their starting numbers" is as accurate as "Tera on the other hand has seen nothnig but a decline" which the green clearly prove it false with it Stability.
    Also, since you ignored my previous point of it Korean ranking, i am going to post it once again : 테라 = Tera is Ranked #11.
    Instead of your provocative style, mine is cold enough to present numbers, and take a step aside.
    I can see your trying hard enough to distract attention by bringing as much side discussions as possible, but you need to take it step by step, and so far your initial point of a "population decline" has been a total failure.
    Funny enough for you to ask someone for Sources when you based your entire "Tera dying" argument on Steam Data, which you know very well present a small fraction of the game Population, and conveniently forget to ask yourself on "Sources" about the Main population who doesn't touch Steam. 
    Just to Clarify the idea, Tera's-Na steam release wasn't a change of Platform or anything, it was simply a growth opportunities to open up new horizons for the game, offering extra advertisement, and allowing new options to the cash shop .. However it faced several obstacles later, and under the pressure of other publisher on different regions that doesn't have a steam version, the access to the Na version of Steam was heavily restricted after 1 Month (Release at 5th May - Restriction at 11th June 2015).
    As i mentioned on the first Post, Steam numbers were never a representation of the game population, but they are still good enough to refute baseless claims about the game.
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  14. Artorias added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    Are you really basing the "Declining" Argument around a comparison of an All-time peak Vs Every day peak ? By that logic every single MMORPG on market is "declining".
    Guess it's time to pick that coat again ..
    Oh, it's okey i actually admitted the Brawler Nerf came late, in comparison to the previous Classes, and already gave you credit for that point.
    It's you however who keep conveniently "forgetting" what number your going to pull next : 
    Also, i fail to see why would Black Desert have any rights to criticize other games Classes Balance ?
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