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  1. Mahou added a post in a topic [NA] | <Crownless> | RECRUITING | PvP | NODE WARS | CHILL   

    Recruiting is still open~ All classes are welcome. Looking for small merges as well!! 
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  2. Mahou added a post in a topic BASILICA CORPS NEEDS YOU! <NA>   

    Fun war against BasilicaCorps and StrikeForce.  Keep up the good work!
    - Crownless GM
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  3. Mahou added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    Just started getting into crates and stuff. Nice guide you got here to help a total noob like me figure out nodes  Good stuffs mate
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  4. Mahou added a post in a topic [NA] | <Crownless> | RECRUITING | PvP | NODE WARS | CHILL   

    Recruiting still open! PM Matsaya in game!! Doing 3 Node Wars per Week now
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  5. Mahou added a post in a topic [NA] | <Crownless> | RECRUITING | PvP | NODE WARS | CHILL   

    bumping for fun. but really though, reqs have changed. read the original post.

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  6. Mahou added a post in a topic Death’ notes   

    You are a god. @GM_Salome
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  7. Mahou added a post in a topic Any ETA on gotha rensa for Ranger?   

    So is this costume ever coming out? 
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  8. Mahou added a post in a topic [NA] | <Crownless> | RECRUITING | PvP | NODE WARS | CHILL   

    The New World is upon us! If you are guildless and looking to PvP and grow. Send Matsaya a message in game to join our ranks~
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  9. Mahou added a post in a topic constant disconnecting   

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  10. Mahou added a post in a topic Witch awakening Q&A   

    Heyy, I was wondering if you could post a video or guide of the frequently used Witch AW combos for pve and pvp. Thanks! 
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  11. Mahou added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    -----ing thats it? What type of idiotic shit events. Why the ----- do you have an event that lasts for 4 days. Oh sure let me grind my -----ing ass off for 4 days. Plan better you -----s
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  12. Mahou added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA] | <Crownless> | RECRUITING | PvP | NODE WARS | CHILL

    Now recruiting on the NA Server!
    Who we are:
    We are a medium sized guild that is looking to grow.  
    Many of the members have been actively playing Black Desert since it was released in the NA region.
    Our goal is to be competitive in Node Wars, preferably move upto T2s if we can get the manpower. 
    We understand that players have stuff to do in real life, whether it's school, work, or other commitments. 
    What we offer:
    Daily Guild Missions
    2 Node Wars per week
    Relic/Pila Fe/Cartian Scroll Groups
    Active Discord Guild Server(mic not required)
    All Combat Guild Buffs for PvE and PvP
    Active guild chat
    Daily Pay upto 2m
    What we are looking for:
    Players that are active, motivated, and looking to participate in PvP activities.
    Currently we are looking for members with 400+ total AP/DP. Level 57+ required.
    Players that are respectful to each other.
    Preferred Classes:  All are welcome 
    Interested in joining?:
    Message Sinxp or Matsaya in game
    Reply to this thread with your:
    (Family Name) Character NameClassTotal GearScore 
    ***We are open to small guild merges! If you're interested in a merge please have your guild leader contact Matsaya for further discussion.***
    Best way to reach me is on Discord. add : Matsaya#7841
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  13. Mahou added a post in a topic [Edan]Looking to merge/move our group into another guild   

    Hello friend,
    I am currently in the guild Duskwatchers. We have 20-25 active members and are looking to grow. Many of us are level 56+ and decently geared. We are a pretty chill guild and most of us know each other quite well. We do guild missions everyday ranging from Mediah to Valencia, relic/boss scrolls, random pvp battles, grinding for money/gear/levels and are looking for new members to help us be more effective in Node Wars. 
    We mostly want our members to feel at home in our guild. We are looking for players that enjoy all aspects of the game from grinding to life skills to PvP, but aren't put in an environment which forces a person to participate in everything.
    If you are interested and want more info, please whisper our guild leader, IGN:Silvania, or guild officer, IGN: Khamull for more info. 
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  14. Mahou added a post in a topic PvPers should be able to enslave/exploit PvErs   

    OP how about you take a sharp object and proceed to ----- yourself with it
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