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  1. Blodext added a topic in General   

    Would you agree with my enchant suggestion?
    Keep rng failstacks the way they are but make it so you can't destroy (main) accessories which you enchant / or demote ranks like from TRI->DUO example. Once you enchant item it will never lose that rank!
    1. Reduce enchant stats 50% after every upgrade PEN->TET. Currently gear cap is too huge. Noobs can outplay better skilled players by just having better gear!
    2. Remove gear cap and make failstack requirements double after every rank but make enchant after PEN give only 1ap/dp at best. Because of failstack requirement gear cap doesn't matter. So people can progress gear endless but it takes insanely long time just like levels.
    This change would make pvp more skill based and less rng from enchant. It will still be rng due to failstacks but it's not about demoting/destroying equipment which is moronic to begin with. Item and level progression would still be endless.
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  2. Blodext added a topic in General   

    I have 0 chance in red battlefield
    I played this game allmost 1-month so far after starting from scatch. I can play mostly weekends 4-8 hours. Sometimes I can't log for some days and because of that I lost probably 100+ mil as I lost 10 free "loyal" loot.
    So far I got 130ap for both awakening and normal weapon which are Pri. My dp is 160. My level is 56 and getting insanely slow xp now. I have also 100mil in savings so I can probably get armor to pri but that's it.
    What chance I really have in red battlefield? People have like 300 ap + 300 dp or something. I got totally destroyed in there.
    I could log wow or overwatch and I'm instantly in competive position. Nobody has better gear or advantage over me. Only thing that matters is skill.
    My question is that why on earth there is such insane ap+dp gap in this game? Why not add diminishing returns so game would be more competive? Where is logic? This is FIRST game I experienced which has this problem. Even wow never had this kind of problem and now they introduced ilvl scaling for pvp so even freshly dinged player has actually chance in pvp.
    • 134 replies
  3. Blodext added a topic in General   

    Suggestions how to improve this game
    1. Diminishing returns for enchants. Every enchant gives +1ap or dp. Not total 200-300 difference in the end. Max 30 difference MAX. So pvp won't idiotic and more accessable and competive. Make it so nolife is dependant on his skill and not gear. Sure you can have slight advantage but not insane advantage. Why is it that games like wow/gw2 and 99.9% of games of other genre equal playing field except bdo? If you're against this you're coward who is afraid of challange and competive enverioment.
    2. Make it so you can't break enchanted accessory or demote enchant levels. Remove lvl20 cap which doesn't  even matter because 1. Enchanting at that point gets harder 2. You get max +1 difference. So basically you can always push foward but you won't be insanely op by just being nolife.
    3. Add competive arena 3v3 etc. Give more rewards for doing world pvp which should be fun because gear stats are now equalized. Add more class balances. Give blackstones/relics for doing red battlefield etc..
    4. Of course give xp from doing pvp Why should you be experienced by killing easy monsters but not players which is lot harder? I thought this was pvp game. Why pvp in this game is so bad? It's like it's designed for people who are cowards behind their stupid gear and should never go to combat with stupid karma penalties and other crap. 
    You have amazing game why you don't use full potential of it? Why aim for being non-competive garbage? It's basically game designed for Weaboos who can buy their fancy outfit from pearlshop and smash their head towards keyboard while farming brainless monsters 24/7 everyday. It's actually funny because pve in this game is really brainless. There are no raids/dungeons and because of that it's impossible to die. Field bosses are waste of time where loot goes for highest dps = rich get richer.
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  4. Blodext added a post in a topic Spirit quest - DIM magical items   

    I lost all my quests for idiotic and useless rewards. GG.
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  5. Blodext added a topic in General   

    How to see my expiration date from Olvia?
    I can't see my expiration time anymore. Have you removed it?
    Please remove expiration if there is still there. I don't want to get kicked to hc server where I never find group for my lvl range especially at times what I play. I'm casual player not some 60+ hc.
    • 3 replies
  6. Blodext added a post in a topic Margoria Sucks   

    All that sea crap in this game is to make clowns buy pearl costumes.
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  7. Blodext added a post in a topic FPS issue possible fix for it - NVidia Only GPU's   

    Kakao is not there to fix your issues because they don't know how.
    All they know what to do is useless events and collecting insane amount of cash from pearlshop.
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  8. Blodext added a post in a topic Why is this game even online?   

