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  1. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Rage move needs a change   

    200% Buff with the 200% Red moon (With Wizard buff and max attack speed). Oh that is so fun to use.
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  2. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Black vs White Horn Bow.   

    Soo many people forget about the White Horn Warrior. I use (Only just now Ultied) WHWB and +11 Muskans boots, unless the other person is using an Acc offhand AND Bhegs gloves... You wanna touch me? Trolololol. If you do hit me, I will be in either super armour or I will be blocking (or dead as too much spam is bad for my health (looking at you Valks and your 100% hit rate skill)).

    The only issue I have found so far, is that I am lacking Acc (because I used up all my luck and have not received Bhegs yet). So it is hard to get kills (I still can get more AP just by upgrading weapon, just that I have not been grind cash for it much till recently).

    P.S. Also I am sure we already have the Evasion nerf patch (we have every other balance patch so far).
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  3. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic buff plum   

    All we can hope now is we don't get shafted in the Accuracy Rebalance and our dodge stays high (like it is now).
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  4. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic PSA: You can't use block at <25 stamina   

    Tank Plum reporting in.

    You cannot use block at <25% stamina (Even if you have a high amount (Read: 2000+)).
    You can however dash at 50 Stamina without fail. At least I never have issues with my dash at 5%. I currently run a stamina of 1800 and each dash consumes 3% of my total stamina.

    Since I have a high Stamina I never really noticed the inability to block (That Stamina regen yo) though. Thanks for the heads up.
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  5. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Resistance Cap at 60%   

    Nah. The real question is. Why would you sacrifice a lot of decent gem slots for 0% protection (in both events)...
    I can see the importance of CC wh**s that CC everything no matter what it is. But you cannot tank everything to 60% resists.


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  6. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Plum Tank, Best Tank.

    Pic with current gear.

    And the rest are when I get my next pay.
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  7. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic I've offered advice to Maehwas, Warriors, and now you Daum/PA. And Oh look, I'm right again.   

    If you make him die via Npcs by stunning them, they will lose XP and Gems. Whilst you lose little karma. As in people who want people to suffer can make the Greifer lose xp. Was doing it before this patch will keep doing it after.
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  8. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic 658 MB?   

    Well. There is a way to get a minor headstart via seeing the max and minimum price pop up for a bit, hit refresh and then collect your reward (nom nom nom. So easy to snipe loot this way)...
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  9. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Endurance from Zereth   

    The bar you get whilst Running/Dodging.
    Also seems like Block is also affected by it. I use a 3P Zereth atm (did use 2p Zereth and 2P Grunil till I got Muskans Boots Q.Q).
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  10. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic XL Mana Potions with Valencia?   

    Make Herbal Juice and Grain Juice. You should be forced to spend some time away from grinding your spot if you want to spam your abilties.
    Large Health potions need to go up in price a little. So do Large manas. Thus being effecent is key to making money and not just spamming skills that are semi broken to get instant cash.
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  11. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Maehwa Bow   

    CC mostly. However if you put points into Charged Stub Arrow: Evasion, you also get an Iframe (and another way to Instant Blooming).

    Wait, Wait. What! I can have a decent Iframe that can be canceled at will AND Instant Blooming? Yeah... Also it works because no one expects the bow to be used at point blank range... Another thing the bow is good for is when you are 1v2 and you need to lock an enemy in place whilst you kill off the other one, then swap targets once you kill one (keep stunning when stun runs off ).
    I feel a little bad for those that don't explore combos. CC is ok. I find that my Current ACC (+10 Liverto and 8ACC accessories) is not enough to CC 100% of the time, however it has secured so many open world PvP kills. Hey look it is a Sorc trying to run away to heal or hit my squishy. Click, Oh he is stunned. Squishy, Squish him for me (I play CC-Tank Plum).

    Side Note: I have no real issue with my Bows damage, granted a bit low, but it is meant for CC really. I do almost have all BOW skills unlocked Except for Grapple arrow (missing Evasive Shot III currently).
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  12. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Valencia is going to be a stompfest   

    Ok yes I got my boots in a single scroll (Lady Luck not RNGESUS). Thus not had to grind as much as most people.
    You can farm TreeSpirt scrolls and Muskans via certain areas. I can confirm however that Muskans scroll does indeed drop in our version.
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  13. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Rosar vs Yuria   

    The main reason why someone would use Rosar weapons is to have 99%-100% PvP CC penetration* on Musa/Maehwa (remember folks 60% is cap for resistances in PvP).

    Rosar: 10% ResPen
    PMA: 15% ResPen (Knockback/Stiffness only)
    M'C of Infin (Knockback or Stiffness one) x2: 10%
    Destruction Alc Stone: 10% (Maxed Yellow one, yeah I know it is a long goal, but sshhh)
    Valencian Special: +4% http://bddatabase.net/us/item/9610/ 
    = 59% ResPen on Knockback/Stiffness

    Also if we were to get the main weapon crystals where you can get: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15202/ 10% ResPen each....
    =79% ResPen Knockback/Stiffness (aka even if the cap did not exist it would still be pretty much over).

    (*Only on Certain CC's)
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  14. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Abandon the class before you invest too much, while you still can.   

    FK it, screw those that don't agree with me. I am staying as a Maehwa.
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  15. MGAMIKA added a post in a topic Server Maintenance EVER TO THE MORNING ???   

    Suck it up a little please. If these times hit anyone bad it is the Aussies (5/6pm-12am+). AKA a whole night of grinding disappears...
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