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  1. MXPsych added a post in a topic So, you're telling me I have to pay cash to play RNG on horses?   

    My t7 is level 19, with 9 skills. It doesn't have sprint/ia/drift/two-seater, it does have charge and sideways move. If the max skills it can learn are 13 that means to be a faster horse than a t6 I can just buy out of the market any day of the week it needs to learn 2/4 great skills in the next 11 levels. Sprint/IA are essential to making it a horse worth riding.
    I've heard horror stories of 27 skill change scrolls to get the skills they wanted, who knows how true that was or how many skills they were trying for with that, but 50+ dollars to retrain the skills on your horse because this manipulative RNG basically pushes you to the cash shop is pretty unacceptable. I'm not sure what i'll do when my horse is 30. I'll likely drop 20 bucks on scrolls and if the horse isn't perfect i'll give up on breeding and go back to grinding until I can afford to buy a horse. Let someone else turn real life money into silver by cash shopping a perfect horse and selling it to me for millions.
    End Rant
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  2. MXPsych added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    what server are you on? i'm on Uno and have the second one pictured here - unleveled unbred I could probably hook you up. I got extremely lucky with my t7 and don't mind sharing the love with someone who's having RNG not be on their side.
    EDIT: oops, i read further and saw youre on Edan. Sorry!
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  3. MXPsych added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    My first pairing that met color theory resulted in three t6s, but i miraculously got lucky and my second matching pair got me a pure black t7!
    Male, level 24 - T6D
    Female, level 28 - T5H
    So, second pairing, 4th total breed attempt. After servers come back up I will try horse exchange (I don't think I will reset breeds on the female, I had the compensation scroll for the last pair but this time i'd have to spend real money) I would have screenshots but servers went down!
    Sorry to all of those trying so many times with no success!
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  4. MXPsych added a post in a topic Lifespan of Merchant Wagon?   

    Not if you hook up 4 horses for leveling and AFK train all day and night  lol
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  5. MXPsych added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    It's almost as if there's a wide audience of people all with different opinions and concerns. ----- them, right?
    For the record I have no interest in Ninja/Kuno and i'm not implying that their requests are justified. I just think the "you're all whiners" argument is nearly as toxic as the "give me this thing now!" people. 
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  6. MXPsych added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    @CM_Praballo Will you be adding the Life Skills cash shop/loyalty item to the store along with the release of Musa/Maehwa?
    Anyone planning on playing this as their main would love to transfer life skills from whatever they've been playing in the meantime over to their new main. Now would be a good time to add that!
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  7. MXPsych added a post in a topic [Request]: Please give us at least 24 hours notice before Musa/Maehwa launches!   

    That's just the nature of a product that reaches a wide audience. It's impossible to please everyone. That doesn't make the displeased people bad people. I've found myself on both sides of it before so I know how frustrating it can be to feel like the developer doesn't have your particular best interests in mind.
    This is especially true in this current product climate, where many companies are just looking for ways to milk you out of all of your money (*cough* King mobile games *cough*) so a consumer not only has to feel like the developer is listening to feedback, but also that they're not just ignoring that feedback to make a quick buck.
    They sure did, give or take a few days. With Dark Souls 3 dropping this week i'm actually kind of glad it didn't drop on Wednesday because then i'd be getting pulled in too many directions with my time. I want to start my Musa so I can stop playing characters I am not as invested in, but next week seems like the right time for me.
    How about you, are you making a Musa/Maehwa?
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  8. MXPsych added a post in a topic Horses for Sale/Wanted   

    Server: Uno
    Would be very interested to buy a T5+ with Sprint or Drift (or both obv)
    I have been breeding on-off for a while, haven't managed anything over Tier 4 yet, and no good skills =/
    I'm not sure breeding these top-level horses is really in me, it's a ton of work....
    Will be willing to try and arrange an extra trade to make the offer more appealing, depending on list price!
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  9. MXPsych added a post in a topic [Request]: Please give us at least 24 hours notice before Musa/Maehwa launches!   

    Nobody -----ing in this thread as far as I can tell, but as a general rule of thumb SOMEONE will complain no matter what a company does. No real surprise there.
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  10. MXPsych added a post in a topic [Request]: Please give us at least 24 hours notice before Musa/Maehwa launches!   

    Well, we got our notice! April 20th. I'm a little salty it's not this week, but that's just more time to devote to Dark Souls 3. How's everyone feel about the announcement?
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  11. MXPsych added a post in a topic Dear everyone who voted in favor of auto-pathing...   

    I'm not going to say your opinions are invalid, but if you ever hoped to stay at the top of any of the leaderboards with a full-time job then you don't really understand this game or MMOs in general. This game, specifically, will reward the players who are busy 24/7 even when AFK. That is the only way to be the best.
    If anything, Daum did you a favor by giving you a way to up your training skill during your full-time job, allowing you to continue to compete with other players who have the luxury of playing this game all day and don't have other responsibilities.
    This game is just not for you if the only way you will be satisfied is to be 'the best' but have real-world responsibilities that keep you from playing 24/7.
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  12. MXPsych added a post in a topic Disconnected every time I AFK   

    It's not a solution but if you're turning off your monitor when going AFK for an extended amount of time (like overnight) - try leaving the monitor on (assuming that's an option for you)
    I was DC'ing most nights trying to AFK fish and once I started leaving the monitor on I almost never do. Not really a solution, more of a workaround. Still not sure what the problem is as it doesn't seem to be my ISP or my computer sleep settings.
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  13. MXPsych added a post in a topic [Request]: Please give us at least 24 hours notice before Musa/Maehwa launches!   

    Maybe we can get this back to the first page and get a CM response! (wishful thinking intensifies)
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  14. MXPsych added a post in a topic Petition   

    This game has everything you'd need to make a sweet music video for your waifu, slow-motion, camera filters, ect... but no dance emote!
    Some of that was sarcastic, but yes a game this focused on character-visuals should have a dance emote.
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