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  1. Nestheross added a post in a topic Low CPU usage   

    Your specs are too low to play BDO
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  2. Nestheross added a topic in Discussions générales   

    Des anciens de T4C
    Salut à tous! Y aurait-il des anciens de T4C GOA ou autre?
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  3. Nestheross added a post in a topic Based on yesterdays news and the responses I see, I hope Pearl Abyss do not aim to please the top '5% no-lifers'   

    Back in 1999, I played a game called T4C (still "alive" today, like UO) and it's like you are saying with DAoC, it took weeks to get levels, there was no max level (not even a soft cap) and I disagree when you say that older MMORPG were less catered to the hard core.
    The original MMORPG concept is to be immersed in a game, automatically, this means disconnecting from reality. I think we are going to see this tendency continue with VR sets and perhaps VR MMORPG, don't expect these games to be catered to people who play a few hours every now and then. On that MMORPG i clocked thousands and thousands of hours, it's not even funny.
    Just to finish about T4C, as an anecdote, i went to the forums the other day and there was a 3 months old post with no reply of a guy asking the following:
    "Is XXXXX Necklace drop rate bugged? It has been two years that I kill the mob every time i pass in front of him and still nothing."
    This is old school MMORPG for you.
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  4. Nestheross added a post in a topic Life Skills XP broke? Or lowered?   

    Oh my god if it's really this, guys, what a noob mistake...
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  5. Nestheross added a post in a topic Hidden stats - CM_Jouska   

    If it's not supposed to be used, why is the function even enabled in the forum, then?
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  6. Nestheross added a post in a topic Dog + Eagle pets special skill = void.   

    Is taunt any good? I never tried it, I suspect you are trolling?
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  7. Nestheross added a post in a topic Ultimate Reform Stones   

    I think it's not out yet
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  8. Nestheross added a post in a topic FPS issue?   

    I just wanted to add that you MIGHT experience stuttering as I have the exact same setup as you (5930k instead of 5960x) with SLI and I know it's a problem, so i'll list the possible tweaks that might (or not) help you:
    1 - Try running in windows service pack 3 compatibility mode for BDO Launcher
    2 - Try killing the Nvidia Stream process
    3 - If you are using MSI afterburner/Asus GPU Tweak etc, make sure your monitor is disabled or increase the fetch time interval
    If you don't have any stuttering (like every few seconds/30 seconds) then enjoy the game and have fun!
    Also, be aware that every time the game is patched (3 times so far) the SLI will be disabled and you will have to go in Nvidia control panel, disable it, apply, enable it again, apply.
    I hope my feedback will help you.
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  9. Nestheross added a post in a topic compensation about the XP event   

    Wouldn't that be the nature of "random"?
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  10. Nestheross added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    OMG that guy is like a modern day Jesus, he gave his opinion and a post about it generates 7500 views on this forum...
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  11. Nestheross added a post in a topic World bosses are making people quit the game.   

    Just the fact that people reroll rangers/wizards JUST to run world bosses should tell you something about their balancing and exactly what needs to be done.
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  12. Nestheross added a post in a topic Guild Kill Notifications   

    The annoying ones are the top ones, not the chat logs.
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  13. Nestheross added a topic in General   

    Guild Kill Notifications
    Please give us an option to disable guild kill notifications (guild quests) because it floods the logs and slows down the game.
    There is no way to disable them at the moment, for those who think that the option to disable them does anything, it doesn't, it just disables announcements not kill notifications.
    I made a test the other day and everytime the notifications would flood, my FPS would drop by 10-15FPS and then go back up, creating slowdowns.
    I'm making this post in general so the issue gets a bit of exposure, let me know if you have a fix for this or a workaround (changing channel is easy but you can't do the guild quest, then)
    Peace out.
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  14. Nestheross added a post in a topic World/Field bosses now spawn FASTER?! W H A T?   

    This seems to be the universal answer on these forums.
    Pets are optional, carry weight is optional, world bosses are optional and life skills are optional.
    So what is the point of complaining about anything if it's optional, right? Even if I don't like the quest widget in my interface, it's optional.
    By the way, totally unrelated, wanted to say that the quest widget doesn't work: you cannot disable it, it will enable itself when you open map, just try it.
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  15. Nestheross added a post in a topic [Screenshots] LOD/Draw Distance Issues - Post Mediah   

    A big hurray for @CM_Jouska
    Thank you very much!
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