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  1. Valnas added a post in a topic CANNOT DELCARE ON A GUILD NOT READY FOR WAR   

    So how are we supposed to deal with karma griefers?  
    Make some pve instances for these snowflakes and stop ruining core game mechanics.
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  2. Valnas added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    2 weeks in a row. this is BS
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  3. Valnas added a post in a topic Progression feels abysmal for casual players   

    lol.  I've like 10 billion on fire without any gear upgrades the last 3 months.  nice stack.  
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  4. Valnas added a post in a topic Let's make Node and Siege Warring more Meaningful   

    Fighting vertex is some of the most fun pvp I've had in game.  
    Siege is a slogfest.  Only reason to do it is $$.  The pvp on nodes is vastly superior, even when fighting the same guilds (manup, vision, etc) the matches are a lot more back and forth than a huge turtlefest with multi guild alliances feeding elephants to the gate every 5 mins as opposed to a battlefield with multiple points of pressure and real gains/losses to be had with each engage.
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  5. Valnas added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Try a T1 or T2 node if your getting beat on T3.  They aren't a participation prize.
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  6. Valnas added a post in a topic BDO NA Guild Ranks top 10   

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  7. Valnas added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue Awakening?   

    all characters are humans. npcs that have "Human" on their HP bar, and look like humans, are human.
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  8. Valnas added a post in a topic Sausan's is broken - 1hr grind - 13.5 M - Problem with mid/late game Grind Spots   

    you can turn in 2 at once at 7pm est, i just go once every 2 days and collect 6 mil bonus
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  9. Valnas added a post in a topic Ultimate Teleport is Missing   

    wtf kakao
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  10. Valnas added a post in a topic Marketplace bidding issue (POLL)   

    someone else won the bid ... and then the item was gone.
    The game doesn't poll and update in milliseconds.  If you spam refresh you'll get the white text sooner and you can accept your fate immediately.  You just waited, and someone won it.
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  11. Valnas added a post in a topic BDO on MSI laptops   

    I primarily play from a desktop but i have it installed on my GS60 and it runs very well.  16gb/gtx 970m/6700HQ.  Only issue is the fan volume but if it's in the tray it is quiet so I primarily just use the laptop to manage all my afk task's and actively play on desktop.
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  12. Valnas added a post in a topic My Personal Experience with World Boss Drops   

    I've killed a few 100 bosses.  Got my first drop today, Kzarka box, when i got ther with <10% on the boss. I landed 5 attacks. gg rng.
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  13. Valnas added a post in a topic Na cm favoring certain digger guild   

    remind me when gravity had talent. Oh wait
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  14. Valnas added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto (hidden stats?)   

    Tri livert vs Tri kzarka amulet
    Sorc using kick (1 hit skill without mods), 100 atks
    crit normalized w/ serendia special
    took the total dmg, listed min/max hit ranges.
    The dmg is hidden but there
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  15. Valnas added a post in a topic NEW GUILD LEADER   

    These savages want me to murder babar and fat albert.
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