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  1. Akibaro added a post in a topic What class they will add?   

    Blader was the most popular class so that will most likely be the next addition(Im actually hoping for ninja) however it will not be added before the release because it has been made clear that there will be seven starting classes and others will be released with updates in the game. 
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  2. Akibaro added a post in a topic Ninja vs kunoichi   

    I honestly prefer ninja over kunoichi, the block may come in handy, but Ive always liked moving fast enough where I barely get hit and if you're biggest point on playing as kunoichi is blocking then you probably shouldn't use an assassin class because assassin classes are about high damage and high speed. It all matters on you're playing style though, this is just my personal opinion. 
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  3. Akibaro added a post in a topic Where is Blader   

    Blader will be released , theres no need to worry about it when its the most popular class in Korea. They will release it because theyve gotten a bunch of crap about not having blader in release. Its ninja im worried about, korea players dont yet have much experience with him because hes a new release. No ones pushing to keep him around therefore its possible it might take a bit for him to be released.
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  4. Akibaro added a post in a topic Class choice advices   

    It really depends on your own gameplay, if you like fast paced assassian type gameplay i would say ninja, tanking = giant, doing damage from a far + ranger, and the lots of skill in hand to hand combat = sorcerer, those are my reccomended classes but thats just me
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  5. Akibaro added a post in a topic Class difficulty   

    Ninja and sorcerer in my opinion, having low health it requires a large amount of experience to be able to move fast enough and do enough damage. Warrior would also take a lot of skill because you woud have to earn to block and the counter attack. Classes like blader and giant, just my opinion, seem like it would be mostly a spam class
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  6. Akibaro added a topic in Classes   

    Ninja Videos
    Hey im trying to find some videos giving a guide for the ninja, i can only find gameplay or guide for female counterpart. Plz help I want to know how to use the ninja by the time Black Desert is released for NA/EU
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  7. Akibaro added a post in a topic Dual Wield for Ninjas please.   

    That would be amazing, It may be possible because it's a new character thats still developing, plus they havent announced the ninjas awakening so it could be dual weilding. 
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  8. Akibaro added a post in a topic Who is your favorite Class?   

    Im going with ninja because I love assassian classes with high enough mobility to barely be damaged, the only downside is low health, but if you get enough movement speed it won't matter because you won't get hit as much. 
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  9. Akibaro added a topic in Classes   

    Ninja Class
    Discuss Ninja compared to other classes, Damage, gameplay, fighting style, anything related to the unique characteristics of the upcoming male ninja class
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  10. Akibaro added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Has the release date for NA/EU been released or be released anytime soon?
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