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  1. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I was hoping for more pvp incentive like 20% of silver on you dropping on death. We got this instead. Didn't even bother to remove karma. Just shat on the only warm fuzzy pk'ers had. I'm out.
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  2. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Crafting   

    Horse gear can be enhanced, so you need a lot of the same item for durability repair. Same for boat and wagon gear. Alchemy stones, look it up. Upgrading armor / weapons from green to blue / yellow. Food buffs. Siege equipment for node wars (mostly not released yet). I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. Just what's off the top of my head here.
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  3. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Remote Collection of Fishing Boats   


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  4. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Amity Game   

    The amity game was new, fun, and interesting at first. Then I started upgrading gear. Playing that stupid game for hours is just a giant pain in the butt. It doesn't even work as an energy sink because you don't do it every day and with eight characters over 200 energy each it just wastes time.
    I would propose removing the amity purchase cost. You still need to play the amity minigame to reach the initial requirement which is fun and rewarding, but it removes the tedious task of repeating the same action for hours while getting shafted by RNG requirements 30% of the time.
    I've raised my city node level to three so I pay 200 amity per purchase. If you get it to five or eight can you remove the cost completely?
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  5. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Teleport around map   

    Hit escape, disconnect, click transport on your character, select destination and character to switch to, and wait one hour for arrival.
    You can tame two horses in 10 minutes. Level them both to 20 (one or two nights of afk riding) and breed them. Excellent chance of T3 or T4. Might even end up with a T5.
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  6. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Teleport around map   

    I kill at least two war targets a day because I accidentally bumped into them on or near road while traveling. I yell hello at allied guilds as I go by. I might see a guild mate go by and ask what they're doing and go grind with them.
    What is the point of trade wagons when you can teleport? Guild trade quests will suddenly be 5 minute piggy banks. I'm sure you'll love zerg guild tactics when they can teleport to you. Those far off fishing hot spots won't be safe to afk in anymore. Pk'ing for trade goods and teleporting home will be nice.
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  7. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Armor: please help me understand   

    Probably because agerian is good general use set that can be used on any class to level up and is preferred for more classes than any other set until grunil came out. Grunil is now best general use set because it can be gemmed for any class. Gets expensive to gem properly though. 
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  8. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Armor: please help me understand   

    I use 3 taritas + zereth boots on my tamer. Attack speed affects few tamer skills and cast speed affects none. Build +crit, knockdown resist, and hp with gems. Couple of tamer skills scale with max mp. Running out of stamina is death for tamer.
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  9. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Can't track players with Black-Robed Man   

    My level 15 alt can talk to him. I think you just need to complete quests to ancient stone chamber with Edan and black spirit.
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  10. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic PSA: There is a "fix" for the journal   

    I also just noticed this in other thread and passed it on to my guild. Now that the cause is more widely known they'll fix it in a week. Lol
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  11. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Horse market - global or per town?   

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  12. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Great Idea For Dyes and Appearance change! CMs READ!   

    I would assume they can stock it however they like. Probably all the dye that says "Basic" on it, which is a good variety, but lacks the super bright, reflective, and other regional dyes. Putting the basic dyes in the silver vendor and sorting the cash shop color bundles by regional dye type in addition to color would be a big step in the right direction.
    Out dated dye info with vendor screenshots.

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  13. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic Which horse skills do I wast and which do I not want?   

    Sprint > sidestep (if witch / wiz / ranger) > instant accel > drift > charge > anything else. Two seater is nice, but the ones I listed are the "rare" necessities. Quick ride is also nice for faster mounting, but it's fairly common.
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  14. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic [Poll] Game economy   

    Doubt there ever will be enough crafters because it's much easier to grind or fish. Not many craft for fun and the sense of self satisfaction that someone is using their item. Especially when the system doesn't even tag an item with crafters name. Also, you can't craft everything yourself unless you take inordinate amounts of time to redistribute your contribution points regularly.
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  15. TheSzerdi added a post in a topic argh help, I died   

    In b4 boat collects to pirate island.
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