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  1. Shiina Mashiro added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Was it planned to give all the stuff we got once already from previous event again?
    For example, after the server melt I logged in and got 5 times a daily login reward, in my mail I had a sweet cone halloween hat, a halloween event box, 6 4th July firework gifts, and even 2 Maehwa seals from April.
    I don´t know whether this is a bug or not so I am casually reporting the here. I don´t want to abuse anything.
    Name: ShiinaMashiro , Family name: Okinawa , Home Server: EU
    With Love,
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  2. Shiina Mashiro added a topic in Suggestions   

    I have just 2 quick suggestions regarding the wheather, which I think wouldn´t be that hard to do and that bothers me a little bit.
    1. Would be cool if the day would get shorter, just like in real life since it´s wintertime.

    2. Would be great if the sunset was not at 3.AM. Maybe actually at 5.AM

    With love,
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  3. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Event: Candy for Halloween   

    Yep, same thing here, 5 hours farming like a monster, made a bunch of exp but got no candy.
    Made me ragequit the game until the event is over.
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  4. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Will Halloween Costumes like the fox and Ram Horn be Permanent?   

    If you would read the description of the costumes you´d see, it says the items will be removed from the pearl shop after the halloween event on the 9th November or so,
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  5. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Meditation?   

    Like I said, that function would not take away the value of beds if you recover the amount of energy i suggested. It would sit have the same value of before.
    I personally haven´t seen such a feature in some of the other MMO´s I played.
    But yeah, sitting anywhere should be in. (:
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  6. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Welche Musik hört ihr gerade?   

    So chillig :3

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  7. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Anime! What do you watch?   

    I have watched it. The first time I found it really awesome.
    When I rewatched it I found it trash.
    Go look for yourself (:
    I am currently watching sousei no onmyouji.
    Really worth checking it out!

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  8. Shiina Mashiro added a topic in Suggestions   

    So I wanted to suggest here something that has been bothering me a little bit. First of all it would be really cool if we could just casually sit down anywhere, no just on edges, or leaning against a wall, which is cool by itself, but I mean just straight on the ground in a casual sitting position. If there is already in the game, excuse me for my ignorance in not finding out how that is done.
    I would put that into the game for logical reasons first of all, second of all I really like small details and I feel like that it would make this game just a little more lovely.

    What I also thought is, why not making a kind of meditation style of energy recovery where you sit down, kind of meditating and also recovering 1 point of energy every 2 minutes instead of every 3 minutes. If it´s 1 point per 2 minutes it wouldn´t take away the better benefit of sleeping in a bed, which is a great feature too. But sometimes I am in the midst of somewhere farming my materials and I need energy. It´s really a pain to walk to your home to sleep of an hour or so, or spending endless amount of loyaties or even pearls.

    So I think that feature wouldn´t take away the value of beds, gives people an option to casually recover a little faster energy and can also give people the option to just sit down and relax with each other.
    Thank you for reading.
    With love,
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  9. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    Minimum 11 hours waiting time for what was suppose to be 5 hours.


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  10. Shiina Mashiro added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Padix Island send me flying and gave my boat magic abilities.
    So I was driving my boat near Padix Island when all of a sudden, without anything near us, all of a sudden I am with my boat 100 meters in the air while my friends all of a sudden were swimming below me.
    I made some nice screenshots. My boat is still in the air. I don´t know what is going on. It´s on Server Jordine and we were on the channel Mediah J2. I swapped the channels but my boat is still flying.



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  11. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Quote Of The Day   

    "やりたくないことやってる暇はねー" - マーシー
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  12. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Quote Of The Day   

    "What we think, we become." - Buddha
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  13. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Quote Of The Day   

    “You always get what you unconsciously believe and expect.” – Joe Vitale
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  14. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Quote Of The Day   

    "What´s impossible do to is not your business. It`s natures business. So keep dreaming big." - Sadhguru
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  15. Shiina Mashiro added a post in a topic Quote Of The Day   

    "Whether you think you can, or you think you can`t, you are right" - Henry Ford
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