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  1. Xanderen added a post in a topic Why is there STILL no autoloop?   

    Auto loop was added to other versions with the Mediah patch. we will most likely get it when we get that patch.
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  2. Xanderen added a post in a topic Nodes are not showing sub nodes.   

    I have noticed this happening with some nodes, It seems to show the sub nodes after connecting the node into my node network.
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  3. Xanderen added a post in a topic Missing Quest from Furniture Seller   

    A lot of quests have other requirements that are not listed anywhere in game. It is quite possible that there is either a processing/gathering minimum level required or some other quest(or chain of quests) you will have to complete before that quest becomes available.
    *edit http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/1200/86/ says there is a gathering >19 requirement so probably need gathering Apprentice 9 or higher to do it.
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  4. Xanderen added a post in a topic INVESTMENT BANKS ?????   

    You need enough interior points to have the 1st rank house for the building you have as a residence in the city 
    Player X has building 1.1 in Calpheon with 200 interior points, if you had 1.1 as a residence and wanted access to investment banking you would need atleast 201 interior points to have the first ranked house 1.1No one else has building 1.2 as a residence, you would not need any interior points to have the first ranked residence for building 1.2 and therefore would have access to the investment bank nodes in Calpheon.Once you have the investment bank nodes available they show up in the city map just like any other node you can send a worker to(open world map, click on the city, they show up as nodes with a stack of gold bars). All you need is enough gold bars of the correct type in the warehouse and an available worker. Starting work on the investment bank is exactly the same as starting work on any other node.  
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  5. Xanderen added a post in a topic Trader's Backpack   

    You need to click purchase all in the bottom right after you have places an item in the "cart" by clicking take and choosing the amount you want to buy.
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  6. Xanderen added a post in a topic Energy gain?   

    Crafted or npc vendor Beds are 2 energy/3 min
     cash shop beds are 3 energy/3 min. 
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  7. Xanderen added a post in a topic Gear   

    All the armor in this game is mostly the same level , your armor gets better by spending black stones to enchant it , not by buying new armor. (you can buy enchanted equipment from the marketplace but it will be very rare for a while).
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  8. Xanderen added a post in a topic Fix cooking process please!   

    To use continuous processing you put enough ingredients in for 1 craft attempt then click continuous processing and select the amount to make. The materials for the rest will automatically be pulled from your inventory.
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  9. Xanderen added a post in a topic Skill Reset   

    you get a free full reset @ 45 I'm not sure exactly where it comes from (probably from a black spirit quest or something).
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  10. Xanderen added a post in a topic Can someone point me to information on what all this +7 and +15 stuff is?   

    You do , you also lose durability for failing an enchant above +5(armor)/+7(weapon), once we get the ability to enchant over +15 you can even lose enchant levels but cant fall below +15 for failing.
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  11. Xanderen added a post in a topic What are you going to buy with your Pre-Order Pearls?!   

    2 more pets
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  12. Xanderen added a post in a topic The Game service is on Maintenance now?   

    Did you even look at the news page? 
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  13. Xanderen added a post in a topic Zinc Ore   

    It looks like all the zinc nodes were released with the mediah areas meaning we dont have access to them yet. I'm gonna guess ore you see on the market either comes from quest rewards or was gathered by mining the materials that drop it out in the world.
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  14. Xanderen added a post in a topic Do we get a free skill reset at a higher level?   

    Spend enough time grinding and you can have every skill maxed. With enough time you can correct a mistake in assigning skill points without needing to reset. but yes every character gets a free full reset at level 45.
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  15. Xanderen added a post in a topic Grey Play Button on Launcher   

    There is still 6.5 hours to wait untill conquerers package headstart begins
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