    It's same in wow tbh.
    You do dungeon 1-100 facerolling without anyone saying single word in party.
    Then you do bgs or LFR and complain again with nobody saying anything except 1 random guy links recount to show how badass he is.
    When actualy real game starts when you join skype and do 3v3s with your team in arena. Or join guild and try do achievements/progress bosses in raids using mic too.
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  9. Blodext added a post in a topic For honor vs bdo pvp   

    This game has potential to be great pvp game. It has smooth combat, outstanding graphics and great world. Here are few suggestions:
    1. Add diminishing returns on enchants!! There are currently none. In this game rich get richer and because there is gap which makes it less competive. 
    2. More pvp content in general. No just lame sieges where you need to schedule + can outnumber opponents. Like example arenas 3v3.
    3. Proper class balancing focused for pvp. 
    This game should prioritize to pvp because there are no challenging pve content like dungeons/raids. You need put pvp first and unfortunally it lacks in this game too.
    Btw it took me 10second to think suggestions. I could come up easily 100 more for fair balanced skill based pvp.
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  10. Blodext added a post in a topic For honor vs bdo pvp   

    If I win someone by outgearing I would feel like shit. 
    But people who defend bdo pvp are those noobs who have no skills in any game and feel good about themselves when they win by having gear advantage. Some even reroll for getting proper class because we know half of them are broken too.
    Then they mock games like wow and for honor and would get absolutely destroyed by good players and this is in equal enverioment where skill matters more than gear.
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  11. Blodext added a topic in Off-Topic   

    For honor vs bdo pvp
    Bdo = Unmathced teams + Unmathced gear favoured for those who were masochist enough to grind same mobs 14hour/day. + No reward for doing pvp + Less skillcap + No proper pvp modes + Nonexcisting class balancing.
    Mmo is not excuse. Wow has proper pvp system like For Honor.
    Could someone explain to me why this is marketed as pvp game? This is worst game when it comes for fair play and challange.
    • 44 replies
  12. Blodext added a post in a topic Please add rewards for doing red battlefield?   

    You think having 10x bigger competive enverioment is casual? It gets harder.
    Here all you need to do is grind blindfolded braindead mobs 24/7. That's it. Now you'r pvp god. Someone who needs advantage in pvp is casual, coward and noob.
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  13. Blodext added a post in a topic Please add rewards for doing red battlefield?   

    What is there to understand? It's 100% pve game where You farm 24/7 with endless progression and if you ever do pvp it's insanely unbalanced. Eather you dominate with gear or your opponent does to you. They have killed everything skill releated away from this game.
    There is also no reason to do pvp other than for farmspots which are eather taken or have many free spots. Even world pvp is nonexcistant and I'm happy about that because it's so unbalanced it's ugly.
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  14. Blodext added a post in a topic Please add rewards for doing red battlefield?   

    Is that your argument?
    You know ironically you're the reason why this game is half-dead. You fanboyism and babysitting is just to destroy criticism and getting alternative, healthier and competive solutions to this game. Enjoy your time with Titanic.
    Thanks you yes!
    Also add arena gear that is usable only in arena or just rewards from doing it.
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  15. Blodext added a post in a topic Please add rewards for doing red battlefield?   

    There is reason they can host Arena tournaments with prize pool of 250 000 bucks.
    It has 100x bigger playerbase than this.
    And it's sad because this game has so much potential but they absolutely made this game joke. And maybe it's not pvp game to you but BDO marketed this game as pvp focused hahahahahaha.
    1. This game hasn't seen single class balance update in year. 
    2. No rewards from doing pvp.
    3. Gear cap so huge that it makes it 99.9% pve grind against brainless mobs. And you have to be nolife which means there is no equal field and competive value drops 95% due to playerbase.
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