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  4. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    No,i have zero problems with anything,whoever whines about the Ghillie suit can go f**k himself.
    The only things that nags me are the CS prices that needs to be tweaked (i say this for both the community and both the earnings) and the vigor system (i like the idea of an heavier system but basic stuff like merging potions and simple cooking shouldn't require energy imho).
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  5. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    I'v been playing since KR CBT,so no,your point wouldn't weight more than mine ''according to my example'' but that's not the point,we derailed too much from the original topic,i was saying that most of us who have played since the KR version doesn't appreciate the changes in the EU vigor system,the KR system was fine but this one requires energy even to use simple alchemy and simple cooking,which is flawed as hell,think about mixing your potions or cooking beer for the workers,now you can't do it anymore in stocks because it consumes energy,and that's only one of the minor cons it brings to the table,
    I'll simpify it as best as i can so i can make myself clear once and for all,there is no need to ''counter'' the ghillie suit,and you'll notice it at release,now give your hearts some peace fellas.
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  6. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Are you a dense one,who's talking about you ? i made an example from his example,i told him ''so you'd basically weight equally the opinion (on the vigor system/crafting in this case) of someone who played and tested the game since KR CBT/OBT with someone who tested the game 4 days in the last CBT2'' talking about his flawed examples on how experience doesn't mean anything under that matter.
    A bit sensitive aren't we ? and you said OBT in your previous post,now you say CBT ? pretty mental,go seek for some help it's getting annoying answering to you.

    EDIT : Also,no one has a problem with the KR energy you dimwit,everyones got a problem with the EU vigor system,why would you even bring in the KR system when it's perfectly fine goes beyond me.
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  7. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Good,so you'd basically weight equally the opinion (on the vigor system/crafting in this case) of someone who played and tested the game since KR CBT/OBT with someone who tested the game 4 days in the last CBT2,speaks for itself,good luck.
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  8. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Yes,if you invested 3K hours into crafting and i invested around 100 hours into crafting who do you think will have more knowledge on it ? if we are both equally invested in the matter who do you think holds more knowledge on the matter ? the question is retorical of course.
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  9. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Leave out the doc example since you don't get the grip of it,skill and knowledge are two different things,if you don't know how something works you shouldn't say anything about it,that's all there is to it,you must have a thick skull to think otherwise.
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  10. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    So you would either let a medicine student operate on you or a licensed doc ? SKILL and KNOWLEDGE are two different things,if i'm about to say my opinion about the vigor system i must KNOW what the vigor system offers and how it develop with the current settings on KR in order to understand how it WOULD WORK with the new system being implemented in EU,you deny that ?
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  11. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    If you have more experience on a game i should value your opinion less than someone who only tried out the EU/NA CBT or never tried the game at all ? that's what you think ? to answer your question,yes,your opinion on something that requires EXPERIENCE weights more if you are EXPERIENCED on the said topic,hands down.
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  12. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Can't quote you properly because you f****d up with the quotes,but i'll adress small things since you are more stubborn than a goat.
    So when i make assumptions its fearmongering propaganda but when you do it's legit,''okay''.
    You either didn't got my position on this or you simply aren't able to elaborate a normally written post,let me repeat once again,i don't give two f***s about people whining out of their asses,but i do have a problem when you try to switch the blame on the people asking for a fair price in the cash shop since the vast majority wants that (seriously you have got enough posts in 88 pages to confirm that).
    More than enough ? Koreans users weren't more than enough to keep up the market there (thus making the game fall down in the very first months because dissatisfied) and you think both our versions (NA/EU) with 400k preorders (total) and the huge shitstorm going on with the CS prices will be enough ?
    I even explained the 90% of what,are you so enfervored you can't even read properly ?   there are less than 20 people who played since the KR CBT and most of them expressed their displeasure about the vigor system,tune in on Zemi (leader of support) stream sometimes,or Redvessel,or just ask any other veteran from support,grind,niflheim,harmony and other top guilds if they are in favor of it or against it.
    You are either dense or trolling me,pick one,how am i avoiding the ghillie effect topic ? i said you are making a huge fuss out of it when it actually isn't a big issue as you are trying to make it appear,you probably have no experience whatsoever on the KR servers or any other version so i told you to peep down and wait till the release and check for yourself if the ghillie suit will be ''broken''.
    For the same reason you are making a big fuss out of that ''10%'' that is basically nothing,thus i linked the video where Kugen explains it's not gamebreaking at all,hope this helps you understand what i meant,i told you there is a basilar food that gives you 8% to show you that this 10% bonus from the costume isn't a big issue,you then switched topic complaining that ''that would get the guys that have a costume still ahead'' yes,but not by a gamebreaking margin,if you still think ''no matter the advantage it is still an advantage'' then have it your way,i don't intend on continuing on this deadbeat horse topic.
