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  1. Serithis added a post in a topic Ninja should not be delayed.   

    Their crap with Ninja has ticked me off, only class I've wanted to play in this game and they have put it way beyond necessary for "fixes", and then asserted that "there was already enough content in the game as it is" during one of its delays. They couldn't have added some simple nerfs and put it in the game? Or what about all the other classes they had to balance? Why didn't they take them out of the game? So stupid. It's clear to me that they are just treating it as content release delays to try and maintain as much interest in the game as possible. Unfortunately all my interest is gone, even to play this dumb class.

    Direct quote: "Ninja/Kunoichi will be released down the road.  But no worries, there is plenty of content to explore"
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  2. Serithis added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    I quit this game when Ninja got delayed the second time.
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  3. Serithis added a post in a topic Interview with DaumGames EU   

    >Ninja/Kunoichi will be released down the road.  But no worries, there is plenty of content to explore

    Proof they're treating class releases as content..
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  4. Serithis added a post in a topic Ninja is what I've been waiting for!   

    My interest in the game just may be lost if they take another month releasing it.
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  5. Serithis added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Screw the Musa we want NINJA
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  6. Serithis added a post in a topic Prevent travel slowdown when stuck on players   

    Yes.. but someone manual traveling will avoid running into people, take shortcuts.. someone auto-traveling will run into everyone also auto-running on the road.
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  7. Serithis added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    They actually -did- increase the Guild character limit right before release to 16 characters, and I think I had some partial impact on that since I didn't really see any others taking notice and suggested 16-20 characters, but they seemed to go with the minimal change... I should have just kept it at 20.

    I think custom chats might not be a good idea, they'll just be used by players instead of channel/RP chats and render them useless, they'd have to cost energy which would just be meh. I also don't think it's supposed to work with this kind of game.
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  8. Serithis added a post in a topic Lack of RP community?   

    The game has a lot keeping people busy most of the time from doing quests, to crafting and making money, so I think the RP has been pretty light. No doubt I think it will effect the RP community in the long-run. The world itself is great but it's not the kind of game to just stop and RP with people, everyone doing their own thing running from one place to another.

    And not everyone wants to settle for taverns,  though there's been a few people there, and in Velia I hear.
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  9. Serithis added a post in a topic A Male Counterpart for the future "Dark Elf" Class! [POLL]   

    Thanks for the thread! Dark Elves tend to be my favorite race, and although I'm set on a Ninja main (for now), I'd love to roll an alt next to my Wizard that is a Dark Elf of some kind. It'd be a let down if they yet brought in another female only Elf. An excerpt from the Lore says the Elven region is ruled by two Queens, which I suppose one is for each culture respectively, and probably impacts their decision to make it female primarily next to other things..
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  10. Serithis added a topic in Suggestions   

    New Classes: Character Creation
    I know we might still be a couple weeks or longer away from seeing the release of the Blader/Plum along with Ninja/Kunoichi classes (in which ever respective form planned), though the character creator with all its nuances can take a few hours of tweaking and experimenting before really being set on a character design. 

    My suggestion's plain and simple; release the character creator availability for these classes early on just as it was done pre-CBT2 for the game contest so most of us may start plotting out a character look and get a feel for the class distinct characteristics allowing us to jump in game much earlier for their release, and this is a method I'd vouch for the future release of upcoming classes as well. A week, or more preferably a couple weeks in advance.
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  11. Serithis added a post in a topic Blader/Plum Petition   

    Well we have to wait for mid-April
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  12. Serithis added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

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  13. Serithis added a post in a topic Blader/Plum Petition   

    You are literally tumblr
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  14. Serithis added a post in a topic Blader/Plum Petition   

    Agreed! We want Ninja!

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  15. Serithis added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening   

    If I recall correctly, she's actually a sorceress, the game had people referring to the Sorceress' as Witch's (derogatory use); where the Witch's class were only added in later due to popular demand. The Witch itself was just promoted in the character concept as the "Wizard's Apprentice"
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