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  1. Reth added a post in a topic Called it   

    Honestly, if I was coming back, I may have been invested enough to be hurt by your personal attacks, but no I genuinely find the excessive defensiveness amusing, so keep it coming. Among all the defensiveness I might piece together some logic to your points.
    I think real trolls use that intention as an excuse to soften the blow from people's reactions for their own ego, I can take the hate, because as someone who already left this particular glass box a long time ago, I don't need to justify the money I've wasted anymore
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  2. Reth added a post in a topic Called it   

    Whoo that's some insecurities right there.
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  3. Reth added a post in a topic Called it   

    Not trolling, just laughing at the frantic defensiveness of a bunch of lemmings in a glass box.
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  4. Reth added a post in a topic Called it   

    Hehe, exactly the kind of responses I was expecting and hoping for from the suckers still holding fast.
    Thanks lads, you keep doing you.
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  5. Reth added a topic in General   

    Called it
    First time back since about a month after launch where we all predicted this game was going to shit with the slippery slope of pay4advantage. Heard it's gotten a million times worse than we suspected.
    Sucks to be you guys, though I'm sure the only people still around are whales and suckers anyway. 
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  6. Reth added a post in a topic FML SQUAD!! Blader/Musa 20th Launch Day!!   

    I had an entire week booked off on BDO launch, was ready to get in the zone. Boss canceled it the week before.
    Turns out by Australian law he wasn't actually allowed to do that, but too late now.
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  7. Reth added a post in a topic BDO is bait.   

    I was dubious from the start, as someone who has tried to look at both the pros and the negatives of this game. As a result I tend to make more negative posts because the amount of zealous fanboys that defend this game are insane.
    Now that I've been playing awhile, the weight of pros and cons are beginning to tip towards the cons. I'm just not enjoying the game as much because of the myriad of flaws and frankly Daum's PR and treatment of the fans has been lackluster. I commend them for small things such as reaching out to the community for our feedback on autopathing and acting on it, but it's just not enough for me personally.
    Yesterday when I got home from work I logged on to do my daily routine as I have every day, and just didn't care enough to do it anymore. I can't see myself sticking around much longer.
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  8. Reth added a post in a topic Do some of you actually play this game just for PVE?   

    To be blunt, the PvP in this game is sheer garbage, so my opinion is pretty opposite to OP's.
    Tell me when they've fixed the netcode and "Gear > Skill" disappointment and then we'll talk about PvP.
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  9. Reth added a post in a topic Your Top good and bad things you like/hate about the game.   

    This guy nailed it.
    Add in another con though: The class balance is some of the worst I've ever seen. And uh.. Move the pro of the cash shop items being more than vanity to a con.
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  10. Reth added a post in a topic Do you think BDO is a sandbox or themepark game?   

    Black DESERT Online, bringing a whole new meaning to the word sandbox.
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  11. Reth added a post in a topic pvp game where pvp is the worst part?   

    Between literally the worst class balance I have ever seen and some pretty bad gear dependencies, yeah, PvP is useless here.
    Lucky the rest of it is good though.
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  12. Reth added a post in a topic The Ultimate Newbie Guide!   

    *Reads step one*
    I advise ignoring step one of this guide.
    *Reads the rest of the guide*
    I advise ignoring this entire guide.
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  13. Reth added a post in a topic "100% Success" Spark Interest repeatedly failing   

    I'd chalk that up to one of the many misleading tooltips in the game. Some of them aren't even mistranslated, they're just factually wrong. Honestly Daum did a really B-rated job of localizing this great game. Makes it pretty difficult to figure stuff like the Amity game and Node bonuses as a result.
    I, personally, have been experiencing this overflow since the start, both negative and positive overflow.
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  14. Reth added a post in a topic Investing Energy Into A City?   

    Careful, there's a lot of misinformation going around on what investing into city nodes do.
    Unless we get confirmation on any information with evidence, we can only assume it increases monster drop rate like all the rest (nothing).
    I've been trying to find information on this myself - I've read that it increases your worker's success rate in exams, but there's also no evidence to that.
    So if you have a claim about what it does, please post proof.
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  15. Reth added a post in a topic "100% Success" Spark Interest repeatedly failing   

    Right, so, this has nothing to do with the requirements of the minigame like some of the others are saying.
    The topic's success rate that is visible on selection is only their base % chance with no modifiers. Failures and successes from previous topics in a row carry over to the next one. An overflow if you will.
    For example, let's say a topic has an interest rating of 45, and the NPC's interest score is 43, (completely random numbers here) - you will have a 100% of success, with a few points left over. Those will overflow to influence the next topic's interest value. This is why it's good to lead with 100% topics by something with a lower %, to boost it up. For example, a 100% topic followed by a 70% topic, depending on the exact numbers may bring the 70% up to a near 90-100%
    What you are experiencing is likely the opposite. I haven't experimented enough to find exactly how it works, but if you are putting something sub-100% before something which is 100%, it does seem to reduce the interest value of the second somewhat.
    Hope that helps. All this information is from my own extensive experimentation.
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