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  13. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    He's talking about how that 10% isn't gamebreaking...........are you even trying bro,consequentially he makes a comparison about the current most played MMOs compared to BDO under the p2w aspect which you hinted with these huuuuuge bonuses you get from the costumes.
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  14. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    It's not that i didn't got what you meant i was honestly perplexed,i linked you a video from your previous ''worries'' about that 10% combat exp,yet you straight up (probably) ignored the video like any smart (deh ) person would do,aside from that you are still complaining about something you have no knowledge about,you have your opinion and you don't want it changed,so why should i bother again,peace out.
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  15. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    You honestly think it will make any difference fighting against someone with a ghillie suit or someone with a full black painted armor during the night ? wanna complain about the Black Dye too since we are at it ? how it is more difficult than ''i might think'' ? could you enlighten me ? i'v been playing since the KR CBT and i never had any problems against ghillie suit users,nor did the rest of the veterans who played the game,y'all making a big fuss out of nothing.
    If you want to keep going at it for lack of knowledge i have no will to keep answering,i'll leave you a nice video about it.
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  16. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    How it is the same as being removed ? you said it was removed but it isn't,are you trying clutching at straws ? I'm telling you to not to be so sure things will be ''definitive'' but if you wanna keep living into your fictional world i have no problem mate,as i said earlier,whatever float your boat.We have it because when BDO JP launched the Wizard/Witch were released since a few days thus couldn't be implemented straight away and BDO RU isn't under Daum distribution,so there you have your answer,it's not about being ungrateful,we have a finished and polished product delivered (Wizard/Witch) and we PAID for it,you want us to be grateful about something we paid for ? delusional,to say the least It's not free,it costs 5000 Loyalty,it means you have to be (ratherly) active on the game for 50 days and save up every Loyalty point you earn,but it's ''free'',nice argument bud,i'll keep it in mind They simply took our ideas worked around it and PA came up with these ideas (unpolished and unfinished as mentioned in the diary itself),or you really think the 4-5 members of the staff that flew over to korea had more knowledge than PA itself ? wake up.Mine isn't a counter-argument,i'm telling you it makes no sense to even mention it since it brings nor cons nor pros to any side (as you mentioned).You call it progress when basically 90% of the veteran community explained why it is bad and almost the whole total of RP'ers went apeshit against it,but yeah,as i said people can have their own opinions,some still claims hitler did nothing wrong I can't see a single post whining about additional Loyalty given to Pearls purchaser,i might have skimmed through it,mind to link or share sources ? 
    I might or might not believe it but i simply don't give two f***s about people wanting stuff for free,it's not going to happen so why even bother,and why even bother bringing it to the table ? are you out of nonsense to spew ?
    You think if the game would eventually go F2P the people would be the ones to blame ? could you take a few steps back ? you might gag with all the deepthroating you are giving to Daum,Jesus Christ.
    If they don't change their pricing model the Cash shop won't be successful,everyone showed displeasure with the actual pricing,they are literally sending a warning message to Daum saying ''Look we are willing to spend more if you guys lower the prices'' and you would still give the innocence prize to Daum ? go get some economics lessons,and study the last B2P games economical/marketing model for a Cash shop and it's revenue and then come and talk back to me,before that i would like you to stop acting like the crazy spoiled fangirl over one direction.
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  17. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    It's a small percentage,that 10% isn't gamebreaking,if you think otherwise you simply lack knowledge about the game,that's what i'm saying.
    It isn't a huge deal,again,if you are fairly experienced you know what i'm talking about,it takes less than a second to spot a guy in ghillie suit,stop making a huge fuss out of nothing.
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  18. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Honestly if these are the things people without knowledge are alarmed off Daum couldn't care less,since it's nothing to be scared off.
    10% on the combat costumes is nothing (there is a food that gives you alone 8% and is really easy to make http://bddatabase.net/us/recipe/132/ )Not having your name shown in combat isn't anything to get worried about and i don't see how this can give you an edge over other players since you glow red worse than a christmas three and you are visible from miles away (not to talk about pet dogs who helps you find someone hidden around if you are talking about that).The buff from pets also is pretty minimal,so again,nothing to be alarmed off.I can guess not understanding something is scary sometimes,but don't be over-alarmed from something so small and futile.
    You quoted the wrong guy,we are saying the same thing.
