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  1. Similon added a post in a topic Karma bombing vs large non optimized rotation?   

    If you go red, it's kinda your fault for continually flagging and killing... Nobody can force you to do that, unless they break into your house and Hit Alt + C while you weren't looking.
    If you get karma bombed, it's your fault.
    When somebody blatantly unable to kill me starts trying to grind where I am, I invite them to a party, help them, talk to them, generally be civil and nice. I do not kill them for no reason.
    This is kinda what the Karma system exists for. If you do bad things, bad things (can) happen to you.
    If you kill lots of people, of course the guards won't want you in the cities.
    Generally, choosing to kill people is frowned upon in most societies.
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  2. Similon added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    From my guild members that were online and responded, 6 got Basilisk, 1 got Tungrade and 1 got Crescent Ring
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  3. Similon added a post in a topic Search Function for storage and Inventory   

    This would be especially useful if you could search Everything.
    I keep forgetting where, or on which character, I left things.  
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  4. Similon added a post in a topic Alt Characters Process While on Main.   

    On this making you play more actively:
    I think it definitely would. I afk a lot, because I have so much stuff that needs processing. Those means that on weekends, or after work, I often find myself needing to chop another 20k of timber or something, instead of going out and grinding or whatever. So I'll go and play another game while I afk.
    If i could leave a character or 3 processing, while I go out and do something fun, I could spend more time actively playing without feeling like I'm missing out on my life skilling. 
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  5. Similon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse Doping
    Slow horses are slow. When you either haven't had the time to get some good horses, or if you're using alts and don't like the hassle of swapping them around and remembering who you left each horse on, it gets a bit awkward and makes getting around tricky.
    It'd be nice to have some consumable item to counteract this, to either tide you over, or keep the alts mobile.
    A Horse speed buff. Some Erythropoietin Elixir or something. Not to make it as quick as a top tier horse, just so the journey on a T4-T6 doesn't drag out for ages.
    Of course, prohibit their use in Horse Races. Performance Enhancing Drugs are rightly banned in most competitive settings.
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  6. Similon added a post in a topic Gathering Income Potential Video proof!!   

    I don't actively do much myself, but have spent a lot of time trying to convince others gathering can be worthwhile
    When getting the logs for my Sailboat, I got over 240 shards in maybe 35 hours of Lumberjackery, which is a slightly worse rate than you demonstrated. But as an unplanned byproduct, it was a nice little boost to my income.
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  7. Similon added a post in a topic is there any other mining node except goblin cave for getting Rough Translucent Crystal?   

    Don't think so.
    At least, nothing that shows here: http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/
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  8. Similon added a post in a topic Best Dark Knight haircut ever.   

    Meh, I don't like it.
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  9. Similon added a post in a topic Weapon repair balance discussion and polls   

    If I were to wild-stab-in-the-dark a reason, I'd guess it's down to how they hit.
    Durability is consumed "on use", so if a kunoichi hits 50 times in 3 seconds to kill something, and a wizard drops 2 nukes to do the same, the wizard has hit 48 less times. So 48 less shots at losing durability.
    (Numbers completely plucked out of the air, don't read to much into that)
    I have definitely noticed this with the awakenings I've tried.
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  10. Similon added a post in a topic Please lower processing not going as planned   

    That, and the very common procs. May just be me, but 4 melted shard/5 ore rather than 1 melted shard/5 ore is not nothing  
    On the original, long dead topic: I'm master 7 Processing, with Venecil Dress (Slight increase), and +2 processing clothes (Rate +3), and I just watched 8 consecutive failed processings. Seems a bit strange, but I guess it's just a fact of life. No matter how good you supposedly are, or how easy something should be for you, you're always going to fail.
    No less true in BDO than real life.
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  11. Similon added a post in a topic Dressed right?   

    Yet people keep lamenting the lack of a male sorc...
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  12. Similon added a post in a topic Does anyone knows when will dark knight awakening be release?   

    I've only been playing Dark Knight for 4 hours, but I've got to level 46 and haven't ran out of mana in combat yet.
    I'm in no rush to see the awakening, but the sooner the better.
    As someone who never upgrades his own gear, I look forward to being able to buy at least a Pri Awakening weapon before I actually do the quest  
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  13. Similon added a post in a topic Valk Buffs? Im dreaming?   

    Not matching five is fine, basically none of the numbers do that. But Fifth and fifty, are almost pronounced the same. To the extent that a lot of people pronounce the thorn as an F.
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  14. Similon added a post in a topic Valk Buffs? Im dreaming?   

    The fifth - fifty thing always used to annoy me.
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  15. Similon added a post in a topic Valk Buffs? Im dreaming?   

    But most people don't play that content. And the ones that do, it makes up a fairly low percentage of their playtime. Also from speaking to people who main Valks, they don't really get useful/good until level 59+, so there's that.
    I'd like a Valk buff, might convince me to actually play mine again, but I don't really want one. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Don't buff 'em, I'm just not interested enough to try and make it happen.
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