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Demon Hanzo

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  1. Demon Hanzo added a post in a topic Territory of Service   

    That's odd most of the population is in the European side so it makes no sense to have overlapping licences for both daum and gamenet.

    Discalimer: the border was drawn by me because. Do not use as official referance
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  2. Demon Hanzo added a post in a topic How much money would you willing to pay for a Founder's Pack?   

    It's reasonable to say 100$ is the absolute maximum.
    I don't think anything that is in-game would be fair to include, because it would give an unfair advantage and it would set a precedent for buy to win which could lead to some premium member nonsense.
    I think it should allow for early access because the people that are willing to pay early are the ones that are the most interested in the game and passionate about making it as good as possible with their feedback
    tl;dr : 100$ max ; no horses or housing or anything achieved by playing - just costumes & pets (1, 2 or 3 that you are free to choose from, depending on the range of prices) ; clients should dictate how the game should be done and if you are willing to pay now, others will be willing after release based on the feedback.
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  3. Demon Hanzo added a post in a topic OMG IP BLOCK CONFIRMED!!   

    Let's not get xenophobic guys   but as it was stated... russians will be blocked because they have their own servers and Daum doesn't want to compete with Gamenet and vice versa
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  4. Demon Hanzo added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

       It's safe to say that good PvE is needed and everybody can agree to that. As fas as I've seen and heard the western Alpha has better (more engaging) grinding, but lacks the juicy aspects of dungeons and raids.
       So until group pve is implemented we are free to dream and suggest ideas.
       I personally would love to see PvP and PvE intertwined: eg. The guild that holds Calpheon has exclusive rights to one special dungeon that only they and their allies can access. That would incentivise pve players to participate in GvG for their right to raid, and PvP players would enjoy their acquisition because they've earned it.
       In terms of technicalities, I wonder how the game could have open world dungeons, as that would imply anyone can enter so your group might find 3 more groups just clearing the dungeon as you walk in which will make it just another grind zone. Here compromising and making it instanced would be best but not the only solution. A cool idea would be to allow just 5 players at a time through specific pre-requisites and a door would open just for them... here it get's funny because you would get an actual literal queue for the entrance. This could be solved by having multiple entrances like 30 and just a random one opens at any given time so you have to find the opening first. Or a mirage oasis in the black desert which would be an entire dungeon that changes location randomly.
      These are some ideas, and dreams I would like to see taking shape in the game but I know it will take quite a while. What do you guys think?
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  5. Demon Hanzo added a post in a topic New Adventurer Introductory   

    Greeting everyone! I am so excited... can't wait for that download button to pop up
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