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  19. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Not going to go in full detail here but you are pretty misinformed and some of your points are personal opinions,so :
    I won't comment on the hairstyles and facial presets things,it's good we have them but honestly it wasn't anything crucial.They didn't remove that item,blessing of kamasylvia is still there    [ http://imgur.com/a/ROq5A ]I don't see how removing blackstones from the loyalty system is pro for us but ok,whatever float your boat mate.Yeah removing the +1 failsafe thingy is noticeable but let's not get too hyped about it,it's gone ''for now''.Wizard/Witch/Tamer, it wasn't anything too complicated for them to implement.The characters slots in the Loyalty section are 5K / 1 (50 days for 1,you call that a deal ?).Same thing for the inventory slots and added LT,the prices are awful,if the prices will get toned down i'll be the first one to say this was a good move.The changes are made from PA iirc,so we can't really give the full credit to DaumEU,its DaumEU in the scope right now,not PA.Lower Karma Penalties,i'd say it's an half-victory,the rates aren't optimal yet but we are getting there,so let's call it a good point.The losing enchant stuff is helpful for some but bad for others,so again,it's not a valid point.They removed energy potions but they implemented a f*****g broken vigor system,you call that a win ?Again,removing added LP from Pearls isn't helping anyone here.This is the only actual positive proper point in the whole list,they made the boss-scrolls cheaper than 200. 
    I don't know about other players but that's my opinion,i overlooked your first posts but now this is getting ridiculous,it's not like people want stuff for free,what everyone wants in this thread is a fair and reasonable price on the cash shop items,justifying stuff like 32$ for a STANDARD costume is fair and reasonable is honestly a bit delusional.
    I'm just talking for myself but if the things are kept as they are i won't be investing a single penny into the game once i'm done with having my pets and the bonus LT,i'll rather just wait until they won't be earning enough for the ridiculous prices and enable the p2w to catch some ''vanity items'' in the auction house.
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  20. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    You forgot the additional LT,i can't believe people are thinking paying 30 bucks is fine for the whole thing,LT is quite crucial.
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  21. Dominus added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    It depends about what you value as ''meaningful'' or not,you can't expect a smaller group to be as effective as a full guild on a large scale PvP,and large scale PvP is where the action kicks in,however,you can expect a small skilled group to be roaming around and pick off a larger number of players if they are well prepared and skilled,which is basically what we did in the CBT2,there was alot of action between some guilds,we were able to declare war on 6 guilds in just 1 day,imagine the possibilities on release where people will take the game seriously instead of halfassing like all of us did in CBT.
    I understand you'd like something more ''rewarding'' for a small group,but truth is you are just going to get wrecked for the important stuff if you don't take part into a big guild,i proposed an arena ranking system with rewards but the devs are rather busy with other stuff i'm assuming,they will post a Q&A today tho,so keep your eyes on that.
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  22. Dominus added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    The PvP system needs to have a bigger impact on the game or you just want it to fit your needings more ? but sure,let me go through the PvP experience of BDO. 
    Sorry,i would like to answer properly but i'm out of f***s nowadays,if you guess few people will be taking part in sieges you have little to zero experience on the game,sieges are one of the most if not the most important event to take part in as a guild alongside world bosses,if you are refering to the fact that ''minor guilds'' won't ''be able'' to compete because better guilds will wreck them i couldn't give a single f**k about it because that sounds to me like that '' 'murican ableism'' shit trend going on lately.
    Yep,you'd be facing other guilds fighting over a world boss or a zone boss (EU/NA exclusive) in open space but you get nothing out of it,oh right,aside from the best in-game drops that you can get only from world bosses and zone bosses.
    Eh,not really,it's pretty fun but it's far from the most promising ''PvP'' aspect of the game,but again,you'd need knowledge to know that.
    You got a 3v3 queue arena,a 40vs40 queue that gets you on another island where you can fight off with other people,you get to chillout with your guildies and random lads just for the sake of it,but yeah, ''come on....'' .
    The only correct word in that sentence is the first one,arguably,although the late time is tricking me i might not have fully understood what you meant with ''This is where daily content is generated by players'' ? what ? ;
    If you think PK'ing the few people not in a guild (thus impossible to declare war on) and kicking them out your farming spot isn't a big deal as i said above you must have little to zero experience within the game.
    I wish you had started out with this sentence,so i could straight-up ignore the whole post,as mentioned in another post if you think this will be an ''RP heaven'' you are way out of line than what you'd think,this game is no RP heaven,there are stories,immersion and all of that but if you are expecting something EXACTLY designated to make you feel the ''true RP experience'' this isn't the right place for you.
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  23. Dominus added a post in a topic Black Desert Online Costumes Will Require A Blood Sacrifice   

    I lost it at ''Eben Scrooge''.
    Jesus christ my sides.

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  24. Dominus added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

     Mind if i ask you if the prices i'll now list are fine for you ?
    1 additional inventory slots (192 maximum slots in inventory) 1,50€150 LT increase 13,50€8 slots bank storage (different from city to city) 3€1 pet  9€  (keep in mind you'll have to mix more to get a higher tier,this could potentially and in the worst case scenario cost you around 50€ for a SINGLE high tier pet maybe more)1 decent bed skin 5€Appearance change coupon 8€ (this is somewhat the only thing nearly in-check)
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