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  1. Ljungen added a post in a topic Valk shield against 190ap wizard.   

    I am sure you can see the balance issues if 1 class can stand and shield tank 15+ people.
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  2. Ljungen added a post in a topic Role of DK in node wars?   

    As it should be
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  3. Ljungen added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    2 RCE, 1 sharp, 1 hard bundle. Rest has been black stones
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  4. Ljungen added a post in a topic Event random boxes...anyone gotten the top item?   

    A guildie has gotten the alch stone from RNG box 
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  5. Ljungen added a post in a topic <Ruthless> (SWE) are reforming and recruiting!   

    Need moar zerkers and warriors (and everything else)!
    Come join the viking uproar!
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  6. Ljungen added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    Time spent to do scrolls and sell MF just isnt worth it. I keep my MF for myself 
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  7. Ljungen added a topic in European Guild   

    <Ruthless> (SWE) are reforming and recruiting!

    About us:
    Ruthless was founded June 30, 2010 as a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. In 2012 it was decided to reform Ruthless into a multi-game community for Swedish players.
    Today Ruthless Gaming Community consist of around 1 000 members that play many different games. Other than playing games together we have several contests, lotterys and IRL events within the community.
    Ruthless BDO:
    We are a Swedish guild that are transforming into a more Node war and PvP oriented state of mind. Our core members have played since head start with a vast knowledge of game mechanics and experience on how to get that silver rolling for gear upgrades. We do Node Wars, RBF, GvG and open world PvP. 
    We are now looking for PvP minded, Swedish players who want to join us in our journey in the Node Wars and Siege Wars scene.
    We have daily summons to Valencia City/Margoria for crate turn-ins.
    Guild buffs:
    We have all appropriate guild buffs for PvP along with several life skill buffs for easier way of life.
    Guild Rules:
    Attendance in Node Wars (Thur and Sun)
    No karma griefing
    PvP oriented
    Level 57+

    Mentor system:
    We also have a mentor system for friends/family of guildmembers that are either new to the game or returning players but share the guilds mindset. With the mentor system, an existing member can take a new recruit "under his/her wings" and vouche that the recruit will be able to reach guild requirements within 14 days.
    For more information, please contact the below in-game, in Discord or on our forum

    IGN: Dakeu, Discord: Ljungen#9806, forum: Ljungen
    IGN: Maesterchaefen, Discord: GuDeeN (Maesterchaefen)#6452
    IGN: Gunte, Discord: Gunte#9572

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  8. Ljungen added a post in a topic Anyone else thinkthe dk awakening is...   

    L58, 206 AP and I 2-shot pila ku jail mobs
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  9. Ljungen added a post in a topic Can i have a JOB IRL and be competitive at PVP on this game ?   

    Got a job, wife and kids. 
    Sitting at 218/220/278
    Have 59 valk, 58 tamer and 58 DK (soon 59)
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  10. Ljungen added a post in a topic What are your plans?   

    58.66 (tried to get to 59 but IRL...)PvPDandi box waiting in storageBashims/bandits to 59 then Pila kuYes, Valk is living life skill lifeGoing TET dandi on day 1 so stats would be 218/220/272 
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  11. Ljungen added a post in a topic [Poll] Kutum or Nouver?   

    I have both at TRI and pretty much only using kutum in both PvE and PvP
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  12. Ljungen added a post in a topic It is time. Mutant Ogre/Troll Kill Today! 4/7   

    Bring guild elephants:)
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  13. Ljungen added a post in a topic EU server rip again   

    Was ingame, chat stopped working, character change stopped working, all NPCs dissapeared and finally I had to kill the process to be able to close down the game.
    Now it´s stuck in channel selection
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  14. Ljungen added a post in a topic Insane RNG   

    and here I am, 17 fails in a row from PRI to DUO...
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