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  1. Ireul added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Ireul picks herself up off of the ground and dusts off her robes as she slides the potion she was staring at into her pocket.
    "Finally, work. Maybe we can afford a roof after this, yeah?"
    With a bored sigh, she checks her belongings one more time before moving beside Sig and Konrad.
    "If you hear a lot of chanting, remember to run this time."
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  2. Ireul added a post in a topic (ooc)The Calpheon Times - Seeking Staff   

    I think it's not a bad idea, and I'd be up for writing a couple articles a week if needbe.
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  3. Ireul added a post in a topic (Character Profile) Ireul Hallifax   

    They couldn't stop the rumors from spreading, despite their best efforts. Word eventually got out and slowly became more than hushed whispers. People were afraid of the possible repercussions of accusing them until a few of the more vocal townspeople got wind of it. So the spread of rumors was slowed down by the cover up.
    Sorry to bother, confuse, or mildly infuriate. I slammed it out due to the forum eating my last profile, and have every intention of going back to fluff out or trim things as necessary. Thanks for pointing this out to me!
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  4. Ireul added a topic in Roleplay   

    (Character Profile) Ireul Hallifax
    Ireul Hallifax
    Mercenary / Independent Researcher
    Ire is a dark-skinned woman of average height with green eyes, and light purple hair, which is beginning to whiten at the ends. She can usually be found with a dull, off-in-another-world look on her face, which usually turns to a rather upset scowl when her thoughts are interrupted. She has no outstanding features that she openly displays.
    Ireul can come across as a -----. She is curt and direct, caring very little for social niceties and any political importance the person she is talking to might hold. Because of the backlash this causes, she tends to stay out of conversations in which she has nothing to gain, giving the impression that she is fairly shy. However, if she can benefit from a person, she is comfortable lying, cheating, and sweet-talking her way into getting what she wants, while also being adept at cajoling and red-taping her way out of unfavorable situations. Her humor is dark, and if she's comfortable around those she's with, Ire is quick to make quips and jokes (Especially at the expense of others).
    Ireul was born to a Valencian Noble House, and wanted for very few material possessions as a child. Due to her parents busy lives in politics, she was mostly raised by servants until her early teens, in which she became fairly self-sufficient. She was tutored on court, politics, mathematics, history, and other basics early on, and began to show an aptitude for wizardry. She was given some of the best Magic and Alchemy tutors that Valencia could offer and quickly excelled in the subjects. She absorbed and mastered anything her teachers would offer, but quickly grew tired of the 'paltry' lessons she was given. She needed more than that.
    It was this lust for knowledge that set her upon her current path, and some say, her mild sociopathy. She would buy, borrow, and even steal tomes to satiate her hunger for the unknown, teach herself on subjects that her tutors considered taboo or "Far too difficult and useless for a young woman in your position to bother with.". Right, because who would want to figure out a way to extend one's life, or make a tonic which gave a man the stamina of a horse? It wasn't long before she exhausted this forbidden knowledge and began to perform her own experiments, working through the nights to figure out better ways to life's inconveniences and inequalities. It was an even shorter time for her to get caught in her research.
    One early morning, Ire was diligently working on a way to unlock a man's ability to regrow limbs. She was discovered in her cellar study just before sunrise by a servant. Several bottles and vials of foul-smelling concoctions were strewn across a desk, staining various notes and magical diagrams. Ire turned around to greet the interruption with a shooing motion, revealing to the servant that the small, underfed orphan boy who delivered fresh cream in the mornings was strapped to the table, unconscious, and seemed to be missing both of his arms. Because of her shrill screams of terror and hasty exit, she failed to notice that they were laying safely on the floor, viscous blood dripping onto them from Ire's stained robes. The fresh cream that the boy delivered was on the desk, one of the bottles half empty from Ireul's breakfast.
    Ireul's parents brushed this under the rug as best they could, but the rumors from the servant's encounter spread like molasses after her entirely accidental death. Word of the problem spread through the other servants through quiet whispers in an empty room at first, before moving to inns and taverns. More and more rumors started to crop up from bored peasants assigning blame for missing persons to the noble family with the shut-in daughter. A few months after the whole misunderstanding, something that could only be described as a "Witch Hunt" was formed, and Ire's parents, with very little ado, thrust the young woman from their household and disavowed all knowledge of the problem. The young witch had very little time or money to prepare her escape from Valencia, which made her journey through the desert long and arduous.
    The Black Desert, despite it's name, was mostly a lightish brown color. Sure, there were bits of black strewn across the vast dunes and jagged, startling outcroppings of stone, but the majority of it was just... sand-colored. Either way, this was the young witch's home for the foreseeable future, but she may have felt better about her situation had the desert been called simply "The Perfectly Ordinary Desert". She had read and learned of a vast green oasis to the west, and figured that she would be better off there, so she set her tent with the sun facing away from her in the morning, letting it wake her in the late afternoon, and travelling through the night. Being a witch, magic left her with plenty of water, however after a few weeks her meager food supply dwindled, and she was reduced to catching small lizards and insects to sate her shrinking belly.
    No vast oasis yet, only one hell of a mountain. After months in the desert, Ireul was at least grateful for the change of scenery. This, of course, did not make it any easier to traverse. Another long, arduous journey up, and then down gave the witch more substantial food, and a great need for thicker robes. One day on her journey, the morning fog cleared to reveal more green that she had ever seen in her life, and she was happy that she finally found a more hospitable place in the world to resume her research.
    During her brief stint as a drifter, Ireul got to know the culture of the westerners more intimately as she performed odd jobs and entertained the commoners with stories of her travels and displays of magic in exchange for food, a place to sleep, and a space she could use freely as a laboratory. It was rather bothersome to move every few weeks, when pets and people started to go missing, but such is life for the travelling witch. Soon, she realized that she could stay in one place longer if she helped the locals with their growing orc problem, or scarecrow problem, or bandit problem. No matter where she went, everyone had some problem with some group of intelligent or unintelligent beings, and wanted them all killed. The young witch quickly figured out that people accepted her more when she helped with these problems, and that while ridding "evil" from the world, she could make great strides in her research.
    One day, during a trip to gather materials, Ireul encountered a stalwart, somewhat handsome Valencian man in armor, who was convinced that she purposefully saved him from certain death. This man, Konrad, opened the world of mercenary work to the young witch, and mercenary work was something she could greatly enjoy.
    ((Still a WIP. Open to just about any flavor RP, just give me a heads up first.))

