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  1. Slippery added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    30 dollars for a costume and this is the state of the servers. employees at kakao need to stop blowing all the money on plastic surgery and give us fking better servers.
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  2. Slippery added a post in a topic John Madden John Madden John Madden   

    kyoukai is a dead and desperate guild.

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  3. Slippery added a post in a topic Siege Report 02/04/2017 *So Much For Ending the "Barcode Nonsense," Gravity Zombie Rush in Mediah*   

    I thought Castle siege was a 2 week process?
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  4. Slippery added a post in a topic Gravity dodges Mediah and dumpstered by alloy on Calpheon   

    i didn't know members had a say in what the guild gets to do. but then again, u dont get a say in lacari giving himself t4 payouts. and last i checked, i left after 2 weeks of the FML and Gravity alliance.
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  5. Slippery added a post in a topic Gravity dodges Mediah and dumpstered by alloy on Calpheon   

    Man both of these guilds are too pathetic to watch. one talk shit then run to the other side of the map and the other is sucking ----- for a castle. Gross.
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  6. Slippery added a post in a topic Saturday Siege 1/21/2017   

    trep i know ur salty greggy got to get back into gravity after leaving. but it was only 2 guilds and one of em is comparable to a crippled person.
    sorry bruh, i saw happyghost twitch stream. Gravity entire base defense was down and that wierd lag spike also didnt allow em to respawn. So vision and there # of guilds has no excuse.
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  7. Slippery added a post in a topic The Big 3. (A closer look at ManCodeity)   

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't think anyone has ever believed ManUp cared about pvp. But it triggers people so i am fine if they say they do. More drama 4 meh.
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  8. Slippery added a post in a topic Open Challenge: Valencia (1/7/2017)   

    all right, can manup just pass the castle to barcode(we know they ain't getting one). And ManUp drops on gravity. At this rate, nothing is ever gonna happen unless someone wants to take the first step.  
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  9. Slippery added a post in a topic Open Challenge: Valencia (1/7/2017)   

    #Shame Gravity. 
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  10. Slippery added a post in a topic Gravity at Nouver   

    i must have missed the joke. it seems alot of salty hypocrites are crying over rbf buff? lol wot
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  11. Slippery added a post in a topic Death of FML   

    wait i don't understand. Didn't ghost get banned for digging? why is this filthy digger making memes when he is a meme?
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  12. Slippery added a post in a topic Gravity at Nouver   

    I think you are all missing the point. Feedz is trying to show how garbage Musa is. Now you Musa shtters best start rerolling.
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  13. Slippery added a post in a topic GUILD POWER RANKING - WEEK 3 XMAS EDITION   

    Praise the King, giving shtters of orwen and uno relevancy. does his kindness knows no bound? 
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