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  1. ShadowCat added a post in a topic Move the Minimum PvP Lv to 50 for Mediah   

    It should always have been 50.
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  2. ShadowCat added a post in a topic The best PvP system (peace between Care Bears and PvP'ers)   

    This Carebear would be over the moon for this.
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  3. ShadowCat added a post in a topic So what's wrong with Pking?   

    Some people just don't enjoy PvP. Getting PK'd is a lot like having your computer reboot randomly while you are trying to play the game. It's an irrataing interuption. It's not fun for everyone. Some people just find the constant threat of it stressful not 'exciting'. 
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  4. ShadowCat added a post in a topic Suggestion regarding the PK system   

    Um, no. PKing is murder and putting an P2W way of avoiding penalties is bullshit.
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  5. ShadowCat added a topic in Suggestions   

    Want to stop complaints about PK AND unintentional Karma loss?
    1) Put timers on flagging and unflagging and REALLY unflagging (see point #2), that last for at least 5 mins if not 5 hours. Unflagging during combat is an exploit. 
    2) Allow people to UNFLAG for PvP. That would mean they aren't vulnerable to be PK'd, so they can go about their business. This would not apply if your guild was engaged in a war, a node war, or any other GvG activity. 
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  6. ShadowCat added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    No, no no.... call them sociopaths because that's what they are. 
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  7. ShadowCat added a post in a topic It has begun   

    Well people in the west are assholes. Just look at History and it's obvious. This was inevitable. Good thing I don't care about endgame and have a plan to keep my family safe.
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  8. ShadowCat added a post in a topic pve players can harass pvp players / we need proper flagging system   

    I've read through a lot of this. You know there were open world MMOs before instanced ones? Like original Everquest. We managed to play on non PvP servers and deal with each other over MOBs and even dungeons were all open. You'd have huge guilds racing to go to bosses that only spawned a few times a month a such. Some of you seem to think the only way to be able to play is to PK constantly, how about not being a'holes all the time? I guess a lot of the BDO playerbase totally missed 'learn to share' day in kindergarden. 
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  9. ShadowCat added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    You get xp from everything. You will eventaully get past 45 just fishing if you do it long enough. We need the PvP level at 50 instead of 45 so there is a quest gating the level. As it is no matter how you play you will eventually be 45. There is no way to play AT ALL and not level to 45. It is going to happen eventually so your point is pointless.
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  10. ShadowCat added a post in a topic Karma System Proposed Changes. (POLL)   

    Which is why the PvP level should be 50 instread of 45 so PvE folk can choose not to cross it. As it is you get xp for EVERYTHING . You can level past 45 just fishing if you do it long enough. We would LOVE to stay on our side but the way the game is right now it won't let us.
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  11. ShadowCat added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    Judging by the whining abut the PvE grind you have to do for gear in the PvP forum I am betting the PKrs are going to get bored and leave in a few weeks anyway.
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  12. ShadowCat added a post in a topic I'm allready getting bored   

    Because, as you guys are starting to realise... this isn't just a PvP game.
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  13. ShadowCat added a post in a topic Will servers suck at launch like CBT2?   

    Oh yes, of course they will. Launch sucks for every game to one extent or another. 
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  14. ShadowCat added a post in a topic Are you satisfied with daum's new offer to forum goers and early adopters?   

    I'm getting the conq costume and that's enough considering I don't really care for any of the costumes I have seen so fa, well except that Halloween costume which won't be avaliable. I want undies and a second pet. Anything left over I might get a little inv space. 
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  15. ShadowCat added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    It should be 50 since that's the way the game was originallt designed with the Black Spirit Quest and all. Having to do a quest to enable PvP makes getting to PvP more epic.
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