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  5. Ireul added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Option 2 it is, then! I'm still messing around with the character creator, but I'll finalize something and get it put up.
    Thanks again, glad to be on board, Cap'n Tightpants!
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  6. Ireul added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Say Konrad saves Ire. She follows him and his band of merry men/women, comes to enjoy it and settle down. What happens when Konrad, or anyone else, comes across one of her more upsetting experiments? That could actually be a good plot device later on.
    Now, if Ire saves Konrad, She may respect him less at first, but join in for the money and protection, once she learns that there's a band of merry men/women that follows him. This leaves her to her work in peace, (with the exception of an occasional "Sic'em Girl!") unless someone other than Konrad stumbles in on her being evil. So we could still use that plot point.
    I like them both, but i think the second scenario adds a dash more drama when we get down to RPing nitty gritty.
    You're the boss, so I'll leave the decision up to you, but I'd go with option #2 if you were to make me choose.
    And a little more clarification, just in case. I don't want her to be grimdark princess of nasty things at all. She'll have her moments, but otherwise be fairly pleasant and joke around once she gets comfortable.
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  7. Ireul added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    1. I play games in almost every genre, although MMO's tend to be what I stick with the longest. I dabbled in EQ, EQ2, EVE, Anarchy Online, and BnS. I got pretty deep into WoW (Early days), FFXI, FFXIV, GW, GW2, AA, and a few others. I never really settle down and do one aspect of the game, and I pretty much enjoy PvP, PvE, crafting, and RP equally. I play around in a few MOBAs, HotS being my main squeeze lately. I've got about 15 years forum RP experience, and about 2 years for MMO RP.

    2. Ireul Hallifax is a Valencian Witch who seems stand-offish and a little shy at first.
    On closer examination it turns out she's just kind of a b*tch. She's condescending, but usually because she's always busy thinking about her next experiment, and doesn't like to be interrupted. Once someone proves themselves competent, however, she's a little less uppity, and shows her dark sense of humor. She believes it's important to owe no debts, and repays any kindness shown to her, but no more than what's owed.

    3. Ireul was raised by a well-off Valencian minor noble family. More specifically, by their servants. She showed an aptitude to magic early, and was given access to well-regarded tutors who taught her basic, and then advanced Battle Magic and Alchemy. After quite a while, and a few different tutors, she was tired of the same lessons. "Practice makes perfect.", "You must master the basics before moving on.", All this was just holding her back, so she decided to prepare, and eventually, headed off into the desert.
    It's here where we start her story. After crossing the desert, she seeks out a place she can carry on her (to be honest) fairly immoral research undisturbed. While alchemy is her passion, she has no problem in a battle and is more than happy to use her knowledge to 'help her comrades', 'protect her home', or 'see how long it takes for a man's skin to [REDACTED]'
    This is a very rough draft, as I'm still getting a feel for the character. If something doesn't mesh, I'd be happy to fiddle with it. I'm not planning on her being rude every moment of every day, but thinking of it as more of a character flaw. Thanks for your consideration!
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