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  1. YellowFak added a post in a topic Save your energy for better things!   

    Wow, does this actually work? It's not like the amity minigame is that complicated but with this, things could be easier! Thanks for sharing!
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  2. YellowFak added a post in a topic Cash Shop Furniture?   

    That is awesome news! Thanks to you two! 
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  3. YellowFak added a post in a topic Cash Shop Furniture?   

    Ah, that is good to know, BUT... you make it sound like if I pick it up, its going to be unplaceable. No? Im thinking if I want to move it to another city/town.
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  4. YellowFak added a topic in General   

    Cash Shop Furniture?
    So I can see that cash shop furniture has durability. 
    The question is, can I keep furniture that has 0 durability just for visuals?
    Thanks in advance!
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  5. YellowFak added a post in a topic I LOVE THIS GAME Pt. 2   

    I've been focusing only on life skills lately and if I go out to fight wild monsters, I'm probably going to die because I forgot how to combat :P
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  6. YellowFak added a post in a topic EU channels with bad PING   

    Guys? Can you please tell us which channels are located in EU? I am speaking for all of us.
    I am in a EU guild, maining valencia j1 as our hub channel. Lately, some of us has been experiencing lag and dcing so maybe we should change.
    Thanks in advance!
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  7. YellowFak added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Stacking Critical?
    So I am wondering if anyone have tested +5 critical + Celestial Spear. I read somewhere that if you do this you will end up with 100% crit chance (80% from Celestial Spear and rest from stacking critical). 
    Anyone tried?
    I am in the process of forging my Yuria Longsword and Temptation(-2ap/+1crit/+1castspd) or Destruction(-0ap/+1castspd) and would like to come to a conclusion soon.
    Any insight on crystal recommendations to reach +5castspd/+5crit+ would be helpful as well.
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  8. YellowFak added a post in a topic So how bad is the PKing?   

    I died once asking for a party. Don' do that. Europeans are mean.
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  9. YellowFak added a post in a topic No Hunting in NA/EU?   

    There is also a daily left for Heidel, in that closed fence with cows in it. You know its the right npc if you can rent his matchlock, but keep in mind that he has 2 quests and the hunting one is his second one.
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  10. YellowFak added a post in a topic Blader - do you want it in the next patch?   

    Blader please! My friend is waiting for it and refuses to play. 
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  11. YellowFak added a post in a topic Black Spirit wont go away! ahhhhhhhhh   

    Relog? /reloadui? Click O to check quest log? Its hard to find out the problem here. Pics could help!
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  12. YellowFak added a post in a topic Black Spirit wont go away! ahhhhhhhhh   

    You have to live with the flashing icon or just accept his quests. Disabling his screen popup can be done under settings in "Game" tab.
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  13. YellowFak added a post in a topic Egg drop rates   

    Yes, I believe the drop rates are a bit low. I spent around 150 energy on gathering ores and I found 3 Star eggs. RNG
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  14. YellowFak added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

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  15. YellowFak added a post in a topic AFKing too valuable   

    Workers working offline +1! When it takes a over 1 hour for a blue worker to craft one box of sunflowers, it will take days to fill a wagon.
    The others, no. I think the energy system is fairly designed. If you do run out of energy, you just gotta do somehing else. Looking for love never gets old!
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