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  1. Talena added a post in a topic NPC VOTING EVENT POLL   

    I voted for Basquean poor guy looks so sad up there .
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  2. Talena added a post in a topic Keep getting DC   

    Im getting dc after 1 min in .
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  3. Talena added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    No they didnt lie , Pearl Abyss are reworking the ninja and Daum has to wait for them .
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  4. Talena added a post in a topic wow vs bdo   

    LOL no just someone who has played for a long time and has seen how easy they have made the game . You want to call me names thats fine but it doesnt change the fact that skill doesnt matter much in WoW anymore.
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  5. Talena added a post in a topic wow vs bdo   

    Lol my ass wow uses skill , dont lie it uses macro that anyone can use . I love WoW and played it for years but we all know it doesnt use skill , ppl who have no idea how to play can raid and pvp . Right now i cant even make myself login WOD killed it for me.
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  6. Talena added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Mine is level 4 already .
    Its say on the front page when you login not if your online , its the same for daily login loyalty. If you go to character select or change to another character it counts as login.
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  7. Talena added a post in a topic What I absolutely love about Black Desert Online   

    I love that my character sweats and the storms are great .
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  8. Talena added a post in a topic No Means NO! PVP should be consensual(trigger warning)   

    Why do ppl buy a game that says pvp starts at 45 then ----- about it and cry to have the game changed. Next go on over to hearthstone and demand they take cards out, then hit up some first person shooters and demand the dont let ppl shoot you . Thats how its suppose to works right ? they have to change the game just for you all when you bought it that way.
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  9. Talena added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Why do ppl buy a game that has open pvp and then complain about it. This is the same as buying Call of duty and complaining that ppl shoot you .
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  10. Talena added a post in a topic BDO is Pay2win   

    WoW has more pay to win then this game lol. Maxed level and buy game tokens to sell for gold to buy max gear/gems and enchants.
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  11. Talena added a post in a topic Cherry blossom guide   

    I got 1 with a hoe equipped used around 12 energy .I`ll add more info was a steel hoe and gathering skilled 2 . My cherry seed is at 65% and it needs pruning.
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  12. Talena added a post in a topic "This game is too easy"   

    Turn your gamma down some , I cant see shit at night lol.
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  13. Talena added a post in a topic why the market place just take 30% of the registered item??   

    This is part of the guild control of cities , the guild that has it get like 20% of the market money.i also read that if you put alot of energy into a city it lowers the % the market takes.
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  14. Talena added a post in a topic Concern about Legion stealing players   

    Im not going to leave , I`ll just play both till i get bored with WoW again.I dont pay money for WoW anymore just use in game money for tokens.
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  15. Talena added a post in a topic There is a disconnection bug next to the fishing hotspot near Velia   

    This happens to me also , I have tried to row , swim and use the escape to get to shore and it disconnects every time.
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