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  1. Actavia added a post in a topic Hurricanes and my free Red Nose Armor   

    19 trillion national debt, 
    6.5 trillion missing from the pentagon, 
    6 billion missing from state department, 
    on the verge of war with Russia, 
    health care and social security screwed, 
    94 million people out of the Labor Force and they are about to watch a criminal be elected to their highest office 
    now a hurricane + 
    wont be able to claim their free boss armor  
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  2. Actavia added a post in a topic So I managed to proc Muskan Shoes at Night Vendor. . .   

    this is not reddit
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  3. Actavia added a post in a topic Its time to fix kunos and nins NOW!   

    is it going to earn kakao directly money? no=no fix
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  4. Actavia added a post in a topic [POLL] Game State   

    people only play this game still because there is no alternative timesink with good graphics, as soon the next game comes out a lot of playerbase will vanish. this game is just too RNG, pvp is a oneshot fest, no real goal in this game exept leveling to 60 to maybe survive 1-2 sec longer in pvp and the most valueable point to quit this game: publisher totally incapabable or unwilling to hear what the community wants, fix major bugs/class balance, the only thing they do is maxing their profits (which isnt bad at all, but it feels like i am a cashcow :D)
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  5. Actavia added a post in a topic URGENT: Valencia EXP & DROPS   

    then we have the same situation as we have it now, all people 57+ will go to pirates
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  6. Actavia added a post in a topic Afkers at RBF   

    idk about you but i got kicked out of RBF a few times when i did it, sometimes at 5min remaining, sometimes at 7/9min nowadays i dont even enter it
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  7. Actavia added a post in a topic Pre-order system is trolling   

    bullshit. many people tested it and region of preorder doesnt matter for the preorder to work, its really just rng
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  8. Actavia added a post in a topic GS warrior beyond broken   

    nerf warrior awakening and ranger awakening please its too op game not fun
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  9. Actavia added a post in a topic GS warrior beyond broken   

    agree warrior is totally broken, take away at least one super armor and reduce pvp damage by at least 20% please!!
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  10. Actavia added a post in a topic Can we please adjust Karanda window?   

    hopefully soon
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  11. Actavia added a post in a topic Warrior 100% rage ability damage in pvp   

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  12. Actavia added a post in a topic Can we please adjust Karanda window?   

    nope, the government pays for it, its a different thing, if you would be clever you would get welfare instead of working your ass off and wasting your lifetime to buy useless shit in a fiat money system lol
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  13. Actavia added a post in a topic Ancient Relic Crystal Shard - Nerfed?   

    they forgot to activate this
    pls @GM_Caramel look into whether the relic event is activated youre our only hope 
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  14. Actavia added a post in a topic WHY NO MORE BLACK SPIRIT BOARD GAME!?!?!?!?   

    minigame will be back soon with valks cry (kr got it 1-2 weeks ago)
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  15. Actavia added a post in a topic Can we please adjust Karanda window?   

    not our problem if you feel you need to work 9-5 you have to stand it .
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