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  1. Berrymilk added a post in a topic Witch best PVE Class- PVE God right now? OP?   

    ^^ not really op just last to join the band wagon to see what power really like.it to soon to say if the class is op or not
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  2. Berrymilk added a topic in PVE   

    any people up for grinding together at garrison?
    hi guys just like the title i want to start a grind party at the garrison if anyone interested and don't want to travel alone ^^ 
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  3. Berrymilk added a post in a topic People Killing Witches and Wizards trying to stop them from getting Awakenings   

    Time to start making a hit"GANK" list to kill everyone when you get all geared out and skilled  snipe them all over the globe 
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  4. Berrymilk added a topic in General   

    witch silk corset doesn't show in world?
    i bought the witch underwear the silk corset yet it doesn't show my leggings in world it shows when i hit "J" and the market store but not in game itself,i dont want to run around nude just want my new sexy leggings showing :<


    bottom during character dye menu
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  5. Berrymilk added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

     try gifting my friends if you have nothing else worth wild. 
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  6. Berrymilk added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

     i should  join the band wagon

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  7. Berrymilk added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    Dear santa i would love a pair of silk corset underwear for my witch 

    server NA
    family name: yogurt
    IGN: MixBerry 

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  8. Berrymilk added a post in a topic HELP! black spirit enchanting quest   

    thank you i try it
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  9. Berrymilk added a topic in General   

    HELP! black spirit enchanting quest
    I been trying for the past 4 hours to get the enchanting quest where the black spirit allows me to enchant the dobart armor. I use to main beast tamer and decided that it not my style and went to witch due to it being a support class but I notice that I had to restart all MY quest. and the black spirit quest I ever done and the fact the spirit no longer big he tiny.
    i been trying all day and still haven't got the quest
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  10. Berrymilk added a topic in Suggestions   

    remove black sprite quest from alts
    remove black sprite quest from are alts but let it show the current sprite quest on are main alt to the new one when it hit a certain level seeing and repeating the spirit quest over again on one account is pretty annoying and i have like 4 alts and the black sprite is pretty dang annoying with the quest it like a must to do it.it be nice to remove partial of this quest 
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  11. Berrymilk added a topic in General   

    new halloween funiture bug
    i just purchases the new Halloween set and the furniture still saying  i haven't purchases it yet @PM_Jouska 
    vuv fix thanks!
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  12. Berrymilk added a post in a topic New favourite costume (When do we get this?)   

    RIP no decent costume Dx look like im just getting Halloween decoration 
    I'm a girl and playing tamer and actually hate the fairy costume  was expecting them to have grey fox
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  13. Berrymilk added a post in a topic Female Hairstyle Restrictions   

    i agree :< tamers lack more then any other class in this game no love 
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  14. Berrymilk added a post in a topic Why are Tamers so rare?   

    skills feel like there lacking and the summoning is a bit derp and un auto-path also tamer lack cosmetics until updates :>
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  15. Berrymilk added a topic in General   

    tamer as pumpkin fairy D: nooooo
    the costume for tamer so sad ;~; i want to reroll my class the only good costume they got is the maid outfit we dont even get the wolf outfit or the witch goat the witch doesn't even get the wolf or witch goat does anyone else feel left out of the Halloween sets? i have one question is the Halloween outfit the only item that will have bats appear from them when awaken 
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