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  1. Eames added a post in a topic anemos outfit limited time only?   

    It wasn't limited, it was just on sale.
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  2. Eames added a post in a topic New Crafted Costumes and Outfits   


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  3. Eames added a post in a topic Whale Hunting needs a fix.   

    As mentioned by Montego, you're hunting the whale wrong. The boat/angle from where you shoot from must be directly behind the whale to effectively target the whale's hitboxes; you should essentially should be ramming the tail of the whale with the boat. You only need a single boat with all parties shooting from the front of the boat.
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  4. Eames added a post in a topic A new class after the Dark Knight?   


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  5. Eames added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat disappearance upon remote collection   

    Your boat has most likely been placed on Kuit Island.

    *You can't view the boats placed on Kuit Island from mainland; remote collection takes your boat to the nearest boat manager if you had any items in it.
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  6. Eames added a post in a topic Weapon Transfer Ticket   

  7. Eames added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

  8. Eames added a post in a topic Dim Magical Dagger   

    The secondary weapon only goes up to that stage.
    From Patch Notes:
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  9. Eames added a post in a topic Silver Embroidered Trader's Clothes as costume dyeable ? stats ?   

    All the clothes you can craft in the costume mill that are not the Silver Embroidered Clothes can be converted into a dyable version using the Equipment Tailor Coupon in the Pearl Shop for 1,500P. Some examples found here.
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  10. Eames added a post in a topic LOST EPHERIA SAILBOAT ***Resolved***   

    Where was your Sailboat located when you tried to remote collect? I've been able to remote collect mine just fine.
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  11. Eames added a post in a topic Fish/shark oppinion   

    The 10% Combat Exp was a typo on the tooltip for the torso pieces when it was first sold, but you can look at it now to see that it's been fixed.

    The differences between the Fish and Shark are:
    Fishing Hat: +1 Fishing | Shark Hat: +30 underwater breathing
    Fish Set Bonus: +80 Jump Height and Swim speed | Shark Set Bonus: Swim speed + Diving speed

    Both suits are generally aimed towards lifeskillers who fish, hunt whales, underwater gather, etc (just any activity that would benefit from needing to be in the water). If you're in a guild with +3 fishing and own a +2 Silver Embroidered Fisher's Cloth, you can skip the Fishing Outfit and go for the Shark. If neither of those bonuses appeal to you then you can just save your pearls for something else in the future. I don't know what you do or don't have nor how you play the game so I can't offer any more advice other than to pick the Shark if you were forced to pick between the two.
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  12. Eames added a post in a topic Sailor outfit was temporary?   

    Someone else asked if it was temporary a few days, so I happened to have this screenshot still.
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  13. Eames added a post in a topic Masquerade Costume bugged?   

    Yes, the male version can remove the cape as well.

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